Inked Soul (Riders of Silence MC 3)

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Getting off my bike I turned to look at Raven making me happier then I would care, no I will admit it.

As Raven got off the bike I could see just how much she was looking smoking hot in tight black pants and a tight blue long sleeve shirt with open shoulders. My woman may be covering more skin then the usual group of women that come here but she looks ten times hotter, leaving my memories to fill in what she has covered. And what I need to soon uncover. Doc was babysitting Sienna meaning I have Raven to myself the whole night.

She handed me the helmet as she fluffed out her helmet hair, the long hair bouncing.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Raven asked with a slight blush.

I gave her a sly smile leaning back on my bike gripping her hips bringing her close, “Just thinking if you would be into being fucked on my bike right this second because you are unholy right now.”

She laughed moving in, “Bike? Yes. Public? No.” Raven kissed my lips and jumped out of my hold with a laugh. “Need a moment?”

Growling I got off the bike making a grab for her and kissing her again. “You are trouble woman.”

“Where did you think Sienna got it?” She chuckled as she leaned into me.

Wrapping my arm around her shoulder I pushed her flush against me as we walked towards the club house doors, the sound of music blasting and the party hitting us immediately.

“Should I be, I don’t know, worried or follow any rules specific for me because that might be an issue.”

Chuckling I shook my head, “You need to tell me what MC romance novels you read Raven, no there are no rules for you. We aren’t a club that make women follow a role or anything. Everyone will be respectful to you and if some bother you let me know and I’ll watch as you deal with it.”

“I deal with it?” She teased as I opened the door to the clubhouse, the widening of her eyes seeing the clubhouse looking very different from when she was last here.

“Darlin’ we both know that if someone gives you shit, you don’t hold your bark or bite.” I said pushing her forward and guiding us in.

Raven’s body felt tense under my arm, she knows that she is safe with me but I know that old habits such as not trusting people are hard to shake.

Kissing her bare shoulder, I brought her past the mass of people to the other side of the room where it is a bit quieter. Smoke was sitting in a corner booth with his feet up, a whiskey in one hand and a cig in another.

I glanced over my shoulder seeing Spotter give me a nod as I brought Raven to the table with Smoke. She would more comfortable being able to see everyone and talk with a few brothers at a time.

“Look who made it.” Smoke said as I took a seat, grabbing Raven before she sat down and placed her on my lap. The brother took a puff of his cig, the smoke slowly blowing out of his nose. “It’s like that with her is it?”

Rolling my eyes, I motioned to Smoke, “Raven you remember this asshole, Smoke?”

Raven chuckled nodding, “good to see you again Smoke.” She said as Spotter arrived at the table with a tray of drinks.

Spotter placed a glass of whiskey and a glass of red wine on the table. When I looked up at Spotter confused he shrugged, “she’s a wine drinker.”

I chuckled, “Raven this is Spotter, Spotter this Raven.”

“Nice to meet you,” Raven said shaking his hand, “and thank you, I was wondering if I had to slowly sip beer all night.”

“No mam.” With that the brother left us, taking a sip of whisky I see Smoke still staring at Raven.

Raven took the glass of wine, taking a sip as she leaned back into my chest, my arm secured around her.

“Did you get your name because you smoke?” She asked as Smoke took a sip of his drink. “Just because you know Tatt because he tattoos, Spotter I am assuming because he sees everything hence the Merlot I am drinking soo…” Raven rambled on fidgeting on my lap showing her nerves making me glare at Smoke to stop being a dick.

Smoke caught my glare making him sigh stabbing his cig out. “No. Got the name because I can appear and disappear. Tatts a good man, you a good woman?”

“Brother.” I warned as Raven pecked my cheek.

“It’s okay Tatt.” Raven said looking back to Smoke. “I am not perfect but I am smitten with Tatt and I will treat him with great care.”

Smoke tool a slow nod, “Remember you got a kid too-”

“Smoke stop being a dick.” Princess called out as she threw something I quickly caught, a phone. “All set for you.”

I put the phone with the tracking info for Josh’s brother in my pocket seeing Raven’s curious eyes. “Club business babe.” Smoke looked at me confused but I shook my head, I will bring him in later, Raven has had enough worrying at her dead husband and his family.

She has a night off, let her enjoy it.

“About time.” Smoke started lighting a cig, “been while since a fight... or killing.”

“What like last night?” Princess said with a huff.

“More like this morning. Some of us do work to keep us off radars not on them. Shouldn’t you be off the internet?”

“You’re like a rabid wolf.” Princess huffed as I watched them with amusement.

Smoke picked up his whiskey swirling it in the cup lifting it up to his lips. “Maybe. But the world needs rabid wolves.”

Raven shifted on me, not looking awkward but amused at the two going back and forth at each other. “How long have you been together?” Raven asked taking a sip of wine as Smoke spat out his whiskey and Princess look wide eyed.

“No. Rather burn in a house fire.” Princess said.

Smoke pounded his chest helping the whiskey out of his lungs. “I may be rabid but not rabid enough to be with that kind of woman.”

“God your insufferable.” Princess muttered walking away earning a snarl from Smoke.

Raven looked over to me with her brow raised but I shook my head with a chuckle not even sure what to say about them.

“So, you have a kid?” Smoke asked again making Raven chuckle.

I rolled my eyes taking a sip of my drink, “Smoke, you met her. Sienna? The girl at my parlour when you first met Raven and the one at Amara’s party?”

“Right the one who punched Deadpan. I remember her now.” Smoke laughed as Raven nodded saying ‘guilty’. “Ah fuck, she’s a pistol. Alright, I approve of you for my brother. Can tell allot about a woman by her kid and yours tells me you are a good mother. Ergo good woman.”

Raven sat up straight. “You approve of me?” She wacked my arm, bouncing in my chair happily looking at me. “He approves of me.”

I chuckled giving her a kiss, “I wouldn’t care if he didn’t. You would still be mine.”

“It’s the principal of the thing Tatt. Your brothers are supposed to like me.” Raven said back, her cheeks already a little pink from her wine making her look cute. “And don’t try to be a tough guy, we all know you want them to like me.”

Yeah, she is right.

I do.

“God I’m going to vomit if you keep looking at her like that.” Smoke mumbled across the table making Raven laugh turning back to him.

“So, Smoke you grew up with Tatt. If anyone knows stories about him it would be you?”

My hand went up immediately pointing at Smoke. “No.”

“Yes.” Raven and Smoke said at the same time with wicked grins.

Smoke poured whiskey in his glass as I tried to think of a way to prevent this. “What do you want to hear first? The time Tatt was a part of a 120 MPG police chase or the time in high school when he set fire to the school?”

“What? No.” Raven gasped turning to me. “You are not hanging with Sienna anymore.”

“What?” I asked offended.

“She gets in enough trouble as is, you start hanging out with her you would only make it worse. A partner in crime.”

I slapped her side making her jump. “I wouldn’t be a partner in crime, telling her how to get into trouble. I would make sure she knew how to not get caught.” I said making her mouth drop.

“Tatt, no!” Raven said laughing.

“Tatt, yes.” Smoke said lifting his glass to me.

A cough came from beside the table. “Uh I, I need to talk to you guys and I can’t find Pres or Vice…” I looked to my left seeing Deadpan nervously standing there, though the kid just got patched in he is still nervous around us. “Now.”

Smoke and I looked at each other with a nod as Raven slipped off of my lap, “be right back babe, go hang out with Princess at the bar.”

Raven winked pressing her lips to mine before she was gone. Looking back at Deadpan I motioned with my head for him to head over to what was so important. We headed back to one of the bunkrooms, Deadpan looking around checking that no one else was in the hall causing Smoke and I to look at each other.

What the fuck?

The second Deadpan opened the room and motioned for us to walk in I stopped in my tracks, “what the fuck?” Walking in, there was a groupie on the bed with a needle in her arm, “I know this one, Liz maybe? She doesn’t do drugs. She was pretty adamant about it plus never had track marks on her.”

Smoke walked over to the body checking her arms and fingers, “the only track is from the needle in her arm. We need to get this body out of here fast. Don’t need someone finding her and calling the cops.”

“Another OD….” I looked at Smoke and Deadpan who had phone out calling Briac. “I don’t like the feel of this.”

The guys nodded feeling the same making me rub the back of my neck, a second later Pepper came into the room. “Fuck. Should we wait till after the party, a lot of people here.”

I nodded as Smoke threw a sheet on the woman then light up a cig, “the second everyone’s gone we will get rid of her. Lock this room down. Get Pres now, this could send a whole lot of shit our way.”

If this isn’t an OD based on the woman not a being drug addict then what the fuck is going on. Who the fuck did this at our clubhouse? And how the fuck did they do it without getting seen?

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