Inked Soul (Riders of Silence MC 3)

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“I’m taking you out tonight.” Tatt said walking over to me as I hopped off of Godfrey’s back landing on the ground.

I chuckled softly, “oh yeah? Is it my turn?”

Tatt chuckled giving me a teasing slap on the but as he walked Godfrey into the barn, “you jealous there darlin’?”

Smiling I watched him tie Godfrey up e to untack him, “I would but when Sienna came home last night she couldn’t get that smile off her face.” Glancing I turned to him seeing that he had changed out of his working clothes into a nice pair of jeans and black shirt, “You better not break her heart.” I said in a serious tone before shaking my head. “Sorry I know I am giving you a chance, guess it’s just automatic response.”

He cupped my face giving me a brief kiss, “I know darlin’ now go get changed I was able to get Doc to watch Sienna for a few hours so go put something sexy on.” Tatt squeezed my ass giving me a soft pat before a slight push to head back into the house.

Rushing in I took a short shower smiling as I looked at the sunflower’s I put in my room from when Tatt gave them to me.

“Are you going out?” I turned to see Sienna walking into my room making me smile as she hopped onto the bed, “Tatt told me to tell you Doc is here to watch me. And that you are beautiful.”

Chuckling I walked over to my daughter kissing the top of her head, “thanks sweetie, what outfit should I pick? The blue romper or sun dress?”

She tapped her chin before picking out the light blue romper. I put it on and wrapped my arm around Sienna’s shoulder leading her off the bed, walking us down the stairs where Tatt and Doc were sitting around.

Doc turned looking at us, “Hey kiddo want to learn how to play poker?”

Sienna nodded dashing out of the room to go find cards leaving Doc to laugh going after her. “Thanks Doc!” I called after them chuckling as Tatt pulled me into him.

Tatt lead me out of the house passing me the helmet as he got onto the bike. Dam did he make it look good. Something crept in the back of my head and made my gut feel heavy. I hesitated putting the helmet on, Tatt glanced back cocking his head. “Coming Darlin’?

Shaking my head, I put the helmet on sliding on behind him. “Sorry just got a weird funny feeling that something bad is going to happen. Just paranoia.”

He turned his head back, “want to stay in?”

I gave him a quick kiss. “It’s fine, I get them all the time for no reason. Take me out biker boy.”

Tatt turned forward turning the engine on and roared out of the driveway towards where ever he is taking us tonight. The ride was over too fast, being on the back of his bike was easily one of my favourite places to be.

Hopping of the bike I gave him my helmet. “What?” I asked Tatt who rubbed behind his neck as he stood up from his bike.

“I have something I want to tell you but I don’t want to ruin our night.” He responded.

“Hey, “I turned around wrapping my arms around his neck, “talk to me.”

Tatt stopped wrapping his arms around me with a sigh. “First know that I was thinking of what is best for you and Sienna.” I quickly raised a brow not liking the start of whatever this is about to be. “I learned of a potential, stress and I took care of it for you.”

Taking a sigh, I quirked my head like I would with Sienna when she didn’t get the point in her story. “And what was that?”

“I found out Chet was in the area looking for you I spoke with him and made him leave.” Don’t ask me why but all of a sudden, I started laughing.

And I couldn’t stop laughing, what he said was just absurd. “Sorry I thought you said Chet. As in Josh’s brother, someone I never even spoke of nor who knows where I am.” I stepped away from him clutching my stomach from laughing. “Like you would ’handle’that without talking to me.” Looking up at him I stopped laughing seeing his face. “Tell me you didn’t.”

Tatt gave a tight smile, “Hamlet heard him at the Police station asking about your whereabouts. Had Princess look into him to find out where he is. The other night, I saw him watching Sienna and I took the chance telling him to leave you alone or else I would…”

A dry chuckle escaped me. “You mean to tell me. Chet, Josh’s brother was looking for me and you didn’t tell me?”

He let out a sigh looking me in the eye. “Yes. I didn’t want to worry you or Sienna so I took care of it before he showed up on your land or you noticed him when he followed you.”

A flash of a man watching me at a stop sign crossed my mind and now I know why he looked familiar. It was Chet. Shaking my head, I focused on Tatt, angry that he thought he could come in and save me from that. “You had no right! That is my past!”

“And you are my future.” Tatt said surprisingly calm making me take a breath to clear my emotions. “You are right, it was not my right to make that choice without you and not tell you. But I remember the haunted look in your eyes when you talked about Josh, I wouldn’t have that look on your face again.” I took a step back looking just past him. “I told you I have no idea what I am doing with relationships but I won’t keep something from you again.”

I kept staring off of his shoulder trying to gather my thoughts. One being that Tatt made a decision that affected me without talking to me in the first place. And the second being what was Chet doing here in the first place?

Tatt moved in front of me forcing to look at him making me cross my arms just too keep something between us. What? Habits die hard.

“Would you have wanted to talk to Chet?” Tatt asked.

“I don’t know. I barely knew Chet, more confused about why he would be looking for me.” I muttered trying to think back on him. “Wait? You threatened him? Are you trying to get arrested for assault… again?”

Tatt laughed taking hold of my hands uncrossing my arms, “that’s what you are now thinking about? You mad that I could be facing a charge?”

I wacked his arm letting out a small puff of a chuckle, “Gah I don’t know the correct response. Mostly just annoyed that you went cowboy on it but I am also glad that you didn’t tell me so I didn’t have to decide what to do… which isn’t the responsible adult choice.”

He brought my arms around his waist as he put his arm around my shoulder, “Wouldn’t call myself a cowboy just a hot-headed biker.” He mumbled. “I think you have been a responsible adult for enough of your life. But if you want to think about how you would respond, I do have all his info so you could contact him if you need to.”

“Did he say what he wanted?”

Tatt shrugged, “didn’t give him the chance to but I didn’t like how he was taking pictures and asking cops.”

I snapped my head back, “pictures? Wait do you think he was the person Sienna saw that day she ran away from the school trip?” Instantly my opinion towards Tatt running Chet off without me talking to him seemed to change. It was good because if Chet told me that, it would be me who would get in trouble.

That family is done scaring my daughter. I could feel my face scrunch up trying to process this all but I was too tired to go back down the road of my past with Josh and his family.

“So, it’s safe to say you’re not mad?” Tatt asked.

I rolled my eyes standing to kiss him on the lips, “come on, I want food.”

He chuckled leading me to a food truck that had stir-fry, I never really ate at food trucks before but there is something relaxing about just being able to get food and be with Tatt.

“Didn’t answer the question.” He stated grabbing food leading us to a table.

Sitting down I grab my fork stirring my food around looking back at him. “no more making decisions that concern me, without me.”

He bowed his head, “consider it done.”

“Such a tease.” I chuckled taking a bite of food.

“But I always satisfy darlin’.” He said back with a wink.

“Do you? I can’t recall.” I teased back watching as his eyes took a darker, heated look to them.

Tatt slowly lowered his fork as he looked me up and down. “You trying to punish yourself? See how long I can tease?”

I blinked my eyes innocently to him. “Punish? Did I say something wrong biker boy?”

Before he could say anything the shrill sounds of his cell phone cut through the air. The weird feeling in my gut from earlier returned to me.

“Tatt.” Tatt answered his phone sitting up straight than hopped off the bench. “Slow the fuck down, what are you saying Doc? Jesus give someone else the phone I can’t understand you.” My whole body went rigid when he said Doc’s name or the fact that she should give the phone to someone else. Why are other people at my house?

I watched as Tatt’s body turned away from me standing straight. “Be there soon.” He muttered into the phone in an emotion I couldn’t understand. Tatt took a deep breath than slowly turning to me, his face full of anguish before he quickly pulled it away to stand in front of me with no emotion.

“Tatt?” I could barely breathe, my whole body shaking. “what did they say?”

He walked over to me, cupping my face and rubbing his thumbs over my cheek to stop the silent tears that were already going down my face. I could feel something horribly wrong in my gut.

“I’ll find her.” He said barely audible.

I couldn’t breathe, the air was sucked out. “Her? Where is Sienna?” Tatt didn’t say anything. “Tell me!”

“I can’t. Someone’s taken her.”

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