Inked Soul (Riders of Silence MC 3)

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Driving back to the clubhouse all I could think about was a nice shower to get rid of the sweat, dirt and have a prospect clean my boots from horse shit that I can still smell. My whole body ached and I was soaked with sweat, so much so I didn’t even put my cut back on in case I ruined the inside lining. Okay that probably sounded like a chick thing but when it comes to a biker’s cut you make sure to keep it in good condition and being soaked with sweat, shavings and other shit from a barn doesn’t count as it.

It had been a hard day’s work, definitely different than being in a seat bent over tattooing someone all day, though it still has the back-ache ending of the day. Though the view wasn’t bad watching Raven with those horses and Sienna is one hell of a spitfire to talk to when she hangs around. I could have slacked but I am not that much of an asshole. Raven clearly needs the help so if I am already there might as well just do the job. Plus, I was aware of her gaze when I worked hard with my shirt off, might as well let her eyes roam despite her assurance that it would never happen. Her body and mine will be intertwined before my service is up that’s for sure.

No, remember she is the type of woman that doesn’t get fucked for one night, she is savoury type of woman. Like a fine whiskey, small sips to enjoy the smoke flavour not the cheap one you buy to get drunk.

“Fuck brother, you smell like shit. Maybe you should have taken the jail if that’s going to be how you smell for the next couple of weeks.” Smoke said walking by the door the second I strolled into the clubhouse. The brother has been grumpy ever since Briac told him to stay instead of returning Nomad at Hunter and Birdy’s wedding. All he wants to do is hit back on the road but with the way things have been we could keep the backup.

“Yeah well why don’t you work at a horse ranch all day and at the end you can tell me how you fucking smell.” I muttered back shoving him out of my way, heading to my room to finally take a shower for the party tonight for patching in Deadpan and Pepper. After the day I had, I could use finding someone with a nice warm open mouth to take me in and maybe something more if they are good enough.

A long ass shower later I was walking out of my room in a fresh pair of jeans and black shirt with my cut back on me, ready for this patch in party. The second I walked into the bar area I could already see brothers drinking with the club groupies who had cake makeup and tight barely there clothing. Raven didn’t wear any make up today and she was more attractive then all these other women. Glancing around, I see a woman’s long dark black hair making my mind drift back to Raven; that fiery hot woman who had secrets I want to know. It didn’t take a genius to know there was something in her past, when you live in a MC you learn the look. Many brothers have the look, hell even their women have the look so it becomes almost second nature being able to spot it. Even more trying to learn everything you can as to why there is that kind of darkness in them. The woman must have felt my gaze on her as she turned around and looked at me; immediately the fact it wasn’t Raven made me turn away and head to a table where Smoke, Hunter and Hamlet were sitting at.

“You smell better.” Smoke mumbled throwing back a shot.

I rolled my eyes sitting down as beer appeared in front of me from a new prospect on his first days. “Is that your fetish brother? Smell?”

Hamlet and Hunter chuckled while Smoke just rolled his eyes, “not my type.”

“Too blonde?” I asked with a raised brow, it was no secret to me what made him go Nomad. I didn’t know the full story but I knew it involved one particular woman. I grew up with Smoke and Princesses, I was closest with them so even if they could hide their affection to each other and every other brother here, I knew Smoke was bike over boots for our hacker.

“Whose too blonde?” Speak of the devil asked as she plopped down at the table grabbing Smoke’s next shot and took it before she reached to grab Hamlet’s and shot his back. “Shit you guys are drinking the shit whiskey I thought for patch over parties all the good shit came out.”

Hamlet just smirked, “Good shit goes to Deadpan and Pepper tonight. What’s got your keys stuck to the keyboard there Princess.”

She just bit her cheek while I took the bottle and poured her another shot that she took back immediately, “I’m on the FBI watch-list.” Princess mumbled.

“YOU ARE WHAT! WHAT THE FUCK CLARISSA!” Smoke burst out, “Briac know?”

She just waved him off taking a moment for another burn of alcohol as I leaned back in my chair, “he’s busy with some groupies, it’s fine I can handle it.”

Smoke just swore grabbing the whiskey and pouring a shot for himself, “It’s fine? It’s the FBI watch-list what did you do?”

“Easy brother,” I elbowed him in the ribs before he fully went off on her. If Princess thinks he will steam roll her she will bury herself into her work and not let anyone help. Which with her history is never a good thing as she has a risk of going far into the dark web and herself, so much so that bringing her back takes a long dangerous time. Trust me, I was the only one there last time she was down that hole.

Princess stone hard glared at Smoke clearly annoyed that he was chastising her only making me think that she was going to block out help for sure, “what I always do, protect the club.Some of us actually have to do things instead of riding around the country. I’ll handle it. But Tatt what is with that text you sent me earlier? What do you need to me to check?”

Smoke swore under his breath as the tension around us thickened.

I just groaned remembering the text I sent her when I started work, the minute Raven left me with questions running through my head. Despite the warning bells in my head to not follow through with what I want to ask, that I need to just let any questions of Raven go I couldn’t help myself. “Need a background check on someone. Raven Monroe.”

She bit her cheek looking at me, “Raven Monroe? Why? I’ll do it, not like I can do anything interesting with the FBI watching so simple background checks it is... But why?”

I just shrugged, “she’s the boss at the horse ranch, got a vibe from her and her kid, didn’t want any surprises while there.”

Hunter just laughed, “dam brother you sure that’s the only reason? Or is it about worrying about an ex walking in on you with her.”

“Don’t you have a wife to be whipped to.” I said taking a sip of a beer.

Hunter just shook his head with that stupid smile he gets thinking about Birdy, “nah she’s hanging with Amara tonight to finish painting the bakery. Plus, she has been throwing up all week so I doubt she will be partying soon anyway.”

Still can’t get used to the idea that Hunter is married, fuck Ryker will probably be next with the way he and Amara are going. Love Amara and the fact she’s a Luna but it’s weird. I lost my faith in marriage a long time ago so now it was just waiting till Hunter and Ryker got burned by it, no matter how great their women are.

Smoke got up from the table making Princess groan, “don’t tell Briac, Smoke. I’ll handle it.” He just looked at her before turning away making Princess take another shot back. I quickly reached over taking the bottle away from her, I wanted to get laid tonight not hold her hair back as she tosses up in a bathroom.

“When is he going Nomad again?” She muttered before getting up, “I’ll look her up tonight, last thing we need is you fucking the wrong person and an angry ex coming after you.”

With those two gone Hamlet sighed, “those two sure do hate each other.”

“You sure it’s hate?” I asked standing up, “Hunter I’d ask but Birdy scares me so Hamlet tag team some groupies?”

Hamlet smirked while Hunter muttered something getting up from the table and heading to the bar where Ryker was safely away from club whores; whipped bastards. As I have said I love their women but I would never want to be where they are. Don’t care how much I joke, marriage just restricts you and leaves you vulnerable.

Hamlet shoved my shoulder forward, “I call a blonde tonight.”

I rolled my eyes as we made our way over to the side of the bar where allot of the club groupies were, they didn’t live at the club. The Rider’s never allowed club groupies to stay, Jax, the old president, kept club groupies away from the club expect for parties in order to keep peace. Some MC’s have the club whores at the clubhouse with strict rules to keep them out of club business and away from their old ladies but we don’t let club whores around the clubhouse in case they get ideas about being old ladies and stir shit up. We have enough to deal with, drama with those we fuck isn’t one we find important.

Hamlet and I arrived in the club groupie main area leaning against the bar, beer showing up from Spotter who nodded at me before turning and taking the rest of the orders.

“Tatt. Been missing you.” A groupie named Stacy said as she wrapped her arms around me, her blonde hair falling onto my arms. Stacy and I had gotten together many times this past year, she was a dam good regular but I got bored and she had that look in her eyes that showed she wanted something more.

“Sorry Stacy looking for something new tonight. Hamlet is all for the blondes tonight though.” I unwrapped her arms motioning to the brother who was looking at Stacy with a sly look.

Something flashed in her eyes as Stacy looked at to me, “next time you see me I’ll be sure to give you different.” With that Stacy racked her fingers over my crotch before walking over to Hamlet doing the same to him before giving me one look licking her lips and a kiss.

“You’re a hot biker.” A woman said coming up to me in purple hair with a smile turning me away to look at her and pull her close. “Names Cindy.”

I smirked looking at her body that went to my side, there someone who I could fuck that doesn’t look like Raven.

“Hey Tatt, remember me?” Another pair of arms wrapped around my waist making me look down seeing the woman I was looking at earlier, with the similar hair colour to Raven. “Lilith?”

No. Don’t remember, “course darling. How you two ladies doing tonight?”

The woman, Lilith? Wasn’t anywhere near the hotness of Raven. She was tiny, too skinny rather than the muscular build of Raven, her face was covered in makeup instead of the natural beauty of Raven’s face. But her hair was similar enough where if I were to fuck her from behind it woul-

Wait what the fuck, I just met Raven why am I hung up on her? Monogamy is stupid and never lasts. Just because I joke for my brothers to marry their girls doesn’t mean I ever would. Fuck these women and I’ll be done with any thought of that Monroe woman. The only reason I am hung up on her is because I want to know what shadow is in her eyes and her daughter’s. I’m a man. A hot piece of ass and tits gets my attention. Add some personality, add that fairness of hers and I am hard.

Work till the end of community service and fuck her the last day. There that the best idea. If I wait till the end I don’t have to worry about drama. I can just imagine her breasts pushed against me, those muscular legs wrapped around me while I dive into that perfectly sculpted body.

“Did you hear what I said baby?” I was brought back to the two women’s pouty faces as they rubbed her fake tits over my chest, the purple haired one stroking my semi hard I got just thinking about Raven as Hamlet laughed next to me with a couple of blondes around his arms.

Glaring at him I looked back at the woman, already forgetting their name, “Sorry darlings, how about we go back to my room?”

Both their faces lit up making me cringe a little, “Always for you Tatt.” and “always wanted a threesome.” Were responded to me.

I took them both around the waist and went to my room. Take the dark haired to get Raven out of my head and the purple to remind me of anything not her. That’s all it will take and then just avoid her at the barn.

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