Inked Soul (Riders of Silence MC 3)

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The banging of a gavel brought me back into focus as church started. I began flicking my wrists to keep me awake as my body begged for sleep but my mind hadn’t been allowing it.

I sat around the church table feeling exhausted, looking around the table I could see the other brothers looking just the same, having done what I have been doing for the past few days; looking for anything and everywhere for a sign of Sienna. I squished the warmth that spread through me that my brothers would search for Sienna even though I haven’t officially claim her or her mother as mine, they are acting as though I already have.

It had been difficult leaving Raven alone this morning and coming in for church. If I was away from Raven I want to be tearing the city apart looking for Sienna not sitting at a table to talk. I had tried to get her to come to the club house but she shook her head saying she needed to be there in case Sienna came back and went to handle the horses. Yet at least Raven will be safe with Birdy, Shadow and Deadpan with her at the barn.

Raven’s devastating roar of pain from her house made me clench my jaw; she was barely holding together.

As was I.

“So…anybody find anything?” Hunter asked thumping his knife on the church table.

I looked down staring at the table, my hands braced in the weird hope it could keep me from falling apart. Sienna. My little darlin’ has been missing for over two days. Five more and she will miss her birthday. I have a gift for her and everything. Her own punching bag that I can hang up in the barn’s attic with a whole set of boxing gloves, wraps and outfit. One that would make her feel just like Black Widow.

“No. Nothing.” I said empty, numbness spreading trying to cover the pain. “Raven has no idea who would take Sienna. Her ex is dead, her parents in France, her ex’s parents never wanted to deal with Sienna. Fuck Raven has no one and knows no one who would take her child. Everything has been checked out yet no sign of Sienna.”

Everyone was quiet around the room which told me that they don’t have any clue to speak of.

“I talked to the Sorrentinos, gave them her info. If they come across her they will let us know.” Briac said making me flinch. The Sorrentinos were a mafia ally we had, though it should make me feel better that more people were looking for Sienna it didn’t. If the mafia found her, what kind of hell would she be in?

“What if it’s not about Raven or Sienna.” Spotter said making me look to him as his fingers rubbed his chin.

Sitting up straighter I leaned against the table, “how could it not be about them? Sienna is gone from Raven’s house and something almost killed Raven the other day. Who else would it be about?”

Spotter just sat up straighter wiggling his jaw around, “what if it’s about you?” His eyes flashed to me, “you slept with every one of the girls who OD’d what if it’s something to do with that. We should put the fact that those are different cases aside when they are happening at the same time frame, they should be looked at as one.”

“Fuck Spotter most of the brothers here have slept will all those women. You trying to say I have a stalker?” I asked leaning back in my chair, “I haven’t had any signs of a stalker brother. No calls, weird gifts, nothing.”

Smoke took this time to speak up, “you mean you don’t have a woman talking about being your Luna and even confronting Raven twice to back off? A woman’s obsession is a dangerous thing particularly by a club whore.” Princess began to type on her laptop making Smoke groan, “get off that thing before you are behind bars.”

Princess just responded by biting her check typing fast before looking up, “Lilith has previous record of possession, assault to previous boyfriend and she has a few restraining orders against her.”

“If she was a threat you would have seen it on her background check Princess.”

Princess looked up, “I have been offline for a while, with the FBI tracking me I haven’t be able to look up everyone who comes in. Only risking it for important matters.”

“Important matters? Don’t you think Sienna is an important matter! If- “I said getting up, Ryker’s hand throwing me down into the chair.

Briac slammed on the table cutting me of making me turn to him. “Enough Tatt, this is not Princesses doing and you will not take it out on her.”

I turned to see Smoke look at Princess then me, “We have new info now brother, let’s check it out. Blame whoever took her nothing else.”

He was right about that, I have no one to blame at this table. If anything, it is me I should blame, how could I not know if someone is targeting and obsessed with me.

“Wow…” Princess muttered making me look at her, “looking through her phone messages and she is obsessed with you Tatt. She talks about you constantly and how she is going to be your Luna just need to get Raven out of the way… She and one called Stacy discuss it regularly.”

The numbness I felt earlier disappeared. It was a spark of what Princess said that sent a fire in my chest making me get up throwing my chair flying into the wall as anger coursed through my veins. How could I not see it? I should know better than to blow off a threat because they look like an innocent woman.

“Address” I growled. Princess sighed typing, another moment passed before I growled in frustration, “Princess! Lilith’s address.”

Someone punched my stomach to keep my attitude in check but I wasn’t paying attention. “I’m going Tatt, I have to use other ways of getting it and different codes so I’m not flagged.” Princess said biting her cheek and I thought I saw some blood coming out from her lips before she curled them inward. “Got it, 43rd Honey street apartment B, looking like three bedrooms so be careful of other civilians. Her phone GPS says she is there.”

I ran over to her kissing her cheek before sprinting out of church not waiting to be dismissed. As I sprinted to my bike and hopped on I could hear the sounds of other boots slamming against the pavement, the second my bike roared to life other bikes roared along with mine and I knew my brothers had my back.

Speeding out of the compound I rushed to this address.

It is time to get my daughter back.

I kicked the door to the apartment open, hearing it crack and splinter from the impact. Taking my gun out from my holster I held it up walking into the apartment, the place looking completely trashed. The rooms were quiet, too quiet making me look around at my brothers seeing them nod to the eerie silence that fill the place. I walked over silently to one of the rooms putting my back to the wall as Ryker stood at the other with a small nod opening the door making me jump to clear the room.

The second I looked in, my gun went down at the sight before me, the answer I came here to seek only gave me more questions.

Another woman dead.

The one we came in here for is hanging from the ceiling with a note sticking out of her flannel pocket. Suicide. Like the overdoses that have been going around.

“Clear!” Ryker shouted as I shook my head.

No. She was supposed to have Sienna not be hanging dead.

“Clear! Tatt you should check this out.” I heard Briac call from one of the rooms. I turned from the sight before looking at Ryker who looked equally confused.

I walked over to Briac and Smoke in the room across the way looking angry and confused as fuck. I was about to ask why until I walked in stopping dead in my tracks again. More shock from this sight from the other room.

“What the fuck is going on?” I asked staring at the scene in front of me.

Smoke looked at me, “need any more signs you got an obsessed stalker brother?”

I just stared at what was around me. How could I miss this? “Lilith is dead. Hanging from the ceiling fan in the other room.”

Briac shook his head, “Fucking hell. Hunter! Call Deadpan to get Raven to the clubhouse right fucking now. Hamlet call the police to send out an OPB on the other fucking whore, we need to find her. I’m calling princess to see if she can ghost online for intel.”

I shook my head as Smoke grabbed my shoulder tight, “we will figure this out brother. Keep it together a bit longer.”

Taking a deep breath, I nodded looking around the room at the thousands of pictures of me on the wall. Ones starting from a year ago to the other night. Pictures of me at the clubhouse, at the parlour, me riding, fuck even pictures from within my bedroom. How she got those from there is beyond me, no woman was ever allowed in my room without me.

My fists clenched when I noticed that Raven and Sienna are also on a wall; Raven’s head scratched out in some photos with Stacy’s own head on her body. The photos with Sienna had the word ‘need’ circled around her.

Stacy. The one I dismissed so often has my daughter.

How did I miss the sighs?It was as thought everything came into place looking at this wall, knowing what she is now. Stacy would change her hair constantly based on who I was interested in. She always came for me. She was always there, always pushing in to whoever I was sleeping with at the time. She killed the other club women and now she killed Lilith someone she used to keep the attention off of her.

“I’m coming Sienna.” I said looking at her picture on the wall, the fact ‘need’ on her image gave me hope that she was unharmed.

If she feels like she needs Sienna for me then she won’t hurt Sienna, won’t hurt the chance of me being with her.

And when I get my hands on the whore, the fact she is a woman won’t stop me from killing her.

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