Inked Soul (Riders of Silence MC 3)

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As a Mother you remember everything about your child. Everything. I can remember the day I first held her in my arms, I may still have been a young girl myself but I grew up fast when that stick showed two lines. And when I held her for the first time, I don’t even know how to describe the feeling when you heart warms and you know that the little one in your arms is someone you will do anything for.

I tried so hard to run away with her and it never mattered he always found us until that bullet went through his head. My worst-case scenario was that night, when she had to see what he did to me, for him to direct that anger to her. I did everything I could and it will be my greatest regret. Josh worked during the day and I had her in bed before he ever came back home but it was no way for her to live.

My girl is a fighter, it was hidden for years until we moved on the farm, that is where she became her stronger personality. With her brown hairs and freckles she looks like an innocent kid but has trouble all over her. Trouble ranging from camping out late at night, being covered in mud, fight a MC biker without fear. Yeah, she met a bunch of bikers and punched one down with no problem besides she wasn’t wearing an outfit like Black Widow.

I sighed standing up and wiping the wetness from my cheeks, “stop crying and uterus the fuck up. Your girl is missing, stop fucking crying.”

“Your allowed to cry.” Birdy said walking into Sienna’s room that I was in placing a cup of tea down.

Shaking my head, I turned to look out the window overlooking the woods. “No, I am not. My daughter is missing and I have allowed myself to be talked into staying here waiting for her to come home. While the men go look for her. It’s pathetic.”

Birdy walked over to stand beside me, looking out the window. “You can’t risk- “

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. You can’t risk leaving in case people are after you and take you. I have gotten that speech three times from Tatt, twice from Spotter and even Deadpan has given it. Still makes me pathetic to agree to it.” I grumbled getting frustrated that I wasn’t doing enough. I trust Tatt and his brothers, I do, but I can’t just stand around waiting for them do what I should be doing.

Before she could respond her phone gave off a chime making her check. “Shit. Will you be okay for thirty? I forgot to go pick up my prenatal pills before the pharmacy closes I am so sorry.” Birdy said nervously making me nod to get her out of the house. I can’t stand anymore sympathy looks and someone hovering over me.

“I will be fine.” Birdy looked at her phone worried making me put my hand on her wrist, “go, I’ll be okay. Deadpan is here remember.”

She blew out a breath, “Doesn’t mean you will listen to him. I will be right back, I swear. Call if you need anything and don’t try to do anything heroic that will get you in trouble.”

Chuckling a dry laugh, “when it comes to your kid you do stupid things but I will stay here crying over baby pages waiting for Tatt’s call like some poor maiden in a tower.”

Birdy opened her mouth to say something back but I put my hand up to stop her and turned away. I don’t think I could handle someone walking on egg shells or giving me sympathy looks. Ask Deadpan, I kicked him out of the house for those looks.


I could hear Birdy’s heel’s walk out of the room and down the house letting me finally be alone. The first time in a few days. After Tatt stayed the night the other day, every babysitter who came over didn’t let me leave their sight in case I went out.

Which wasn’t the wrong assumption…

My feet took me to sit on Sienna’s bed looking over her book shelf, photos of us beside the books. I could hear the ticking of the clock which is a noise never heard in this house.

Feeling my back pocket vibrate I jump to open up the text as fast as I can, hoping its news about Sienna from Tatt. Seeing a notification from an unknown number I press to open it in case it is one of the brothers.


I have your daughter. Come alone or your brat dies. Tell anyone and the brat dies.

Jumping off Sienna’s bed I stared at the message in shock. I sighed running a hand in my hair and gripped it tightly, needing the pain to clear my head and stop myself from going into shock. I should text Tatt but I won’t risk Sienna. I won’t trust anyone with my daughter, last time I did she was taken. Maybe it’s stupid but this is my daughter and I don’t have time to make a rational decision. She is my whole heart I can’t take a chance.

Before I decide I need to make sure that they do have Sienna.


How do I know you have her?

I won’t take a chance.

A text came in with a photo of Sienna glaring at the camera with a bundle in her mouth. Despite the fact she was covered in dirt she looked to be unharmed. And that fact let me release a small breath.


Tic-Toc. Tic-Toc. Tic-Toc.

I need to protect my girl, not sit around like a damsel.


Where and When?

I paced the room waiting for the next to come in, my heart feeling like it’s going to pound out of my chest at any moment.


Warehouse off 96th. Now.

You tell. She dies.

I ran out of the room to my closet putting on a pair of boots and my jacket. Walking over to my bed I open my bed side table, reaching in I lifted the false bottom pulling out my revolver.

Grabbing my car keys, I sprinted out of my room, into the driveway and into my car turning over the engine.

My mind was running a mile a minute. I could see Deadpan running out the barn shouting at me to stop and yes, I should stop and ask for backup but if they see them they will kill Sienna. And I won’t take that chance.

I can do this on my own, like I have always done.

Speeding like crazy I finally pull up to the abandoned warehouse on the highway parking the car with a shudder. The warehouse had broken windows, wood splintering off the frame. Basically, the warehouse in a horror film and my daughter is in there.

Shit. I will be here without back up like a fucking idiot. Taking my phone out I set out my location to Tatt in case anything was to go wrong then at least they know where Sienna is. I don’t care about me, just getting her out safe.



The text snapped me out of my stupor bringing me into action. Grabbing my revolver, I tucked it behind my pants and brought my jacket up to cover hoping that it won’t be seen.

I got out of the car walking towards the warehouse. Everything in me wanted to sprint and run in but I know that I am pushing my luck right now being here alone, I need to keep myself ready for anything.

My hand went on the door to the warehouse where I took one more breath keeping my heart from beating erratically and my mind from buzzing then I took a step in.

“Hello? I don’t know who you are but I am here for Sienna.” I said walking into the darkness of the building, my eyes only seeing a few rats running around.

I fought the urge to take out the revolver, I need to wait until I know Sienna is safe.

“Look who decided to come.” A voice said making me turn to see a woman standing at the far end holding Sienna’s bound arms together.

“Stacy?” I asked shocked looking at the club girl whose hair is identical to mine, her make up style now mine, I think that outfit is mine and her once brown eyes now wearing colour contacts of my light green eyes?

She smirked pulling a gun out, “surprise whore.” With that a shot rang out in the building as a force hit me, making my body fall down onto the hard ground in pain as I heard my baby girl scream.

“Why?” I gasped rolling forward ignoring the pain while my hand went behind my back finding the metal.

“Because he is mine! Then you came in and have what I don’t. I did everything right. EVERYTHING!” She snarled shaking her head. “The club has rules, no drama so I was perfect. No drama. No pushing into his life. No clinging. I used Lilith to fight off the other women, her breaking the rules for me and with them gone I was there when he needed me and the more I was around always being the one to satisfy him it would have been a matter of time before he saw me being the perfect Luna for him.”

“Your crazy!” Sienna shouted making Stacy shake my daughter. I bit my teeth hard to stop myself from lunging. My hand slowly pulling the gun out, making sure not to catch her eye as I gapped to breathe through the pain in my leg.

“Shut up you brat!” Stacy said as I contacted Sienna, shaking my head to make her stop pushing the crazy lady. “YOU came in and all of a sudden Tatt was in love with you, YOU a used-up woman who couldn’t even keep one husband. But then I found out why, Tatt wants a kid and you have one. It would be the only reason why he would choose you over me.”

“Where is Lilith now?” I asked with the gun on the ground, my hand finding its grip.

“Dead. Dam bitch actually thought she would have my man.” Stacy shook her head giving me a psych grin. “You will die and I will have him and the brat you stupid ass wh-“

I cut her off bringing my gun out firing a shot into her shoulder making her cry out letting go of Sienna. “Sienna! Run! Get out of here now!” Crawling I got up on my knees and tried to get up before another bang went off sending me to the ground again. “SIENNA GO!”

I could see Sienna sprint away from Stacy, running to the back door of the warehouse. Feeling cold I looked down seeing my leg bleeding from the first bullet and my side bleeding from another.

Shaking my head, I looked around no longer seeing Stacy but black dots dancing in my vision, my body not moving with my demands. No! I need to get up.


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