Inked Soul (Riders of Silence MC 3)

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Standing in a room filled with photos of you is a strange experience. You see your face everywhere doing activities from filling your bike with gas to tattooing with no idea that you are being watched. And here I am standing in a room with my face everywhere by someone whose been killing club girls and currently has my woman and girl.

How the fuck do you process this shit?

Feeling my phone vibrate I take it out staring at a photo of Sienna, Raven and myself at the barn. Sienna on my shoulder while Raven sprays us with the hose. Quickly looking down at the phone I smile seeing Raven’s number thankful she isn’t here in this room to know the danger she is in. The smile quickly dropped when I saw her text. A location.

I hit call but it just rang, rang, and rang.

No. The only reason why she would send me her location is if she went after Sienna herself.

My first curled slamming into the wall focusing on the pain to keep the statistics on stalking cases coming to mind. Bringing my phone up I dialled the next number to call.

“Tell me she is with you!” I shouted to Deadpan walking out of the room seeing my brothers’ heads snap to my tone.

“I’m sorry broth-“

“TELL ME YOU DIDN’T LET HER LEAVE DEADPAN!” I screamed, my body vibrating in either fear or anger. “Stacy is the one with Sienna if she sees Raven she is going to kill her so tell me you didn’t let her fucking leave!”

“She left and when I got on my bike there was no sight of her.” He said into the phone making me lock eyes with Briac ending the call. “Raven has gone after Stacy. She sent me her location we need to go now, Rave doesn’t know what she is walking into. Stacy will kill if she thinks Raven is the reason I am not with her.”

Briac nodded taking out his phone. “Brothers mount up! Have Bluetooth on, Princesses is going to be giving us info on the way. Don’t like us walking into the unknown but Raven and Sienna are family now. Let’s move, full throttle!”

We went sprinting out of the apartment onto our bikes knowing that every second passed was a difference between life and death. Hopping on my bike I sent Raven’s location to all the brothers as Briac tour out of the parking lot, us following in formation.

Cars moved out of our way seeing us speeding by, thankfully the warehouse must have been chosen from convenience due to it being close. Taking the turn into the parking lot we sent gravel everywhere, quickly stopping and jumping off our bikes when we see Sienna sprinting out of the building.

I only made it a few strides when Stacy appeared behind Sienna’s gabbing her arm pulling her into her, the gun pushed into Sienna’s side making us all stop in our tracks.

“Stacy.” I said making her look to me putting my hands up to try and calm her down, showing her that I am no threat.

“D-don’t move!” Stacy said taking a step back wrapping her arm around Sienna’s neck to keep her in front.

“Easy okay, I just want to talk, the brothers are going to take a step back okay?” I said cautiously as Stacy’s hand waved with the gun, her eyes darting over every brother. This isn’t good, trapped animals lash out.

Stacy shifted her hold on Sienna, her arm loosening just a bit. “I just want you to love me! Me! I was perfect, why did you have to choose her! Why her over me! Is it because she has a child and I don’t?”

I took a breath needing to remain calm, I couldn’t risk upsetting Stacy when she has a gun close to Sienna. “Your right, Sienna is a reason why I am with Raven.”

“What else? I have been with you longer, in your world longer you wouldn’t have to change for me Tatt, I work perfectly to your needs. TELL ME!” Her eyes widened letting me notice that she was now wearing colour contracts to a similar colour to Raven. Holy shit how did I not see this psycho.

“Stacy, it’s not that simple why don’t we just talk about this without the gun.” I kept my focus on Stacy even though I wanted to look at Sienna so fucking bad to check for any wounds but I knew that if I saw some I would lose it quickly escalating the situation. Then there is also the fight to not demand to know where Raven is and if she is alright.

One thing at a time.

Calming the psycho with a knife is number one on priority list. The brothers will look for Raven while I deal with the bitch.

“NO!” Stacy said as I cracked making the mistake of looking in Sienna’s eyes, pure terror coming back. I took harsh breath in forcing myself to give a small smile and look back to Stacy. “You never thought of me other than a whore didn’t you. DIDN’T YOU!

“No, I never thought that. Come on, why don’t you put the gun down, let Sienna go and we can talk about this. Okay?” I said keep my voice calm and focus on her.

“I LOVE YOU! I am here in front of you and all you care about is this little brat of a thing.” Tears started to come down Stacy’s face. “You still aren’t seeing me. STILL.”

Taking a hesitant step forward I shook my head. “I see you Stacy, I see you. Just shocked at what we are doing right now. You’re always so pleasant, never thought you and I would fight over anything.”

“I don’t want to fight you Tatt.” Stacy looked to me, her lip quivering and voice turning wistful. “I want to be the one you come home to, give your patch to, your love to.”

I gave a tight smile. “I get that now Stacy. I don’t want to fight with you either.”

“Then let’s go. You and me on the back of your Harley and we can forget about everything that happened. I only did what I did to protect you and show you how much I care for you. I didn’t hurt Doc for that reason.”

“The od’s were to protect me? I was the reason you killed those innocent women?”” I asked not checking my words seeing Stacy straighten up telling me I said the wrong thing.

“Of course. Everything is about you Tatt. They were playing with you. Getting in the way of what we will be. They deserved it! How- you still don’t see it do you?” She gapped taking a step back pulling Sienna with her. “Why are you focusing on that. FOCUS ON ME AND OUR LOVE!”

I felt Spotter stand slightly behind me, “Got Sienna’s attention, going to sign to drop in mark fifteen. Briac will have a shot.”

I gave a short nod not letting Stacy know what we are about to make a play against her.


I jumped grabbing my gun at my side as Stacy feel to the ground screaming a gurgling sound, Sienna falling to the ground beside her. Confused that it wasn’t time for Briac to shoot I turned to see Raven standing there with a gun.

“Mom!” Sienna shouted getting up and sprinting to Raven who was holding her side, when I noticed the blood coming from her I sprinted over to my girls.

Raven’s knees gave out making her crash onto the ground. I slid onto the ground beside her pulling her against me, my hand replacing hers seeing the bullet wound. More blood leaking out when I pressed hard hearing her intake a sharp breath.

“Easy Raven, it’s okay I got you.” I said kissing her temple as Sienna reached us slamming her little body into Raven’s hugging her tight. Hearing another intake of breath, I noticed another bullet hole in her shoulder.

“Baby are you okay?” Raven asked putting an arm around Sienna who just nodded holding her mom. “Good to see you Tatt, your speeches didn’t seem to work keeping me home.”

“Never should have thought they would. What about you, anywhere else hit? Fuck I am so sorry she did this.” I said making Raven give me her eyes.

“Not your fault you didn’t know. Oh fuck, I’m fine. Shit is she dead? No, I can still hear her. Fuck what now?” Raven gasped as I pressed my hand harder to her wound, Sienna still wrapped tight around her body.

Hearing a bang my head whipped over seeing Smoke standing over Stacy’s now dead body, her head exploded on the pavement as he turned in my direction he looks at Raven, “there you didn’t kill but wounded her, I killed her. Shame… so quick…”

“Brother… Timing.” Ryker said flicking off some blood from Stacy but Smoke only shrugged putting his gun away.

Raven didn’t say anything just nodded, cradling Sienna’s head against hers as she closed her eyes leaning her weight again me. I put my hand in Raven’s pocket taking out her car keys, looking up I tossed them to Hunter who took them and ran over to her car. Looking down, I could hear the car pull near us, fuck we needed to get her to a doctor and soon.

Spotter squatted on the other side of Raven tipping Sienna’s chin up to look at him before letting go to signing at her. My little darlin’ shook her head gripping Raven tighter allowing me to hear a soft intake from Raven, my hands moving lightly over her, feeling how tender her body is where Sienna was gripping. Spotter signed some more with a soft smile and a moment later Sienna looked up to her mom then unwrapped her arms allowing Spotter to pick her up. His hand cradling her head into his neck to make sure she didn’t see anything as he stood up with her wrapped around him like a boa constrictor.

Nodding to him in thanks I looked back to Raven slipping my arm around her shoulder and the other one under her knees. Once I had her I stood up, cradling her close to my chest. As I started walking to the car I heard her whimper as I moved, her injured side against my chest only hurting her more. Raven’s head rolled onto my shoulder making me look to blood on her temple.

Fuck I need to get her to Doc.

This is all my fault. I let them into this world and now Raven is going back to the hospital just as her ex would sent her there. Sienna feeling fear that she grew up in again. I can’t let them be back in the darkness, they deserve to live a happy life without any form of fear.

I took their new life, brought them into my world and couldn’t protect them from someone targeting me.

I have to let them go.

It’ll break me but I have to let them go.

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