Inked Soul (Riders of Silence MC 3)

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I threw the doors into the club house open making them slam but I didn’t care I spent the entire day tattooing trying to clear my head and plan to win Raven back but I got nothing. I went to talk to her and Sienna which seemed like it was a step in the right direction but I don’t know if it caused more pain then actually helped.

Well I do know it caused pain, the look on my girls faces was worse than any bullet or stab wound I have ever received.

Looking around the clubhouse I see Princess sitting at a booth staring at a code on her computer screen while she tapped her fingers on the table. She’s clever, and a woman maybe she would know something I haven’t thought of. Walking up to her I slipped in across from her in the booth making her look up with a tired smile that didn’t reach her eyes. She looks utterly exhausted.

“Sup Princess, how’s the fight with the FBI going?” I asked. Looking at her I saw all her walls building up behind the eyes, when I met her I took her as young sister to give back the club. She’s always deserved more than anyone else I know; the club has always been chosen over her.

Princess sighed leaning back on the seat, “it’s… going.” She looked around making sure no one was around before looking back to me. If it was one thing Princess hated was telling people her problems, “I’m good Tatt. Really fucking good at hacking and I know that. I can go in and out of places without leaving a trace but I have made some enemies. As a hacker it’s what happens particularly with our club being a hard roller and going after some important people recently. Right now, I don’t think it’s the FBI I need to worry about but with them watching for me it makes it difficult to look into it. But I’ll figure it out don’t worry.”

Blowing out a breath I looked at her now understanding why I haven’t seen her in days and now here she is looking exhausted, “fuck Clary. You tell Briac?”

She shrugged, glancing over to her laptop before back to me, “Told him a bit not all, don’t want him to worry. I got it covered and have another hacker helping out. I have backup plans ready and nothing will blow back onto the club. It will all come into play when it is ready. How are you and Raven? I have been hearing some rumblings about you being an idiot and taking it out on everyone. And that Smoke is responsible for that pretty bruise on your pretty head.”

Sighing I scratched the back of my head, “Yeah well good thing I’m pretty and can look good with it. But I am not very good to be honest fucked up big time and just trying to make it up.”

She let out a breath. “Tatt I have known you forever like seriously one day you met Smoke and the next we couldn’t get rid of this tall blonde lanky kid. You opened your tattoo parlour when you were eighteen after someone bet you couldn’t, now look at you one of the most popular parlours and have won tons of awards. Now you find a woman you love, who by the way you have done everything to make her love you and take extra care with making sure her kid is loved. You made a mistake from fear and now you give up? Tatt,” she let out a deep sigh before continuing, “that’s not you. You fucking idiot.”

“Yeah I know Smoke gave me that talk already. I Just went over there, tried to talk it out and it just seemed to make it worse. I don’t know maybe I’ll try to talk about it later.” I said grabbing her coffee cup and taking a sip.

She hummed. “Well how did talking go the first time?”

Sighing I cracked my knuckles while shaking my head, “she didn’t take me back fuck I don’t even think Sienna would with the way she looked to me. I fucked up bad. I swore I wouldn’t hurt her or Sienna and that’s what I did. She was right I walked away when they needed me the most, who’s to say I won’t do that again.”

Princess sighed, “then prove it to her.”

“I am trying, went to her house to talk I just I know I need to do more but I don’t know what that is.” I growled as she looked at me like I’m stupid.

She cocked her head. “You want her back? You want to love Raven and take Sienna as your own?”

“More than anything.”

“For sure, no take backs.” She said leaning back.

“Yes.” I growled.

She smirked. “Then do what you did before, prove you love her in a crisis.”

“Crisis? Like the abduction crisis?”

She rolled her eyes. “Do I look as dramatic as my brother when he tested Amara?” She nodded, “No, crisis as in her and you not knowing what to do. All you need to do is what she told you to do. Now I am not going to tell you what to do that’s your thing just pay attention. As we have said you used words but she needs to see you prove you love her and want her in your family. Prove to her that you can’t just say you love but show her what that love is. That you learn from your mistakes and that you won’t walk away because it got tough.”

“I didn’t get that far when I was talking to her.”

Princess rolled her eyes. “And you are back to talking…Words are nice and all but its action that speaks. It’s the only honest thing in the world; behaviour. You said your words then went back on them so obviously taking your words to be true is going to be hard for Raven. And to be honest... I am disappointed in you, brother.”

“Yeah I know I am gathering that. I am trying to think of what to do next, maybe dinner?” I muttered feeling like this conversation was going in circles.

“God you are not even paying attention.” She groaned shaking her head.

I shook my head not knowing what to do, “I am paying attention. I told her, came back crawling and spilled my guts.”

Princes sighed looking up at the ceiling then back to me, “And how many times has my dad told me he loved me? Anytime he needed something for the club. How many times has he said happy birthday and given me a cake he thinks is my favourite but would actually kill me? Words and actions Tatt. They are two different things. Prove it with action not words. And you are making up something big, dinner? Really that’s the best you got? Are you even paying attention to this conversation?”

“I know I need to do more that’s why I am talking to you.”

She cocked her head just looking at me.

All of a sudden, her words hit. Jumping up, I had an idea, making me ran over to her picking her up in a hug then placing her on the ground kissing her on her forehead, “princess you are the best of them all.”

“You men.” She chuckled making me kiss her cheek again before jumping onto a table whistling to get people’s attention.

“Listen up you fuckers! Spotter I need drinks in five coolers enough for a club party but family party so light alcohol alright need you fuckers pleasant not dickshits.”

Hunter coughed. “Says the dipshit.”

Flipping him off I looked around. “Amara, I need food to feed the club like uh food and uh nice cake maybe in the shape of boxing gloves if that’s a possible thing. Princess need to take you shopping with me so get that hacker body leathered up and ready to go out into public. Brothers go out and buy a gift for a Sienna it’s her birthday and we are going to the barn. We move out tomorrow at four pm, they will be out till 5 when they return from Sienna’s boxing class. Good talk, Princess ready?” I finished as the brothers just stared at me with their women looking confused as well. The two dogs standing with their heads cocked to me picking up on the confusion as well. “What?”

Briac stood in front of me, “You grovelled well enough that she finally took you back? That was faster than expected, would have thought Raven would let you stew for a bit.”

Shaking my head, I heard groans in the room, “Nope but I am getting her back. I broke my promise but I need to prove myself with actions. So that’s what I am going to do. We are going to her place to celebrate Sienna, to show her that she is my family. And other sappy shit that I give you fuckers shit for but am now fucking doing it. Sorry need to get swears out before Sienna bankrupts me.” Couple mutters filled the room as the other brothers remember what happens when she is around.

Princess got up in front of me with a skip to her step, “so what are we shopping forrrr?”

“Wait fuck uh brother can you call a vote for every brother to make it to this a mandatory party?” I asked Briac who rolled his eyes. “Fucking please, next tattoo on me.”

Briac got up on the table beside me with a smirk, “Alright brothers we are going to do this a little unorthodox, all those in favour of putting Tatt out of his misery to grovel for Raven to be a Luna with whatever his plan is say ‘aye’!”

‘Ayes’ rang out as Briac shoved me off the table, once on my feet I grabbed Princess making her shake her head while she reached over grabbing her cut as I bounced on my feet. “You know you forgot an important step in this Luna business.” she mocked making me furrow my brows, “you know step one is asking her, then calling for the jacket but I think I am catching on and know what we are going shopping for. I hope you know her size.”

I smiled, “Princess I could tell you everything about that woman. Let’s go we have less than 24 hours and I hope to be ready. You could use an adventure outside of fucking computer screen.”

She chuckled this time the smile reached her eyes making me smile giving her a push towards the exits.

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