Inked Soul (Riders of Silence MC 3)

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“Shhhhh, you’re okay, you’re okay baby.” I muttered into Sienna’s ears rocking her back and forth as she slowly woke up from her nightmare. “Your safe remember.” Placing a gentle kiss on her forehead I took a deep breath needing to keep my emotion down to focus on my girl.

Sienna nodded against my chest as I rubbed her spine up and down. It was just around seven in the morning, the usual time to be up. I have been up since six feeding the animals and turning them out and had come running when I heard her nightmare.

I didn’t have to ask what her nightmare was about, it was always the same. Reaching over I grabbed the hearing aids that were off to the side for her, she could hear a bit without their help but because of that man she feels too nervous to take her hearing seriously without them. She wasn’t fully deaf but needed their help for distance and only up close when she is panicking.

“Do you want to lead Godfrey in the swimming pond for me this morning?” I asked her to help her remember where she is currently lives; safe and happy.

My brave girl nodded against my chest sitting up, “Can I?”

“As long as you listen to instructions you can do it. Godfrey likes you. Plus, Tatt’s working today so maybe you can make money off his swearing” She jumped out of bed running to change into her jeans and boots. The nightmare forgotten.

I chuckled as she rushed into her clothing almost falling over countless times before getting up to make breakfast. An egg sandwich later and we were out the door, my eyes spotting Tatt’s truck already parked in front of the barn and my ears picking up on the sound shavings hitting a stall door to muck them out.

There was something about that man that drew so many questions from me; I wanted to know about him. He could be dangerous just that. The fact that in order to get to know him I may have to let my guard down and no hot biker will do that.

Sienna ran ahead heading into the barn, “Tatt, you’re on time today.”

Rounding the corner into the barn I see Sienna standing on a hay barrel looking into the stall Tatt was cleaning, “well little darlin’ didn’t want to face your wrath.” He gave her a wink before turning to see me, “morning Raven.”

“Tatt, you look like you had some fun last night.” The hot man did look like he was so hungover it was almost comical.

He shrugged leaning against the walk of the stall, “life of a biker darlin’, say the word and I’ll bring you along.”

I rolled my eyes shaking my head at his antics. “If you need coffee there’s some in the kitchen and Advil in the tack room. Don’t need you being a zombie in a horse farm. Did you see the list I put up for you in there? Thought it might be easier if you had a task list in cases I’m out with the horses.” I replied standing next to Sienna as she bounced on the balls of her feet. Just because there was something about Tatt that made me want him out from the way he makes me react doesn’t mean I will be a bitch to him.

He nodded with a smile, “I did, I’ll clean the stalls first then fix the boards for the swimming pond.”

Sienna gasped, “that’s where we are going now, Godfrey is swimming today. Want to watch?! I am leading him on the boards while he swims.”

Tatt smiled at her making me annoyed with how affected I am by him when he responds to my daughter so well. I mean of course he looks hot as sin and puts a smile on her face, “well if you are going to be leading the horse then I wouldn’t miss it. I’ll head over now and fix the boards while you get ready.”

Sienna nodded quickly and hopped off the barrel skipping to Godfrey’s stall he is in making me smile. I jumped when Tatt was all of a sudden in front of me.

“Thank you for being on time, I know you don’t want to be here but it helps.”

He smirked at me, “did that taste like vinegar?”

I rolled my eyes walking past him, “no I can be appreciative, I am not a bitch.”

“Never said you were, I know you are miss independent.” I stopped and looked back at him with a raised brow as he shrugged walking towards the storage room, “single mother? Your momma bear attitude? Your independent and me coming in taking tasks from you must be hard.”

I sighed turning back to him, “I’m not one of the cases that go to your MC security, don’t treat me as such. I have had workers come before, though you are the first to eye fuck me on their first day.”

He opened the storage room looking at me, “couldn’t help it, seeing a woman such as you, you are the type who gets in men’s heads... Also, I don’t work at the security agency Raven, I own a tattoo shop. Just trying to get to know who I am spending my time with. For all I know you could be a serial killer whose MO is luring men into your barn so you can kill us.” He gave a wink as I bit my lip to stop a giggle from escaping. “So, you looked up my club huh?”

“Think I agree to anyone coming to work on my barn around my kid? Particularly a biker? Didn’t you see that case on the news about the one from Portland going after a girl for five years? I had to know I could trust you.” I said back. The police told me he would be fine and I trusted what the records told me but he was still a criminal and I can’t trust a stranger blindly.

Tatt bent down grabbing a hammer and a box of nails from the room and walked towards me, “says the woman who ran into the kitchen yesterday.”

I sucked in a breath looking at him, he was right about that. “I wouldn’t say I raninto the kitchen.” At Tatt’s half smile I knew he had caught me, “Okay I might have… sped walked but I don’t know you despite what your record says.”

He came right up to me, his manly sweat smell already hitting my nose along with the smell of ink no doubt from that tattoo shop he owns. I needed to get away from him, this smell is awakening something in me I haven’t felt in years. His light eyes stared back at me making me stay put instead of turning away.

“God, you just have to unique huh? No one can distract me from you.” He said lowly before coughing to clear his thought as I just stared confused at what he meant. “You don’t need to worry about me Raven. I’ll do my job here as best as I can and if anyone bothers you or your little girl tell me and I’ll handle it. You’re not a case for me. Just blame it on the alpha biker in me.”

I couldn’t help the intake at the alpha biker, I know he meant it as a personality reference but my mind couldn’t help but go to the bedroom. Fuck its only day two.

“Well,” I stared taking a step back nearly knocking my knees over as they hit the back of a hay barrel. “I am not interested in being a submissive woman to your alpha-ness. Here I am the alpha so no trying to find out my past.”

He gave a small smirk taking a step towards making me cuss the hay barrel for stopping any escape for me, “I don’t ever want you to be submissive to me Raven. I’ll go fix the boards, alpha.” Tatt took a lose hair and pushed it behind my ear. Giving a wink, he walked past me to head to the swimming pond to repair it before Sienna and I get there.

.Why did he have to be hot and say things like this every second with him my resolve just shrinks.

I groaned, why couldn’t he be like the previous workers who didn’t say anything and just did the time they were here for. Instead he talks, bringing me in. Fuck it, I’m going on Amazon to buy a new vibrator that way I can getting him out of my head that way. Think of his hot body and deep voice and he will be out of my system. This is what happens when you spend all your time on a horse farm and a hot guy shows up.

Little pads of feet brought me back making me turn to see Sienna walking from Godfrey’s stall with wrapping in her hands. “Mommy can you help me put these on his legs?”

Smiling I nodded to my daughter as she walked me towards Godfrey’s stall, passing me some wrappings to put on his legs.

Bending down I look to see Sienna kneeling down right beside me as I unstrapped a wrapping, “Okay Sweetie, so when you put the leg wrapping on don’t unwrap it just take the Velcro off, that way it is easy to bring it around the legs while it is still wound together.”

She followed on the other leg matching what I was doing with the wraps talking to herself about the position of it. As I finished the first I stood up letting her finish the others ones so that she could learn.

Hearing hammer bangs I looked around the stall seeing Tatt at work, quickly shaking my head I focused back on the horse. Why was he affecting me this way still? I am not in a romance novel where a sexy hot biker comes in to ride me away on his bike after the sunset with my daughter in a side car. This is real life and real life doesn’t have that kind of love or happy ever after, not for me.

I. Am. Not. A. Protagonist. In. Romance. Novel.

I mean sure, Tatt seems different from Josh as night is from day. Josh looked perfect but was the devil, Tatt has been her for two days and shows himself like the tattoos on his body. Every-time he talks he doesn’t show himself in a light, he is just being Tatt. But I am not a foolish girl anymore. There could still be the chance that he is playing some cruel trick to get a woman and I will never fall for that.

Glancing up Tatt hammered on the boards making stare at the way his body moved, the muscles behind every swing. There is a way to seeing if he could be different from Josh, I need to talk to him about him, see what he talks about could tell me who he is.

For boss references, of course. Just ask a few personal questions and see if he is nice or a jackass then I can happily move on with my life. Shouldn’t be too hard.

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