Inked Soul (Riders of Silence MC 3)

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Our Biker Boy


“And he’s calling me the queen of meannnnnnnn.” Sienna was belting out the new Disney song as we drove back from our boxing club, maybe I should be worried that she is singing a song by a Disney villain but they tend to have better stories anyway.

Hearing a rumble that sounded like a motorcycle my thoughts drifted to Tatt, I thought about him all last night and I am no closer to knowing the right thing to do. I want him, my daughter wants him in our life’s but take another risk?

“Mommy? Why are there motorcycles in front of the barn?” Shaking away the thoughts I looked closely ahead at what she was talking about seeing cars and bikes parked in front of the barn and the house, dread filling me not sure what to think.

I am not ready to see Tatt, it killed me telling him I couldn’t trust him with another chance and now he is here? Driving slowly up to the house to park I began to brace myself, I was about to tell Sienna to stay in the car but it was too late she had already jumped out to walk into the barn.

Hopping out of the truck I headed into the barn to find Sienna, finding her quickly standing in front of Tatt. Walking beside her I wrapped an arm around her shoulder I stared at the man we saw just yesterday, barely recognizing that the rest of the club was out in the fields with a small party. But at the moment it was the three of us in the barn.

“Hey Tatt, what’s going on?” I asked secretly happy he came back, it shows he cares and that maybe it would be safe to trust him again.

He gave us both a smile. “I am back to talk to you ladies again, to explain myself and prove that I am here for you till the end.”

Before I could say something Sienna took a step forward to Tatt. “You promised.” Sienna whispered, “you promised you wouldn’t hurt mommy, you promised you would always be there but you left. Tell me again why?”

Tatt looked to me before taking a step forward and kneeling in front of Sienna with a small smile, “because I was scared. Someone came after you because of me and I didn’t know how to handle it. So, I ran thinking that was the right choice, that it would protect you but it did nothing but rip my heart from my chest. I love your mom and I love you. And I hope that I can prove that love for the rest of my life. Happy birthday Sienna.”

Sienna looked back at me, “it’s okay baby.” I whispered back making her quirk her mouth and look over to Tatt again.

“It won’t be that easy. You promised that you wouldn’t hurt my mom yet she cried over you. We both needed you and you ran away. You may say you are back now but I don’t trust you with my mom.” My heart broke hearing Sienna say those words, not because it meant that it would get in the way of me having a relationship with Tatt but because she has gone through so much as a kid I never wanted her to feel this way. “You can make her happy and beg because you will beg for her to come back but I will be watching you with Edgar on my arm.”

Tatt ran a hand through his hair not even hiding the hurt across his face. “Sienna, I will never walk away again and I will beg for you and your mom to forgive me. I will prove it every day for the rest of my life.”

Sienna just kept looking at him, her face blank from anything. After a moment, she ran forward to Tatt bending down and picking her up as Sienna wrapped her arms around his neck. “I missed you.”

Tatt kissed the top of her head. “I missed you too little darlin’.”

She lifted her head hearing the brothers laughing at something making her wiggle to get down. “Spotter!” With that she ran off leaving Tatt and I there both looking after her.

After a moment of silence, I looked up at him, he looked. Perfect. His hair done back, a tight black shirt under his cut with a dark wash jean.

“She needs time but looks like she will forgive you.” I whispered to him as he slowly stood up closing his eyes taking a deep breath then re-opening them.

Tatt rubbed the back of his neck before speaking, “God I hope your right. And you were right. I broke my promise to you before but I can’t give you up Raven. I love you more than I can ever put into words and I mean it when I said I was a coward. You said you couldn’t trust my words so I am here to show you an action. I gathered the whole club to celebrate Sienna’s eleventh birthday, to bring my family to the one I want more than anything.”

I ran a hand through my hair as I looked at him already feeling a tear slip down my cheek, “I love you but I am scared you are going to break my heart and I won’t be able to survive that.”

He took a step forward making me notice he was carrying box, “I can’t promise to do everything right but I will learn to do it right. I love you Raven and I love your daughter. And I will never walk away again, never. Now usually the president does this but I asked since this one is a bit unorthodox.” Tatt opened the box, putting it on the ground taking out a leather jacket, a woman coming out a wolf on the back with Raven and Tatt on the front where the men’s names and positions were. “This is a Luna cut. You would also need a tattoo for it but basically, it’s like a wife to a man in the biker world and more. As my Luna you would be my woman, be a respected woman to the club who will be your family. I love you and I want you to be my Luna.”

“You are asking me to be your Luna?” I gaped at him speechless.

“I fucked up and this is the best way I can prove to you that I am here. For you. For Sienna who will wear the patch. I needed to do something bit to win you over and this is it Raven. I love you and this is the only future having.”

I let my smile come out, me thinking that he would walk away ever again vanished. Seeing him hear with the club was the right way to prove to me he wanted us. I had heard enough tales of how important a Luna is, you don’t just give those out.

He is our biker boy.

He stepped behind me sliding the jacket over my shoulders, leaning and kissing my neck as his hand played with my left hand with something sliding over my left finger. Looking down I gave out a gasp looking at a ring with a large oval diamond with two smaller emeralds on each side going into a twisted band.

“And this is also for you, you are tattooed on my soul Raven. I would love to bounded to yours if you will have me in this and the next life.”

“You are asking to marry me?” I asked breathlessly.

Tatt nodded looking sullen all of a sudden, “shit after what Sienna said-

“I SAY YES BUT REMEMEBER I’M GOING TO BECOME BLACK WIDOW!” Her little voice yelled out making me chuckle and relief flood Tatt’s face, “Spotter put me down I was trying to help!”

Smiling knowing that I have my little girl behind it I knew I could make the decision that was screaming in my head. Turning into his hold his arms wrapped around my waist as my hands cupped his face, my eyes flickering to the ring than him, “I love you Tatt and you are tattooed on my soul too. I don’t want to spend another day without you.”

He smiled, “thank god.” With that his lips crashed onto mine and I kissed him as if he was the last time I could ever feel the softness of his lips against mine. Tatt kissed me back just as desperate, needing to feel that this was real, that the other really was holding and loving the other. Us not allowing anything to come between us again. No fear just loves.

Whoops and hollers made me break the kiss seeing the club members and Sienna watching, “looks like she said yes.” Hamlet said making me laugh as Tatt wrapped his arms around me to talk me to the others.

As me exited the barn I held my left hand up making the woot and hollers again as Sienna ran to us, Tatt bending down to scoop her up as he hollered. “Raven’s agreed to marry me and accepted to be my Luna! Raven and Sienna are now mine brothers.”

I looked over at Tatt who kissed the top of Sienna’s head before bending down to kiss me lightly. For the first time in a long time I felt whole and nothing could ever take away this moment from me.


“Alright! Let’s go this birthday going!” Briac called out making Sienna giggle as Tatt put her down. Spotter bending down in front of her signing and they began a sighing conversation.

I was pulled into Tatt’s side as I watched my daughter, Spotter getting up and taking a box from Hamlet and bending back to Sienna holding it carefully out to her. Curiosity peaking at me as she glanced back at me making me shrug and motioned for her to open it. Spotter kept the hold on the box as Sienna signed something where Spotter nodded letting Sienna slowly take the lip off the top letting out a gasp as the top dropped to the ground.

My little girl bent down into the box taking out a mostly black and white Australian shepherd puppy with electric blue eyes. Sienna held onto the puppy that started to lick her before tacking Spotter who chuckled hugging her back while kissing the top of her head.

“Are you getting everyone a dog brother?” Hunter asked with a chuckle where Birdy was curled into his side and Shadow by their side looking curious at the puppy. It was a true question, I heard he got Birdy Shadow, hooked Ryker up to get Bella for Amara and now Sienna has a pup.

Spotter let go of Sienna who held onto her new puppy with a smile that melts my heart as I leaned against Tatt. The brother chuckled standing up with a shrug, “well the club’s emblem is a wolf, makes sense for there to be a pack for the Lunas.”

People chuckled as Sienna walked over to me letting me reach out and pet the pup, “So sweetie what are you going to name him?”

She smiled kissing the dog before answering, “Bucky.”

Tatt threw his back laughing, “of course you would little darlin’.”

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