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I hit the nail fixing the broken wooden slate on the dock for the horse pond. It was a small pond with docks going around it and a bridge over to allow someone to lead a horse to swim around in it. Must be part of the rehabilitative process.

It’s a new day and all I could do is feel guilty for fucking two women last night while thinking of Raven. Fuck. This is how it began with Hunter and Ryker. One look and they were goners, Hunter fought against Birdy but Ryker just accepted it from day one. Great so now what if I am acting like those idiots, all big eyes over a woman they just met?

Hearing the clacking of hooves, I looked over my shoulder seeing Raven and Sienna walking a black horse headed my way. Focused back at my work I cleaned up any loose nails and picked up the hammer as they got to where I was at the entrance to the deck.

“All set bosses.” I winked at them both making Sienna chuckle and Raven look me up and down before turning to her daughter giving her directions of what to do. Once done she handed her the lead rope.

I watched as Sienna walked over the dock, the horse going into the water ready to go swimming. “She is a well-behaved kid.”

Raven turned to me with a small smile, “she is a good one. So, Tatt tell me what I should know about you.”

My lips tugged upwards with a smile looking at her. Her body looking perfect in the tight pants and tank top, another perk to not being in jail. “Guess you never did have the opportunity to give me a job interview, what do you want to know darlin’. How I got here?”

She raised a brow, “no, I do not ask for specifics of your crime here. That is for you, I am just giving you way to not go to jail.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle, “you daughter wants to know.

That earned me the first laugh from her which sounded better than I imagined, “she has something called Delinquent Bingo apparently. I think she watches too much of Buzzfeed Unsolved and we have different paroles work here so I guess she decided to create a bingo.”

“Ha, that’s fucking cute.” I watched as Sienna brought the horse out the pond letting him take a break as she slowly walked him back to the start for when he is ready to go. “So, if it’s not my crime what should I say?”

Raven shrugged looking at Sienna, signing something to her which probably had to do with the horse as Sienna nodded patting him and taking him back into the water. “Tell me about your club. I have read different things about MC’s, just want to know which kind you are.”

I smirked looking at her, “read as in news or romance novels?”

Her eyes rolled as she shook her head, a ghost of a smile on her. Yeah, I can break that cold guard of hers down. “News.” She drawled out making me know that it was a lie.

Romance novels it is then. Well my MC is a legit one meaning we don’t do any illegal trading and all the money rolling in is legit. The club owns a garage and security agency. My ink parlour is co-signed with the club so they get some money from that as well. Don’t know which romance novels you read but we respect women and won’t just because they are with a brother. Well beside the club groupies but they have strict guidelines where they can come to parties but that’s about it. They aren’t allowed to interfere with the club business of brothers lives and choose to come for… fun.” I said looking to her as she was still watching Sienna. What I told her was true, I just omitted that we have a whole arson of weapons that we get from the Mafia, but that’s not my department.

Raven looked back to me, “I said news not romance novels like what you said about legal or not. Though I guess it’s good to hear women are not just a hole for you, well I guess unless they are a club groupie…”

I shrugged, “Club groupies are only interested in fucking brothers, we don’t force them coming to parties for a crazy night. They just can’t start drama. Some clubs have them more involved but we don’t want to deal with that shit. Let’s see what else about my club, well my MC is my family, I met the brothers in middle school when Smoke pulled a bully off of me who didn’t like me drawing.”

A smile formed remembering it, not getting hit in the face repeatedly but for meeting Smoke who brought me into the group of him, Hamlet and Briac when we were all thirteen.

“Smoke? Tatt? Nice names.” She chuckled pulling me out of the memory.

I laughed waiting for that question, “Smoke got his name because he can disappear and appear when you least expect it. I got the name Tatt when I kept showing up at the clubhouse drawing which lead to Jax, one of my brother’s father who was President of the club, naming me Tatt as he got me a job at a tattoo parlour so I could do something with my art.”

Raven turned to me, her soft lips separating as she looked at me closely, “sounds like a nice guy to encourage you.”

I smiled again at her, it was just that easy with the dark-haired beauty. “He’s alright, but if it’s one thing Jax is good at it is adopting the stray kids. My parents didn’t pay attention so he took over for them, gave me the money for my tattoo shop the second I got my high school diploma. You got any tattoos Miss Raven?” Raven’s eyes cut away from me quickly as she went back to look at her daughter and the horse. I had to ask her about something else then me, it was getting way too personal too fast. “You do don’t you.”

“One. A phoenix down my side.” She said making me turn and look down her muscular body, yeah she’s the perfect canvas. “No, I won’t strip and show you.”

My hands went up in surrender, “hey I didn’t ask darlin’ it was you who brought up stripping.”

Ha. Ha. I was just stopping where your brain was going.” she said with a ghost of a smile, seems I may not be the only one attracted to the other, “You are being pretty honest.”

“Did you think I was going to lie? It’s easy to talk about my brothers and club, unless its club business than I couldn’t say anything.” She nodded slowly, “next question?”

I watched her take a moment to think, I was supposed to be ignoring her but even during the threesome last night all I could think about was her and now here I am flirting. Guess that is where my restraint is.

“How many crimes have you committed?” She asked.

Shrugging I thought for an answer, “ones caught or gotten away from?” As she raised her brow I put my hand up, “joking, the only crime I have committed was the one that landed me here. I thought you have my record?”

“No just the name of your crime not details or any other criminal history. I try not to learn the details to prevent any bias and just focus on being a boss not a judge. So, you are saying that you have only been a criminal once and a model citizen the rest of times?”

I gave her a wink, “Not know any details? Thought you said you didn’t ask about worker’s record.” She bit her lip and I knew I had her. “Well maybe I tend to speed on my bike but I haven’t been pulled over… yet...” This was another time I omitted the truth to her, but if she has a dark past telling her that I have assaulted and killed people, even if they were dirt-bags wouldn’t be the correct thing to say if she is struggling to even trust me. That could be a talk for another day.

“Not sure what else I should ask anymore, you could be lying after all.” She said back going into a monotone voice making me think she is worried about me getting close to her. She doesn’t want to keep asking questions in case they lead down a road we both may want to avoid. I need these answers about her past but today will be about me, tomorrow I will turn the tables to learn about her.

“Well I will be here for a few weeks, when you think of something else to ask I will be here. As for lying, I would never lie to you Raven.” I gave her a nod, looking to Sienna and giving her a salute before turning away to go find something to do on the list she wrote for me. I couldn’t stand next to her anymore or I would break and ask her about her past which will not work and make her turn into ice.

Grabbing a wrench, I moved to one of the stall doors to fix the hinges quickly taking a look over at Sienna and Raven who were talking about the horse. They would deserve someone good, someone with no chance of danger to touch them. My phone rang making me take it out and drag my eyes away from Raven and Sienna, “Sup brother.”

“Hey,” Hamlet began on the other line, “I just got called into the Police Department to talk to some of our sources. You didn’t break your community service, have you? It took me weeks to make you that offer so I swear if you did you’re on your own.”

I chuckled against the phone as I assessed the door, “nope brother I am here, maybe it’s some adrenaline shit you did?”

“Fuck no I know better than to get caught. Alright gotta see what these cops want.” I shook my head putting the phone away, I am so glad I don’t have that job.

I rolled my shoulders hearing sounds of hooves and Raven’s phone going off. Turning I see Sienna with Godfrey at the cross-ties as Raven left the barn answering a call.

“You did good little darlin’.” I said to her as she took out a bucket and soap with a wide smile.

“Thanks Tatt.” She said quickly unwrapping the things on the horse’s legs, “do you mind if I put music on?”

I smiled to relieve her hesitant question, “only if its good music.”

The little one jumped up putting music on, the sounds of Twenty-One Pilots coming out of the radio as she began washing the horse singing to the song. I nodded along as she kept singing, her face turning red when she saw me watching her, a flash of fear quickly appearing on her face as if she wasn’t supposed to be singing.

Whoever dared put that fear in her will fucking die.

I cleared my throat twirling the hammer in my hand, “wish we could turn back time, to the good old daysss, when our momma sang us to sleep but now we’re stressed out (oh).” I sang into the hammer making her face relax into a form of giggles as I kept singing the song while she began washing the horse.

Soon I found myself completely singing with her as she joined back in just in order to keep her laughing. Once in my life I was actually glad that Princess used to blast Twenty-One Pilots at two am before Briac got her a pair of noise cancellation headphones. Feeling like I am being watching I looked seeing Raven on the phone, whatever emotion on her face she quickly hides going to a stone face. As I kept staring at her, still singing with her daughter I only had one thought.

I am fucking screwed.

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