Inked Soul (Riders of Silence MC 3)

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Why Care?


I threw my vibrator down on the bed taking deep breaths, how the hell did I end up masturbating thinking of Tatt? No idea. One second I wake up turned on and the next the device was on my clit picturing his body over me.

Hearing Sienna moving around I woke up from my haze, shaking my head getting up to help her get ready for school. Thirty minutes later Sienna was gone to school allowing me head to the barn. As I walked into the barn, thinking of what needed to be done today I jumped with my hand over my heart. “Jesus Christ, you scared the shit out of me. Didn’t realize you were here.”

Tatt threw a bag of feed over his shoulder and walked towards me, “It is Monday darlin’. Sienna in school?”

Nodding slowly, I stared at him, “uh yeah school bus picked her up a bit ago… Um I can go write a list if you need it.”

He placed the bag of feed on the shelf turning towards me with a shrug, “Don’t worry about it now, I remember what I did yesterday and if I have a question I’ll find you.” Tatt gave me a wink as he walked towards the pile of feed again.

I stared at this man that was surprising me so much, after what he said yesterday, him singing with Sienna and now him being here again on time. Part of me wanted him to be a horrible worker that way him and his sexy body wouldn’t be screaming at me to touch. Yet he is honest and hard working.

That bastard.

“I haven’t gone shopping so I don’t know-” I started before Tatt picked another bag up putting his hand out to stop me.

“You don’t need to feed me Raven, I know you have a lot of work to get done, so don’t worry about me. Your sexy biker is at your service.” He winked walking away to put the feed away.

I chuckled shaking my head, “Someone is mighty confident. I’ll be with Jester if you need me at the outside post.” I turned away from him so that I would actually leave and not stay staring at the way his muscles moved every time he picked a bag up and flex them.

My hands went up to put my hair up in a bun to try and get those thoughts out of my mind, I need to focus not drool over a sexy biker who is at my service. Because he is right he is sexy. Walking into the tack room I grab my natural oils and went to get Jester out of his stall. Leading him outside at the post.

A minute later I was putting the oils on my hands and messaging Jester’s muscles. I took my time, working his body slowly with the oils to help him relax. Getting lost with the horse.

“What is that.” I looked up from messaging Jester’s forehead to see Tatt watching me.

Smiling I took a step back, moving to Jester’s side that Tatt was beside as it was next work to work on and definitely not because I wanted to be closer to Tatt. “Natural oils help his body relax while he gets better.”

Tatt nodded walking up to Jester’s head and lightly pet him, his fingers tracing over a new scar going down his forehead, “what happened to the boy?”

I sighed passing him a treat to give to Jester. “Jester competes in Eventing which is a fast pace horse race with jumps in the cross country. He took a jump and landed wrong going face first and got banged up pretty bad. Thankfully nothing broke but he got cut up along with some psychological trauma.”

“Fuck, he looks calm now.”

I watch Tatt slowly stroke Jester’s head making me smile at how softly he was touching him, “took a while but he got there.”

“So, Raven tell me what I should know about you, after all I never had an interview with my boss.” He asked with a teasing grin reversing the question I had asked him.

My brow raised, “what would like to know? But I have veto power.” Why did I say that? I don’t like talking about myself. Yeah, I can talk your ear off about Sienna from her favourite book to how she wiggles her nose in her sleep. But me? No.

“I’ll start easy. Why do you try to feed your workers?”

I shrugged moving my hands down a leg, “not all the workers who come here have a lot of money and are in for petty theft from like food or something. Offering them food is one less stress.” He didn’t say anything for a while making me look at him waiting for his response but he just looked at me, “What?”

Tatt stroked Jester’s head one last time. “Fuck. You are quite the person Raven. I have only known you for three days but… you’re not someone I have met before.”

“Thank you? I suppose?” I asked as I moved my hands back up the horse’s body.

He chuckled softly, “it’s compliment.”

"And what women do you know? Club groupies that look at you and beg for you? Take me Tatt, Fuck me Tatt, throw me against the wall and fuck me so hard I can’t breath.” I said trying to press my legs together to stop the burning I started there. “Those type of women are not me.”

“Don’t say things you don’t mean Raven even if it’s to make a point.” He said his voice hoarse and eyes burning before clearing his throat. What’s it like being single mom I can’t think it’s easy.” At my confused face, he held up one of his hands, “no need to raise an eyebrow darlin’ just curious. Want to get to know who my boss is as I said before you could be a murder, need an interview.”

I got one of his signature winks as he rephrased my words to me again making me chuckle softly, “well it was terrifying when I found out but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. There’s nothing like feeling them grown in you, the first time you hold them and everything else they do as they grow up. It’s a busy life particularly with how energetic and trouble making Sienna can be but it’s rewarding. I’m lucky with how Sienna and I are close which can help a lot with her trouble making skills. With how young I had her, I did make a few mistakes with marrying my late husband but I never tried to let Sienna know it. You do anything for you kids and love them to bits.”

“Were you always alone raising her?” He asked softly, making me look up, his eyes soft coaxing me to keep talking to him. Despite warning bells telling me to walk away I couldn’t deny him that simple request to answer.

Sighing I moved my hands along Jester’s spine, “yeah. Once parents found out I was knocked up, I got kicked out of the house and began waitressing. Boyfriend at the time stayed with his parents until he graduated high school then moved us somewhere else. He didn’t like Sienna so he wasn’t around which was better than if he was so I was actually glad about that. I love Sienna and any day spending time with her is a blessing. Things worked out in the end.” I said the last bit at a whisper keeping the past buried and dead where it belongs.

I felt him standing closer to me, his manly scent of sweat and leather filling my nose despite the oils I have on my hands. “Still wasn’t easy. You truly are different than the women I know.”

Glancing up seeing that I was right and he was a foot in front of me. My breath caught. “I am sorry I didn’t mean to say all of that, forget everything I said. The right answer should have been yes, I have always been a single parent with Sienna and that is the way I enjoy it. You go for the hard questions first huh.”

I moved to walk past him but he caught my arm, “hey I am sorry I didn’t mean to push.”

“Didn’t you?” I tried to put up every wall between us but I couldn’t focus on anything but his touch shocking my body.

He took a breath that told me his answer, I was a case to him, a question to pass him time here. “What kind of trouble does Sienna get into?”

That cut the tension and stopped the bells screaming in my head making me chuckle thinking about my daughter. As he let go on my arm I moved back to Jester thinking of Sienna stories. “Sienna, well she skips math class because she hates it, she sometimes reads the right book for English class and if she doesn’t like the book she will choose a random one to read instead which infuriates her teachers. Then, she spends hours in the woods trying to find the perfect tree-house location.”

Tatt chuckled making his eyes light up. “I can see it. I used to do the same thing skipping class, though it was in art where I would pick my own assignments. Making my own way. Has she found any possible locations for the tree-house?”

I nodded running my hand’s on Jester, “yeah she thinks she found the perfect one but it’s on the boarder of the property line so I can’t let her build it. Maybe if I knew the man who owns the cabin on the property we could talk about where the line is but never see him so...”

“Once she ever finds that location I wouldn’t mind helping her build it.”

My head snapped to him, “why?”

He looked at me confused, “why what?”

“Why are you caring about us so much, you don’t even know us and are only here for community service yet you are making this personal.” I said turned to lean against Jester as Tatt looked away to avoid my eyes.

When he looked back he face was clear of any emotions and just flashed me a smile, one that relaxed me and told me that he was going to hide the reason why he avoided my gaze.

“Would you believe me if I said I don’t know, maybe I am just not an asshole and enjoy helping people.” He gave me that smile of his making me sigh.

Before I thought of what to respond I gave myself a chance to look him over. His blonde hair shined in the sunlight, the perfect length where it wasn’t long but allowed me to run my fingers through it if I ever tried. His short beard fitted his face, a beard few men could even try to pull off. He was a biker, the muscular build of him, his hair, his beard, he was what a man should be but whose family is dangerous. He should be sending me for the hills. Yet he was making me open up, making me thaw my cold heart, that only Sienna has access for.

“So now I become the asshole if I refuse your help?” I asked taking Jester’s rope to bring him back to his stall.

“Nah, darlin’ just saying if you need anything you don’t need to fear asking me for it, I won’t think of you being any less independent. Maybe I don’t know why I want to help you two and know about you but I do. But can you blame me darlin’, a strong gorgeous woman like you isn’t someone you meet every day, just give me a chance to do more than muck stalls.” Tatt gave Jester a pat on the neck, taking the lead rope from me, “I’ll put him in his stall for you.”

No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t turn away from his retreating figure. There was something in the way he called me darlin’, something about him being honest that even he doesn’t know why he acts the way he does with me and him always making me say things I mean to keep hidden. Maybe the regular danger of being around a biker isn’t what I should be worried about.

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