Inked Soul (Riders of Silence MC 3)

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Sitting up I wiped Smoke’s shoulder, his reaper tattoo complete. “Take a look and let me know what you think.”

Smoke got up from his chair walking to the mirror turning to see the black and white detail tattoo. “Fuck brother, forgot how good you are at this.”

“Don’t fucking forget it. Fuck you for not coming to me for that tattoo on your chest seeing how I did the original.” He walked back scowling that I brought up what he hoped I would dismiss. Smoke sat back down letting me finish cleaning and wrapped up. “I mean the tattoo artist did an okay job of the bleeding keyboard but it hurts brother, betrayal having another artist use my design.”

He looked away from me, getting up to pay, tossing his shirt on. “Not one word to anyone.”

Rolling my eyes, I stood up. It was good to have the brother back, it’s been far too long, we grew up together and one day he was nomad.

“Hey,” I voiced as I rang him up, “what’s wrong?”

He squinted looking pissed though I know him enough to know he was just annoyed not angry. “Talk? You grow a pussy since I was last here?”

I leaned against the back wall, “come on Smoke, you’ve been weird since you got back. Don’t give me any bullshit for an answer, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen you and when we met up on the road you weren’t acting like you. I get that Nomads live a different life. You are by yourself making your own shots but its lonely especially when you have a matching tattoo to someone.”

“You know you should really hire another artist, you’re overworking and seeing things that aren’t there.” Smoke said back putting his cut on, the Nomad patch still on there.

I scoffed, “That is a lame reason seeing as Deadpan now works here. So, my ability to see things are not compromised.”

He took out a cig lighting it up and puffing the smoke out of his nose making me take the cig and toss it. “No smoking in here asshole.” I grumbled.

Smoke rolled his eyes. “Even with Deadpan you’re still sleep deprived. You are starting to ignore club women, keep smartass comments down and talk about feelings which last time I checked I don’t have.”

“Everyone feels. And we are not talking about me we are talking about what’s going on with you.” He looked away shutting his jaw tightly.

“Second Briac doesn’t need me at the security agency I’ll be back enforcing on the road.”

I sighed deeply looking at Smoke, the last few years being on his own nomad seems to be affecting him. He has always had that dark look but now it seems wild, a wild crazed animal ready to rip the others throat out. “We could use you particularly with the shit that’s been going on.”

“Briac’s already given me that talk, went full army debrief on my ass.”

I laughed, “that’s when you know you fucked up.”

“I didn’t fuck up, it’s just complicated.”

“Ah you didn’t? So, you’re staying? Come on, Hunter and Ryker have been more tamed since they got their Lunas.” I laughed again.

He shook his head, “More tamed? Says the guy whose now longer touching club women? Plus, you can’t blame them, their women are hot.”

“Fuck off, and don’t let them hear you say that.” He was right though I haven’t touched a woman since the threesome last week. Anytime I do a certain dark-haired beauty appears and I am filled with guilt for touching anyone not her.

The bell to the door chimed making me turned my head to see a bundle of dark brown curls and freckles bounce over to me with a wide smile. “TATT! I didn’t know you had a real job.” Sienna said making me chuckle at the little darlin’, her gaze went over to Smoke and her eyes widened. Next thing I know she is booking it to me, running behind my body and peering around my legs.

My hand went behind her, stroking her hair to calm her, “Hey little darlin’, don’t worry about Smoke he looks ugly but he’s not that bad.”

“He is very intimidating.” She whispered looking at his face probably focused on his wild features.

I coughed to Smoke narrowing my eyes at him to make him soften his features to stop scaring the kid, “Fuck sorry kid. Didn’t mean to scare ya. You get a kid without telling me?”

Sienna gasped looking up to me before walking up to Smoke with her palm out making Smoke look to me confused. “You owe her a dollar. Dollar a swear.” I laughed as the girl who was just hiding behind me was now demanding money.

“I’m not his kid, he is working off his crime at my mom’s farm.” Sienna said raising her palm slowly making Smoke mutter while taking his wallet out to hand her a dollar.

The door to the parlour opened showing Raven sprint inside, “Sienna don’t run away- Oh Tatt?”

Raven is as gorgeous as she always is, tight black working out pants and her hair away from her naked face. I shuffled on my feet adjusting the already hard on I had from her.

Smoke whistled taking out another dollar, giving it Sienna before turning to me, “fuck brother now I know why you chose community service and empty bed.”

I growled at Smoke who looked smug at me, no doubt ready to get back at me for talking to him about his own shit. Raven doesn’t need a fucking player like Smoke hitting on her, hell I have even kept my smartass flirts away from her. She’s real and deserves the same.

“Sorry about him.” I said looking to Raven. “Nice to see you Raven.”

She gave me a soft smile, “Evening Tatt, your parlour is amazing.”

I gave her a wink, “anytime you need new ink let me know.”

She let out a small chuckle shaking her head. “Not at the moment, but I suppose if I did I’ll trust you to ink it.”

I let my eyes wonder over her perfect body. The words she said teasingly about me fucking her right then and there, slamming her against the wall. She may have said it in connection to the club women but I have only thought about it every second since it past her plump lips. “With your canvas, I would gladly ink you.”

Smoke walked to Raven holding his hand out. My blood boiling from him touching her skin; he needs to back the fuck up now. “Smoke.”

Raven did her signature eyebrow raise as she looked at him, “Smoke. Tatt mentioned you”

The brother just shrugged, “I’m his favourite, since you being with him may be a conflict if you are interested in going-.”

I let out a growl. “Back the fuck away from her now.” Hearing a small giggle, I groaned taking out my wallet and giving a dollar to Sienna.

Raven coughed making me look back at her those eyes piercing me as they always do. “Okayyyy, Sienna come on we can’t be late to class.”

Sienna went to say something before closing her mouth and signed to Raven who only shook her head making the little one sigh before turning back to me. “Bye Tatt see you tomorrow.”

I smiled looking at the cute girl, “See you tomorrow little darlin’, be good for your mom.”

“Pft, I’m always good.” She gave a small wave skipping to where he mother was who gave a short wave and turned out of the parlour. Just as soon as they were here they were gone making me want to ask them to come back and stay for takeout.

I bent down to my chair grabbing my cut before looking back to Smoke, “shut up.”

“Now I get why your different. Another brother down.” The bastard laughed.

I punched his shoulder as we walked out of the shop allowing me to lock up before heading to the clubhouse. Twenty minutes later we arrived at the clubhouse, bikes lined up in the lot making me breath for being at home yet I felt like something was missing. I quickly shook my head before that image of Raven and Sienna would pop into my head.

“What the fuck is that wailing?” Smoke asked once we got into the clubhouse hearing a few women crying from Briac’s office.

I shrugged nodding to the bar making us head to Spotter, if anyone knew what was going on it would be that brother. “What’s going on in Briac’s office?” I asked as he gave us a couple beers.

Spotter glanced at the office doors before looking back at us, “club groupies Cindy and Lizz overdosed earlier this week and were found today. Their friends are in the office talking to Briac about how they didn’t know. Briac’s pissed if that stuff maks a comeback in the city let alone by those in the club.”

I took a sip of my beer trying to place the names and looking at Smoke he just shrugged his shoulders, “fuck do either of you guys remember a woman’s name.”

“Nope.” Smoke replied with a smirk, “the club groupies serve their purpose with their pussy what’s a name going to do.”

“You two are assholes. Here know them?” Spotter bent down grabbing his phones and showed us the two women’s photos.

Taking a look, I recognition Cindy with purple hair and Liz, “I’ve fucked them.” Smoke and I said at the same time making Spotter roll his eyes.

“That is why I don’t fuck club women.” He muttered cleaning the bar.

Smoke took a deep chug of his beer, “whatever you say. Beside they took hard drugs why should I care? They did it to themselves.” At the sound of another wail he cringed. “Fuck emotions.” With that the guy rolled his knuckles on the bar and walked away. Giving a nod at Spotter I turned and headed to my room.

As I walked in I threw my cut onto the bed making me spot the folder on it. Before I could reach it a knock on my door drew me to opening it, Stacy present with new light purple hair wearing a trench coat. Giving me a sly look she opened it showing me the lingerie she has on.

“Hey Tatt.” Stacy gave a sexy that used to work but now the very thought of touching her felt revolting. As she stepped towards me, running her fingers down my chest I caught her hand.

“Out.” I demanded.

She looked shocked before giving a nod, “Of course you had a busy week with community service and parlour. Remember, I’ll always pleasure you.”

I closed the door but her cheap perfume lingered making me open the windows. I knew the reason why I turned her down, she wasn’t Raven. The answers she gave me about being a single mother only made me want to know her more. I tried to ignore her, even keep my usual smartass comments as Smoke calls them down. If I don’t flirt then how could I get interested in the hot woman? I can’t. I’ll be bored and walk away not wanting to be real with her. But it’s not working, it just makes her different. Us different. A side to me I blocked a long time ago but one she calls to, like when she works with the horses.

Grabbing the folder, I sat on the bed. Leaning against the headboard I opened it up to see everything about Raven Monroe. Well at least this will answer my questions and make the interest on her lesson.

The more I read, the feelings of anger rose to a level I have never felt before. Yes, these answered questions but they were giving me new kinds of questions.

Fuck it. Raven is going to be my woman and I’ll kill anyone who tries to take her from me.

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