Inked Soul (Riders of Silence MC 3)

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I laid on my bed staring up at the ceiling, the information in the file spinning around in my head on a fast loop. Raven Monroe. I thought learning everything about her would get rid of the questions but instead I felt rage for the past of her life, wanting nothing more than to go to her and make sure no one hurts her. Reaching over I picked up the file looking at it again as if the details could change. I asked for this file to be made, I asked to skip the step of having Raven tell me, I skipped it all and now I am staring up at my ceiling as I have for the past hours just trying to understand what the fuck I do now.

My eyes flickered back to the file.

Raven Monroe. Currently 26. She looks younger. Got pregnant at sixteen having Sienna with her husband Josh. Douchebag of a name. But that’s where she stopped. She finished high school online but that was it for her education. No jobs after graduating the only record of her is over a hundred hospital visits and police responding to domestics. All leading up till four years ago where police responded to a domestic and the officers called in a suicide by gunshot of Josh. The beat cop even wrote in notes that it was obviously suicide with a note and everything. A year later she moved out of Boston and took up here where she has been for the last three years. Sienna has been enrolled in school and Raven took over a horse farm.

Every single emotion you could name I have felt while reading and rereading the contents in the file, different emotions running at different times depending on what detail I focus on. With the bastard already dead there is no one I could take my rage out on which leaves me back to here.

Plus, no matter how many times I read about her life something isn’t right. That thought has been scratching my head for the past hours as I stared at the ceiling. She was abused and her husband is now dead by suicide; guess that’s why she is so assertive about being ‘miss’ she wants no affiliation with the man. But suicide? By a gun. Clean and cut? No something isn’t right in this.

“CHURCH!” Someone banged on my door making me groan feeling exhausted from my thoughts.

I flung myself off the bed putting on clothes for the barn to skip having to come change again and headed to church; fuck mornings. Of all possible days I would not want go to the barn, today was one of them, when I see Raven today and possibly even Sienna I could not let her know that I read her entire life last night. She has been saying to not ask questions about her past and I readherfile.

I feel dirty.

“Alright settle down we have to do this fast since someone has community service.” Briac yelled out banging on the gavel starting church.Fuck I am already late, Raven is going to shoot my bike. “Or I’m guessing you are already late.” The bastard chuckled.

“Give the brother a break, sure he won’t mind his hot boss punishing him.” Smoke smirked breathing cig smoke through his nose, as I flipped him off.

The brothers whooped making me flipped them all off before Briac continued, “alright, alright, settle down. First things first, keep your shit clean for a while. Princess can’t be online at the moment due to the FBI watching for her hacking so if you get in trouble she can’t clean it up. You need something, get it yourself. We can’t risk anything in case they decide to come after her.”

Smoke grunted, “Jesus Clarissa what did you do to get so high on their watch list.”

“Save your ass and the club’s.” Princess grumbled making me look at her as she bit her cheek repeatedly, the usual laptop gone from in front of her. “Not all of us can go run around and do what we want.”

“Run around? I keep the trouble from ever reaching this clubhouse.” Smoke said sitting up as tension filled between them. Fuck they were fine at the wedding yet now they were ready to rip each other throats out.

Princess just scoffed, “yeah and who do you think helps clean up your messes while your away? Seriously you boys could learn to hide you shit better.”

“I clean my messes. Maybe stop worrying about me and worry about keeping your hacking clean and out of the dark web.” Smoke growled as Ryker hit Smoke’s chest to shut him up.

The room soon sounded with Briac’s hand slamming against the table, “Smoke, Princess, silence. We have had a lot of enemies that have required the dark hacking. She’s not at fault so don’t blame her. Second thing to cover is two club groupies overdosed this week. Pay attention to anyone of those walking through our doors and make sure they are clean. We can’t afford for cops to follow them here to the clubhouse.”

“If someone comes in with it?” Hunter asked.

Hamlet shifted beside me as he spoke up, “take the drugs, bring them to us and we figure out how this shit is coming in. Hunter and Smoke see if you boys can go around to find anything out.”

Briac nodded scratching his beard, “mhm alright I know Tatt you got to go don’t need you in jail. Anything else? No? Alright church done.” Briac slammed the gavel letting people get up.

Ryker stood up in front of the door before anyone could leave, “Fuckers don’t forget Amara is opening the bakery next Saturday night for an opening party, be there or she is going to cry and I’ll have to kick your ass.”

“And remember!” Hamlet called out, “that is an event from a Luna, no club groupies to accompany you. You can get your dick wet after, Ryker there better be some adrenaline shit there.”

Ryker groaned, “no adrenalin shit brother it’s a bakery.”

I got up heading to the door where Ryker was still blocking, “I’ll be there now get out of my way before a raven hair woman comes in pissed about me being late.”

He moved out of the way allowing me to step out of the room only for me to stop seeing a semi crying Birdy who was rummaging behind the bar.

“Woman get out from my bar.” Spotter growled walking to her.

“WHERE’S DECAF!” She cried out to him as Hunter went to her, hugging her from behind to stop her rummaging, “I just want coffee.”

I rolled my eyes, taking my keys out of my pocket walking away, “decaf? What are you pregnant?” I asked looking over to her which ceased her moments and everyone in the room. Hunter’s face of confusion and Birdy’s look making me realize I just fucked up.

“You’re pregnant?” Hunter asked turning her around his eyes wide putting his hand on her stomach.

“I was going to tell you, I just bought little biker boots to give you,” she cried as he kissed her hard before letting her go letting her turn around glaring at me, fuck wasn’t she crying a second ago, “fuck you Tatt, you better run right now before I kill your ass for running my plan.”

I took a step back with my hands up in surrender, “I’ll uh... tell me what to buy the baby and I’ll get it.” Giving her an innocent smile, my hand went to my pocket as I felt my phone vibrate letting me take it out.


... Your hungover biker boy?

It’s Raven BTW. Got your phone from your file, I got a delivery but if you can’t be here within the hour don’t bother there isn’t much after.

Fuck she will be shooting my bike. First for the file, which I can hide from her, but now for being late.


Club business running late, be right there unless I’m murdered by a pregnant woman.

I glanced up to see Hunter walking away with Birdy over his shoulder as brothers rolled their eyes at the scene that we see often enough but still cheered out happy for them.

“TATT! What are you still doing here! We don’t need your service boss pissed and revoking you to jail. Get going!” Briac shouted at me making me salute my president.

Smoke snorted, “as I said before he wouldn’t mind being punished by her.” He wiggled his eyebrows making me flip him off as now the brothers were hollering at me to fuck Raven.

“I am sure your tiny dick will not save you from jail, get your ass to service and suck up to her.” Briac said walking to his office. “And I don’t care what you have to suck.”

Yelling at the brothers to fuck off I ran out of the clubhouse not wanting Raven’s cold face to be what greet me at the barn. I hopped into my truck knowing I was about to not only be in trouble with Raven but also little Sienna. Fuck.

My phone buzzed.


Tell her to kill you after your shifts and I’ll let her bury your body on my land. I have pigs.

I started up the truck and drove fast away from the club house desperate to see the two. Not for my own dam community service but to put eyes on them after reading that dam file. To make sure not one strand was missing from Raven’s or Sienna’s head.

The two positive things in that file was first that there wasn’t any record of Sienna being in the hospital so she must have been safe from his abuse and that the bastard was dead. But I needed to know more, I had to know why. I needed to know that the papers didn’t have, how they got out. I just needed to know everything.

My parents divorced when I was a kid, they had me young but when they divorced when I was seven and they dropped me at the club and drove away. But Raven has stood by her daughter, she took abuse for years before her husband died. Why? To save her daughter? She is fierce there is no way she stayed with him for the love of the man. Governmental husband and reports that went nowhere meant that she had no choice for the sake of staying with her daughter.

Fuck. No one was going after her or her child again.

Our club doesn’t stand for harm against citizens so what kind of Rider of Silence would I be if I didn’t stand for my club’s value. They took me in when my parents abandoned me but the club gave me a family. I uphold the values. I will look after Raven and Sienna to make sure they live happy and safe.

I just need to make sure Raven doesn’t find out I searched for her because I have no doubt I would feel the fury of a woman’s scorn.

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