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Chapter 1

"Get out of my way!!!" Sara yelled , as she emerged from a large crowd of youngesters clearing her way running towards her locker, she glanced at her watch it was 7:40 she still have 10 minutes.

Finally she reached her locker, turning to her right she saw her bestfriend standing there with a wide smirk on her face.

"wanna bet?"she asked

"Mel, why are you so hell bound to lose this one again?"

"its been two days now!!i am sure he isn't comming today"Melanie replied sara with confidence

With a smirk sara replied "wait for" she looked af her watch 7:45 "5 minutes more"

"done,if i win you are going to start a conversation with him" Melanie replied.

Sara wished she had that confidence to do that. Sighing they waited .

It was 7:50 as Sara turn to her left and then it happened, There he entered in his blue jeans and black hoddie with those blue ocean eyes and black hair falling over his head.

"How do you know ?" Mel whispered into her ears.

With a smirk Sara stood there until he finally noticed her, those ocean blue eyes held her forest green eyes captive and they looked at each other, just like that, lost into eachother trying to figure the mystery each one hold.

As if caught in a trance Jared and Sara just stared eachother, it didn't affected Jared when a blond pushed him aside, he just walk looking into her beautiful forest green eyes.

He passed her as she tilted her head to her right and he looked back at her still not leaving the sight of the beauty.

He reached his locker and that's when their trance broke as they looked away.

Melanie Leaned into her and whispered "You both gonna die, just starring into each other, its been a year nlw go and talk to him"

"never going to happen" with that Sara pulled Mel with her as they went for their first class.

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