His Locked Soul

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Luciano Alastair, an actor by passion and successful in both looks and talent. He had inherited his father Italian traits by looks and brain. A tragic past made him distant from his family and the only way to gain them back is to take up the CEO position in his father's billion dollar empire despite him not interested. And to marry a stranger. Especially when he knows all the females are Gold Diggers.... ********** Adelia Wentworth had just completed her degree in Business Administration and joined her dad's firm as a trainee. She is shocked to see the firm is currently facing problems and one possible way to solve the problem is getting the contract renewed with Alastair Enterprise. Even though her parents say that everything is alright, she know it is not and the only way to solve the problem in to deal with the new CEO Luciano Alastair. Adelia know she cannot get Luciano Alastair's appointment and decides to meet him with an element of Surprise. Little she know that the surprise is on her and that too a life changing one...

Romance / Drama
4.6 55 reviews
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Important Announcement

Dear Friends,

Thanks you for reading my book 'His Locked Soul'. I am happy to say that my novel is getting published as paid novel in a new site. So unfortunately certain set of chapters will be removed by June 27, 2020. In case if you haven't finished my book, here is chance to read for free.


Uma Nathan

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