His Locked Soul

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Luciano Alastair, an actor by passion and successful in both looks and talent. He had inherited his father Italian traits by looks and brain. A tragic past made him distant from his family and the only way to gain them back is to take up the CEO position in his father's billion dollar empire despite him not interested. And to marry a stranger. Especially when he knows all the females are Gold Diggers.... ********** Adelia Wentworth had just completed her degree in Business Administration and joined her dad's firm as a trainee. She is shocked to see the firm is currently facing problems and one possible way to solve the problem is getting the contract renewed with Alastair Enterprise. Even though her parents say that everything is alright, she know it is not and the only way to solve the problem in to deal with the new CEO Luciano Alastair. Adelia know she cannot get Luciano Alastair's appointment and decides to meet him with an element of Surprise. Little she know that the surprise is on her and that too a life changing one...

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Chapter 1

Lucian (Luc)

“I know what you are trying to do. For the millionth time Hal, Don’t convince me and the answer is still NO”.

Hal finally understood that my patience is wearing off. And I could see his mind was thinking fast to trap me in other ways. I knew him very well. I could have got a few film offers at start because of my looks and acting ability. But it was Hal and his brain made me this successful in media industry. No one can negotiate and win this man. I sighed again anticipating his next move to manipulate me.

Everyone knew me as Lucian Alastair, a famous movie star. I have been blessed and cursed with all that were dreamed for and envied by both men and women. Looks, fame, money, success, you name it, I have it. But those made me lose one thing I treasure in my life, my family. No, I will not succumb in self-pity any more. Hal’s words penetrated my ears somehow.

“Have you checked these tabloids” Hal thrown down the Nation’s top weekly magazines. I narrowed my eyes when I saw those sections.

‘Luc always alone on parties? Who is Luc’s special friend?’

‘Will you be coming out Mr. Lucian?’

“All the celebrity sections are hinting that you are Gay. Because you are refusing to take any female along with to parties.” Hal whisper shouted at me. “It is not only about you. The sequel is due and your attitude is going to affect that. Think of all the people’s future involved in that.”

Shit! I never expected him blackmailing me using this. My movie “The Medieval Prince” Part II is currently on pre-production and would be starting with shoot any time soon. I am locked in that contract for another two years. It is a mega budget movie with lots of expectations and the first part is a terrific hit. And my contract clearly says that I should not create any big ripples in my social life which may affect the film.

“Hal, No. Don’t bring on that in our conversation.”

“Luc, I am not black mailing you. But I am requesting you to rethink. It’s not you are going to jump into relationship. But I want you to appear in public with a female companion just for public sake. I will take care of your dates so they will not bother you after the parties.” Hal looked as if he will hit my head with something for me to understand if didn’t accept this.

I did not have any valid point to reject this. So I had no other option but to accept. But not fully. “I will think about it”

Hal chuckled at my grudging response. “Fine, I will leave now. Oh Man! I forgot. Mary wants to know if you can join for dinner sometime next week. She thinks that you are too fried up and need some relaxation.”

“Oh No Hal! I don’t want to barge in...”

Hal lift his finger to threaten me. “Don’t you dare? You are family to me and Mary. So will Wednesday suits you?”

I sighed at my dear friend. “Yes Wednesday is fine. How about 7?”

“Perfect. I will leave now. Mary wants to do some shopping and I have to take her.”

After Hal left, I looked the magazines he left back. I want to shred them all. Why the heck these people want to barge in other people’s life. I almost swept them away and suddenly stopped to check on a minuscule details. I got what was looking for and narrowed my eyes in anger. This did not look like some sudden lime light on me. I looked as if it was a deliberate attack.

I snapped open my phone and called one person whom I can trust on this. James was my second in Command in my Office. He was a good friend and also became my body guard literally after the recent events.

“James, I need to discuss an issue. Meet me in 10 minutes in Masa?”

I went through the article by the time James arrived and my suspicions were confirmed as I read along the whole article. Who and Why want to target me out of blue now? Is it because of my new Hit movie and because I took over the CEO position in Alastair Corporation recently. But both reasons looked very weak for such an action.



I entered my car and buckled my seat belt and took out my phone. I was waiting impatiently for the other end to connect. “I have done my part of role. Now it is in your hands.”

I uttered a sorry to Luc for doing this to him but I had no other options. I sighed myself before losing myself in the traffic.



I lift my hands to let James, who was looking out for me to notice.

“So, what is the matter which made you freak out?” James asked me while seated opposite to me.

“What made you think that I freaked out?”

“Luc, I know for the past 15 years and I know you will never order me to see you in 10 minutes as long as it is an emergency. So shoot out.” James switched to serious mode while telling this.

“Take a look at these. Tell me what you think about it.” I passed the glossy magazines to James.

I observed other tables while James was checking out the articles. I was not sure what I was looking for, but my eyes wandered the entire place as if I was looking for something. I was shocked at my own behaviour. What happened to me? But my thought interrupted by James’s voice.

“Interesting articles...” He chuckled to my annoyance. “But why a sudden attack on you. What is the intention?”

I knew James would hit the target right away. And that’s why I always rely on him.

“And Check the Dates as if all the magazines woke up the same day to decide to write about you. That is something we need to dig about”

“James, I want to know who is behind this and...” I was interrupted by my phone.

I frowned at the screen. It was a private caller with no number. I motioned James to record and trace my call and hit the answer button.

“Hi Lucian Baby, did you see the articles. I hope you loved it.”

I frowned at the female voice on the other end. It looked familiar but I was not able to identify it.

“Who are you?”

“Oh Poor Baby, Do you think I will give my name that easily.”

“What the hell do you want?” I grated back with irritation.

“Oh darling, you are not in a position to shout at me, let alone lift your finger. Say, what will you do if I tell that I have some interesting evidences on Jake’s death?”

“Who the hell are you? Why are you involving my late brother here?” I shouted back.

“Hey man, cool down. The whole restaurant is watching us.” I sighed when I realized that James was hinting the truth.

“That’s right. Be a good boy and listen to Me.” the voice mocked me.

I spit the words through my clenched teeth, “What do you want?”

“This is easy to answer. I want you” I had an urge to gag when I heard the throaty response.

“What do you mean?”

“Oh my Naughty boy, do you want all the details on the phone. No baby, you have to wait...” I was not able to hold anymore hearing the laugh. But I had to ensure something first.

“What evidences are you talking about? How can I believe you?”

“Right. I will send a picture to your email. Check it out. I will call you tomorrow morning at 10. Meanwhile dream about me darling....”

I looked at James. “No Luck, I could not trace the caller. But let us check the email to make sure.” He looked very grave at the seriousness of the situation.

I felt like smashing the laptop at seeing the picture. It was a picture of me, Jake and Diaz. Jake was so carefree. I still remembered the day. It was the day Jake took over the position as CEO of Alastair Enterprise. As the Elder son, my dad wanted to me to follow his steps. But I was not interested in taking over family business and decided to pursue in media industry, Jake took up the position.

And seeing Diaz in the picture made me look red. How did not Jake find that she was a Gold Digger? Because of her, Jake was no more. I could not believe someone so happy was no more. Who was this women? How did she have this picture?

“This shit is getting more serious.” James words brought me to present.

“I want to find who is behind this.” James got up indicating that he was already on the mission.

“And James, find about Diaz. Where and what is she doing? I suspect she might be behind this.” James nodded and left.

I looked aimlessly across as old memories raised up. I shook my head and now is not the time to get distracted. Then something got my attention. I saw two guys intentionally disturbing the waitress. I watched without any emotion, with my general hatred towards female population.

And the man purposefully stretched his leg and girl tripped the glasses on a lady’s lap. I got amused as I expected a big scene with outburst on the waitress. I should say I was surprised to see the lady scooped down to her the waitress to collect the glasses. Even the smile was not wavered, when she dismissed the manager defending the worker.

She looked beautiful. The long hair bounced till her waist and the dressed hugged her curves in beautiful manner. She wore a halter neck dress with no sleeves. The dress flowed till her ankles but will pique any man to imagine what’s within the fabric. But what attracted more is, her laugh. As if nothing can be wrong in the world. Sure that laughter is contagious.

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