Everlasting: Book 1

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Chapter 10

“My mom’s hurt.” I explain to Jaxon. Running around the room, trying to find my jacket. “I need to get to the hospital.” My vision blurs and I feel dizzy.

“Araya. Listen to me, it’s ok.” Jaxon says steadying my shoulders and tipping my chin up to look me in the eyes. I nod, believing what he says.

“I need to find my jacket.” I say suddenly.

“What jacket are you looking for?” He asks me.

“Um, my jean jacket.” I say, and as soon as I’ve said it, Jaxon’s putting it around my shoulders, and leading me to his car.

“You shouldn’t drive like this. I’ll take you there.” He says. I nod, and fling my arms around his neck, having to stand on my toes to reach even there.

“Thank you.” I cry into his T shirt.

“Any time.” he says, and we’re off.


The ride there was basically him saying reassuring things to help me through my pain, and then wiping the tears from my face like my dad used to do when I was little and scraped my knee. When we’re finally there, I jump out of the car, and run to the front desk of the Hospital, while Jaxon parks. He’s there in no time standing next to me, with his hand on the small of my back guiding me to where the front desk lady told us where Sally Johnsn, my mother’s room is.

“It’s ok.” Jaxon whispers in my ear, and I believe him.

“Thank you.” I whisper back, mainly because if I actually spoke I’d cry.

“Shhh. It’s ok.” He says. And I put my hand around his waist for support.

“Are we almost there?” I ask him, since he’s guiding me to the room. I mean, I can barely stand on my own.

“Yes, we’re here. I can’t come in, Because of the blood. I shouldn’t even be here.” He says. But I don’t let go of him yet. We stand outside the room for awhile, in that position. Then I let go of him.

“Ok, I’m ready.” I say, and I push past the door and walk into Room 378B.

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