Everlasting: Book 1

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Chapter 11

My mother was attacked by a man, a robber they think. She’ll be fine. But she was really beaten up, and scared. When I saw her she was sleeping but I held her hand and talked to her anyways. Right now, I’m driving home with Jaxon.

“Thank you. For everything.” I say to him truly grateful. He nods, and pulls the car into my driveway. My dad’s staying with my mom tonight. So I’m home alone.

“Do you need any help with anything?” He asks.

“What do you mean?” I ask him, confused.

“Making dinner or anything. You seem really tired.” He explains.

“No. I think I’m good.” I say touched by his gesture. I unfasten my seatbelt, and open the door. Jaxon gets out with me and walked me to my apartment. I fumble around with me keys, and look at Jaxon.

“Thank you.” I say again. “I’ll repay you.” And as I speak, he tips back my chin back with his hand, and slowly lowers his head to mine. His lips press my mouth gently and it seems so soon when he breaks away.

“That’s payment enough.” He says. Examining my face. “If you need me, you have my number.” He says, and then he turns and disappears into his car, disappearing into the distance in a second.

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