Everlasting: Book 1

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Chapter 13

With all my mixed feelings for both Jaxon and Lucas I needed to talk to my mom about all this. So now I’m here at the Hospital sitting at the foot of her bed with her hand in mine. I think she’s always wanted to talk about boys with me but I’d never been interested in them before Jaxon and Lucas popped into my life.

“Mom, I have...boy problems.” I explain to her.

“Ohhhh. Yes! I knew that one day this would happen.” She says. “So, who’s the boy?” She asks, in a gossip-like girly voice. I laugh, and she joins in.

“It’s actually 2 boys.” I say. “Jaxon and Lucas,”

“Oooohhh. Hot names. Are they hot?” She asks.

“Mom, you have no idea.” I sigh.

“Oh, do you have pictures of them?” She asks hopefully.

“Um, I might.” I think I took a picture of Lucas when we were talking because he said he was taking acting classes and wanted a headshot, and I accidentally took one of Jaxon when I was using my phone as a mirror, and forgot to delete it.

Pulling out my phone, I browse my gallery and find the one of Lucas, and show it to my mom.

“That’s Lucas.” I say.

“Well, if your having trouble picking which one is hotter, this one’s hotter.” She breathes.

“Just wait until you see Jaxon.” I say, pulling a picture up of him, and holding it up for my mom to see. She raises her eyebrows and fans her face,

“Now, I see the problem. Their both hot, and you don’t know which one’s hotter.” She says. “Well their both hot but I’d go with…never mind I can’t do this. It’s too hard.” She sighs.

“Yeah, and I’m trying to figure out their personalities too.” I say.

“Well, describe them to me.” My mom says.

“Um, ok. So Jaxon’s nice, and helpful, and smart, and a great listener, oh and he’s honest too. And Lucas is funny, sweet, sensitive, and responsible.

“Ok, so that didn’t help much.” My mom says. “But let’s get on with what you don’t like about them.”

“Ok. Jaxon seems over protective, and Lucas seems like he could walk away at any time.” I explain. Not to mention that Jaxons a Vampire and Lucas is a Werewolf.

“Well, it looks to me like you’ve got to spend more time with each of them, and see which one you find suits you and your needs better.” My mom recommends.

“Ok, yeah that’s great advice mom. Thank you.” I hug my mom.

“Oh, but I’m just your old mom, it’s not like they have to meet me.” She laughs.

“You know that Jaxon brought me to the hospital when dad called me about your attack. He was right outside the room with me.” I tell her.

“Really? How sweet of him.” She smiles.

“I know. But Lucas when we moved here he brought cookies for us, since he lives in the neighborhood.” I smile at that.

“Oh, that’s also super sweet.” My mom shrugs. “Your giving me a headache with all of this confusing drama.”

“Mom, when I make my decision I’ll let you be the first to know, and you will most definitely meet him.” I wrap my arms around my mom, and she hugs me back.

“Oh sweetie, you are so nice. Whoever the boy you pick is a very special guy.” She says. “And just remember, whoever you pick it should feel like you’d die for them or vice versa and that they will always take care of you and love you and respect you and cherish you. Because you should always come first to that person.”

“Thanks mom.” I whisper.

“No, thank you.” She says back.

“For what?” I ask her.

“For coming here today, you don’t know what your dad gets like when he’s worried. I just want to relax, and have someone to talk with. And boy talk is the best talk sweetie. But just remember what I explained to you. You don’t want me to repeat it do you? Make sure that he will always care for you and…”

“Mom, ok ok I get it. You don’t have to torture me!” I laugh, and we both laugh and then we talk some more about politics and sports and the weather. And what I had planned for this weekend. But just being with my mom was where I wanted to be. And when night came I fell asleep with my head on my mom’s shoulder, and her hand on my head, just like when I was a child.

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