Everlasting: Book 1

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Chapter 14

I’m all out of fruit and malt o meal, so I need to make a quick run to the Grocery Store. The Store is packed since it’s 3 days away from Valentines Day and prices are low. I make my way to the produce department and fill my bags with apples, grapes, oranges, peaches, apricots, bananas, and 2 ripe tomatoes.

I then quickly grab a box of malt o meal and pay for all my items. I walked here so I have to walk home carrying my groceries. I’m tempted to just call Olive. But that wouldn’t be fair to her. And besides, this is exercise.

The buildings are all like my apartment building, there are stores and little shops lining some edges of the street. And the street is busy with cars honking and speeding down the road. There are also small alleyways behind each shop making it a shorter route to take if your walking. But they look so dark and creepy.

Although the sun is setting pretty quickly, and the sidewalk isn’t exactly the safest place to be either. So I make my decision to go down an empty alleyway in the hopes of getting home sooner. It takes me one turn to know I’m being followed. Someone is definitely there behind me. I can hear the footsteps, heavy, then silent, then heavy, then nothing. It’s that pattern repeating itself, but whenever I look around there’s no one there.

In any way there is someone following me, and I know it. I can feel it. But just as soon as I see my apartment building I’m getting the hell out of here. This was definitely not my best choice, by far to wander the alleyway at night. Good going Araya, I think to myself.

I’m right by where I think my apartment is when the person that’s been stalking me the past mile jumps on me. Like literally jumps on me. They punch and kick me, the person’s wearing a black ski mask so I have no idea who it is, but something about the person is a little familiar, just the slightest, but I can’t place a finger on it.

I try to fight back but the persons, way too strong. And I can’t do anything about them beating me to death out here, at least that is until they hear someone else coming and they retreat. I’m slipping out of consciousness, and I can’t do anything about it. All I can do is listen to my heartbeat fall away, as my eyelids grow heavy and the grey smoke consumes me almost all the way.

Footsteps, then someone picking me up in their strong arms, and the face of someone that I know. But I’m too beat up now to try and figure out who it is, as my heart slows down and all too soon my vision goes black.

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