Everlasting: Book 1

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Chapter 18

Olive called and said she was going to get ice cream and if I wanted some. Of course I said yes.

“So, how’s your mint ice cream?” Olive asks me over a mouthful of her caramel ice cream.

“It’s really good. How about yours?” I ask her.





“E…” Let’s stop doing that.” Olive says laughing.

“But really is yours good?” I ask over laughter.

“Yeah. It’s delicious. Who doesn’t like ice cream?” She says.

“Lucas.” I answer with ice cream inside my mouth. She gasps, choking on her ice cream.

“What! Seriously?! Wait, how do you even know that?” She screams.

“We talk.” I say, spooning more ice cream into my mouth.

“So, what about Jaxon?” She asks.

“He’s great too.” I daydream.

“Ok. So your with both of them at the same time?”

“NO! Of course not. Do you really think I’d be such a bitch?” I ask.

“Well, we haven’t hung out in like forever, so I have no idea what to think anymore.” She teases.

“We hung out just last Tuesday.” I say playing along.

“Well ...uh.” She scrambles for a comeback.

“Roasted.” I say. Accidentally dropping my spoon on the floor. “Eh. My bad.” I say.

“Yeah, it’s going to stick to the wood floor.” She says, continuing to spoon ice cream into her mouth.

“Um, are you going to, you know, help me?!” I suggest.

“Eh, maybe we’ll see.” She says. I roll my eyes, and she groans and gets up to help me.

“You know it’s really nice to hang out with no drama.” She says. “Like Marcie’s been kind of like a drama queen this year. Talking about Joe all the time. You know, one of Jaxons friends. She wants him to like her, but doesn’t know if he’ll even talk to her.” She continues.

“Yeah, well Joe’s not really a social person. Or Jaxon or Peet.” I say.

“But they’ll talk to you.” Olive whines.

“Yeah, but...that’s different.” I tell her.

“Yeah, different how?” She challenges me.

“Different like none of ya business.” I say flicking her in the face with a dirty wipe.

“Uh uh. You didn’t.” She exclaims.

“Ye ye I did.” I smile.

“It’s on.” She says and we flick dirty towels at each other. The Ice Cream War! Olive calls it, and we both realize we have made a terrible mistake when we realize we have to clean up all this.

“Not it!” We both say, but we do it anyways because that’s what best friends do.

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