Everlasting: Book 1

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Chapter 2

I’m on the bus to school and already I feel like I shouldn’t have eaten the cereal and cut up banana I had this morning for breakfast. Jefferson High School doesn’t look sanitary. Like, AT ALL! It looks like someone decided to put a school in place of where a dump used to be and they didn’t clean it up. Gagging over the smell of rotten eggs, I jump out of the bus and start to class. My first period class is Psychology so it shouldn’t be so bad.

Going around a corner I smash head first into someone’s back.

“Ouch! Sorry, I’m new here don’t know ...” My words cut off as I look at who I just walked into. He’s tall, about 6 ft 1 showing a noticeable difference between my 5 ft 1 height. His sun blond hair making a great contrast with his light tan, and his muscles strong but not too big. With my completely average features of brown straight hair, tanned skin, and green eyes. I must have looked completely out of place.

“No, no, it’s my fault.” Tall guy says in a British accent. And I blush all over.

“Um, by any chance do you know where room 180C is?” I ask hopefully, knowing I won’t be able to get there myself anyways.

“Your new here?” He asks. Gesturing to the map in my hands. I nod. “I’ll walk you there.” He says already starting ahead of me.

“Thanks I really appreciate this.” I say, stumbling over my words.

“No problem, it’s a big school. I got lost on my first day. I went into the wrong classrooms for a week.” he says chuckling to himself.

“Really?” I ask, and he nods his head in memory.

“Anyways we’re here. As I said before, this is a big school so don’t go messing around with the wrong crowd.” he says, and then suddenly disappears. As in he was there one second gone the next with a gust of wind where he must have ran off to. Wow, he was fast. Looking behind me I step into my classroom, to find everyone staring at me. Some girls in the very back of the classroom start to whisper and then one of them comes up to me.

“What’s your deal. Like are you and Lucas Delacruz together or something?” She asks me. “And why have I never seen you around before?”

“Um, actually I’m new here.” I say. “And I just met that guy, I accidentally ran into him and he walked me to my class since I’m new.” I say annoyed by her interest.

“But Lucas doesn’t just walk anyone to their class, especially a new student. What makes you so special?” She says more to herself than to me.

“ I don’t know.” I say wondering aloud, at the same time that the bell rings for the start of class, and everyone takes their seats, leaving me standing alone with my thoughts.


It’s the end of first period class, and I have no idea where my next class is located. I really should have looked at the map and memorized it.

“Hey. Need help getting to class?” I turn around and almost gasp when I see his face. He’s just as beautiful as Lucas, except with darker features. He has charcoal hair red lips and pale skin. He’s a little bit taller than Lucas, maybe coming in at 6 ft 3 or 6 ft 4. His eyes look almost red in the light, but wait, it really does look red. Bright red!

“Um, yeah thanks.” I say, his eyes really starting to freak me out.

“New here?” He asks, striking up conversation immediately, which makes me less intimidated by his different looking features.

“Yeah, is it really that obvious?” I ask, feeling insecure about how everyone seems to know that.

“No, it’s just that I haven’t seen you around here before and I know everyone here.” He states.

“Oh, ok.” I say relieved there’s nothing about me unusual to anybody. “Um, my class is 130B.” I say confused about the letters and numbers going together to mark a classroom.

“Ok. My names Jaxon by the way. Jaxon Nieves” He says holding out a hand for me to shake.

“Araya. Araya Johnson.” I say back. He takes my hand in his.

“Well, it’s nice to meet you Araya.” He says, everything inside me goes weak and I can’t move, my eyes are paralyzed to Jaxon's face, and the thought of kissing him runs over my mind, and just as quickly as I was in my daze, I jump out of it.

I let Jaxon lead me to my next class, unable to shake the odd feeling that both Jaxon and Lucas both like me, and that there is something not right about both of them. Because with the amazing eyes and looks, no one can be that beautiful without a price.

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