Everlasting: Book 1

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Chapter 20

Jaxon and I left to track down Joe yesterday, I told my parents I was sleeping over at Olives, and she vouched for me, as I told her I needed a favor.

“So, where do you think Joe’s going to be?” I ask Jaxon.

“I don’t know. Not too far, but not too close to where you live. Probably got a new place kind of by where you live.” I look out the window at the sun going down, it was Afterlight, and Jaxon and I were going to catch Joe and make him pay for what he did to my brother, and the attacks on my mother and I.

“Stop!”I shout. Someone was in the middle of the road.

“It’s Joe.” Jaxon says, pulling over to the side of the road. Joe, was coming up to him. They met each other on the side of the road where the car is, and Jaxon confronted Joe about the attacks, as shown on Joe’s face.

He did the one thing he could do. He bolted. As fast as light itself, he left the ground running, and in a second I couldn’t see where he was.

“Don’t move.” Jaxon says to me, and then he disappears as fast as the speed of light too.

And then I’m alone,

But not really.

I can feel someone else with me.

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