Everlasting: Book 1

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Chapter 21

I know it’s Joe. He must have circled back when Jaxon started chasing after him. He’s with me in the car, so fast I didn’t hear him. I don’t turn around, I want him to think I don’t know if he’s here with me.

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t Ms. Jaxons girlfriend who thinks she’s so cool because she’s basically Bella from Twilight.” Joe speaks.

“Why are you doing this?” I ask him.

“Because. Your a threat.” he says laughing.

“But don’t you want your friend to be happy?” I keep my voice strong.

“Yes, but not with you.” he says.

“Why?” I sound strangely calm.

“Because your brother was always the vampire and werewolf expert. It was sickening, so I killed him, just like I’m gonna kill you.” Joe presses his lips to my neck and his fangs pop out, causing blood to gush down my neck, and to the floor. It’s so painful, as if I’m being stabbed with 10 knives all in one place.

I gasp and sputter for air but can’t reach any. I lift my hand up and try to punch Joe in the face, but it’s more like a soft tap. My blood is far too gone, for me to do anything but die.

My eyes slip close and I can feel the life being sucked from me. Time slips away, and I can feel myself being drifted away into beyond. I can her Jaxon's voice.

“Get off her.”

“Never!” Joe’s voice.

A push, a cry, and the sound of a pop.

Then I drift into death, the sooner it comes the less pain I’ll feel.

And I welcome it as the pain starts to soften and I start to see the familiar grey fog turning into the black nothingness of Beyond.

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