Everlasting: Book 1

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Chapter 3

Its second period Calculus, and I want to fall asleep so bad. but since I’m in the front row I would for sure be caught, I think to myself. And I don’t want my first impressions with my teachers to be that I was sleeping in their class on the first day.

I look around at the clock, and find the girl behind me has beat me to it. She must have been really tired I think, because she’s sleeping with her head straight down into her chewed gum. Lightly I tap her shoulder.

“Wake up. Your in class.” I say softly as the teacher has his back towards the class to right a problem on the board.

“Hmmm?! Is there a fire?” The girl asks. Clearly in a daze. She sits up peeling away the gum off her forehead and the fog clears out of her eyes.

“Jesus, are we in class?!” She whisper-shouts to me. I nod silently. “OMG! Thank you so much for waking me up. Mr. Hugo’s caught me way too many times sleeping in class. If he’d caught me this time I could have been suspended. My names Olive by the way. What’s yours?” She asks me.

“I’m Araya. And honestly, I’m so tired right now too. The first row sucks.”


The bell rings for lunch and the class bounds out the door, leaving behind Olive and I.

“Hey, do you want to sit with me at lunch?” She asks. “I mean you are new here right?”

“Yeah, I’m new. And sure about lunch.” I quickly learn that Olive has many friends, she’s a drifter, definitely popular but with no set group, as in she drifts from group to group as she pleases. I’m good with that, I mean I was never very popular but I also drifted with a couple of close friends. As I stand in line I see Lucas in the crowd, and not far behind him, Jaxon.

“Hey, Olive. Do you know Jaxon and Lucas?” I ask hoping she does so she can talk to me about them.

“Yeah, I know who they are. But no I’ve never had the guts to go up and actually talk to them. Why? Did they bump into you and not apologize. They do that to everyone, even all the popular girls. Rumors say that they haven’t talked to anyone except their really close friends. And no Lucas and Jaxon aren’t friends before you ask. From what I know they usually fight all the time. Physically.” Olive finishes. Stabbing her chicken nuggets with her fork. “Why do you ask?”

“Well, um they both talked to me today. At separate times. And they both seemed really nice.” I blurt out.

“What?! Really?!” Olive almost screams. “ What the, was it like they were flirting with you or something?”

“I mean they both walked me to my classroom, but I mean that’s not even flirting.” I say.

“Hell yeah it is!” Olive exclaims, jumping up from her seat. “I wonder if you started dating one, if I could have the other. I mean I’d probably pick Lucas because I’m 5 feet and he’s shorter than Jaxon, so at least I’d look taller than if I were with Jaxon.” She daydreams aloud. “Anyways, you need to go up and sweet talk to one of them. I’ll be watching the other’s reaction. I bet you could make every girl in school jealous. Go!’ She pushes me towards Lucas.

Cautiously, I walk up to Lucas and tap his back, He turns around, and smiles when he sees me.

“Hey. Araya is it?” He asks me.

“Um, yeah. How’d you know?” I ask, uncomfortable already seeing people start to whisper and look at us talking.

“I make it my business to know everyone who goes to this school.” he says, and something about the way he says it sends shivers down my spine, as if he knows all my secrets. I feel a tap on my shoulder and spin around craning my neck to see who just touched me.

“Hey.” Jaxon says awkwardly. One of his hands on his neck.

“Hey.” I say back. Now this just got real.

“Um, I’m just going to go.” Lucas motions to the other side of the cafeteria. I nod.

“So, hi.” I say trying to straighten up and look taller than I am.

“Listen Araya, I know it’s no right of mine to go and tell you who you should and shouldn’t be friends with, but Lucas isn’t right for you.” Jaxon starts,

“Um, yeah it isn’t your business, and Lucas seems like a really nice guy.” I say and try to push past him, but he grabs my hand. I yanked it free.

“Araya, listen to me. He’s bad, he’s not like anyone else. He’s different.” Jaxon says with force in his voice now.

“Well, maybe I like different.” I say, now angry. this is my life, not his. And he shouldn’t try and control it. “And your not the most normal guy here either.” I say turning the conversation onto him.

“I know. And after this conversation you should avoid me. I’m not right for you either. Just stay away from Lucas, and me too. We aren’t normal.” He ends the conversation, leaving me staring at his back while he leaves.

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