Everlasting: Book 1

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Chapter 4

I’m staring right at my history assignment, but all I’m thinking about is of Jaxon and Lucas. I mean, what right did Jaxon have of discussing my life to me, when I’d just met him today. I mean, he was practically a stranger. But something that he’d said had branded itself into my mind.

That Lucas and him were different. I mean what does that even mean. That their not human? That they have mental problems? Yeah, probably mental. But still, something about the way they both acted didn’t seem mental. It seemed more, possessive? Guarded? I don’t know how to describe it, but just off.

Closing my History textbook, I take a deep breath, and turn off my lamp. Closing my eyes, I try and imagine my home back in Vermont. My safe place, my home. 10 minutes pass and I’m still awake. Maybe I should take some advil, besides my head seems like it’s pounding outside of my head. Peeling the sheets off my sweaty body, I quietly walk to the bathroom. It’s across the hall, since I don’t have my own bathroom connected to my room.

I fill a glass with water and reach for the advil in the medicine cabinet. Quickly i swallow the advil and gulped down the water until there’s none left. Rubbing my temples I look into the mirror at myself, I look exhausted. One day and I’m already beat. My eyes wander around the room, and look at the clock on the other wall. It’s Midnight. At least my parents are sleeping soundly, I think to myself as I trudge back to my room.

Suddenly, I get the feeling that I’m not alone. Quickly I whirl around, just in time to see a shadow flee down the stairs and a pair of red eyes gleam back at me. Something about them seem very familiar. I bound down the stairs after the person, but he’s already gone. I assume it’s a he because of the tall and muscular build of the person. Not knowing why I start to slip into sleep, slowly and then all at once. Awareness turning into a type of sleepy fog, until the fog pulls me under and I get surrounded by it, as I fall into a deep sleep right there at the front door.


I wake up suddenly. Not aware of where I am. But suddenly remembering the events of last night. And the mysterious stranger who was in my house. Was that person a robber unaware that there were still people in the apartment, or was that person someone that I knew? Pulling myself up off the floor, I quickly jog up to my room and get changed into a T shirt and jeans, that were in a pile on the floor.

I’m taking the bus so I can’t be late. Running out the door with a granola bar, I ran smack into Lucas.

“What the hell?!” I shout, startled. Lucas steadies me with his strong arms.

“You ok?” he asks me. Sounding ready to laugh.

“Yeah, I’m fine. But would you explain why your here, and how the hell you know where I live.” I whisper shout to him.

“I live in the neighborhood, and I was bringing cookies over to the people who just moved in. Apparently it’s you.” he says kindly.

“Oh. Well, thank you.” I say, taken aback. “Sorry.” I add.

“It’s fine. But while I’m here, can I ask you something?” he asks.

“Uh, sure?” I say afraid of the question.

“What did Jaxon say to you yesterday?” He asks me suspiciously. So he had something to hide? Well, I was going to find out what.

“Why? Is there a feud with the two of you or something?” I ask, questioningly.

“Yeah, kind of.” He admits warily.

“Ok, he said that the two of you were “different,” and that I shouldn’t hang out with you.” I use quotations with my hands on the word different. His face goes pale, and he looks me in the eyes, shaken.

“He said that we were different?” He asks me seriously.

“Yeah. Why?” I asked getting scared myself.

“What were his exact words?” Lucas asks me, his voice low. This could be my chance to test a theory I’d been fabricating last night.

“He said that you guys weren’t human.” I say, my words coming out before I could stop them. But the look on his face told me I’d been right to put that guess on my list. But how could they not be human? It was a ridiculous thought. Maybe it was a code or deciphering thing? Oooh, maybe a password.

“He said that?” Lucas asks incredulous.

“Yeah. The guys psycho.” I add.

“Yeah, he is crazy.” Lucas agrees with me. Then without another word, he runs off into the distance, becoming a small fleck on the horizon until he’s gone.

My only question is that if he lives in the neighborhood, why did he run off past there, and why did he react so weird to me suggesting that Jaxon and him weren’t human?

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