Everlasting: Book 1

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Chapter 5

I know it’s Jaxon even before I turn around.

“So, you figured it out.” He says, his red eyes staring into mine. Wait a second. Red, red eyes. The red eyes last night!

“You broke into my house last night!” I shout. Realizing his hand is covering my mouth, I bite him but no blood comes out.

“Did that even hurt you?” I say in disbelief.

“Nope.” he says without a hint of emotion in his voice.

“Wait, so I was right? You broke into my house? Why? And how? And while your at it would you explain to me why you aren’t “Human?””

“Ok, but you have to believe me.” he says. Rolling my eyes, I nod.

“Fine. But you have to swear to tell the truth.” I say watching his expression change into a smile.

“That’s so childish.” He smirks.

“Well, then I guess the police will be the judge of that.” I say turning away from him.

“Ok, fine. I swear to tell the truth on behalf of my life.” He says, and I turned around to him holding one of his hands up in pledge. I can’t help it, I laugh.

“Ok. Now will you listen to me explain?” He says tight lipped.

“Yes, go ahead.” I gesture with my hand.

“I broke into your house easily. It was like an instinct, all I had to do was break the door. The next part was to observe you. For reasons I can’t say why. And lastly, I’m not human and neither is Lucas, but unless you can guess what I am, I can’t tell you anything.” He says licking his lips, and watching my expressions change from, shocked, horrified, to disbelieving and back again.

“You really think I’d fall for that?” I say laughing. “Do you think I’m 10?”

“You said you’d believe me.” He points out.

“Yeah, I also said you had to tell the truth.” I say and I walk away laughing.

This time he doesn’t stop me.

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