Everlasting: Book 1

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Chapter 6

At home, I decided to check my computer. I look up Mythical Creatures A-Z until I find some creatures that might make more sense than others. I just wanted to get informed about what they knew, I didn’t believe a word they said.




S-Siren (Spirit)?

Nothing made sense. I mean to break a door lock Jaxon had to be strong, like supernaturally strong, and the red eyes counted for something. And how Jaxon and Lucas looked so handsome. That couldn’t just be a coincidence. I mean there’s nothing human about the way they carry themselves. Even the way they talk sounds different to me, now that I look at it through a different lens.


I decided to drive to school today. Since my parents bought me my own car, as a present when we moved here. But even though I had a car they said I should take the bus to make friends and meet new people. I told my parents I was taking the car and they said they’s let the bus driver know.

Since Jaxon also takes the bus, and I didn’t want to see either of the crazies today. I’m pretty sure I know how to get to school. One more right and then a lot more driving and then a left, and I’d pull into the school’s parking lot. The sterio’s turned up to maximum volume and I’m singing along to the song. Suddenly, I see a wolf running beside me. What the hell?! This is Los Angeles. Sure the part where I live has trees and stony type hills but, still no Wolves!!!

And then I’m looking ahead, and I see Jaxon standing in the middle of the road. He takes the hit full on. I open the drivers door and screech to a stop. Rushing to the front of the car, I look down expecting to see his bloody body on the road. Instead, I see fist prints dented into the hood of the shiny new Silver Honda my parents had gotten me. But one thing that scared the shit out of me. And it was that Jaxon wasn’t lying dead. He wasn’t even there. I had hit him and somewhere in the time of panic and getting out of the car, he had just left.

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