Everlasting: Book 1

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Chapter 8

I’d planned to walk right up to Jaxon and say right then and there, that I knew what he was. But seeing him, was hard. Let alone, telling him what I knew! What if I was right about everything? I was still having trouble convincing myself he wasn’t human. But being either a vampire or a werewolf...that was too much.

I didn’t have to wait too long though. My energy get’s the best of me, and I march up to Jaxon confidently,

“I know what you are.” I say, with a shaky whisper of voice. He smiles, challenging me

“I’m listening. He says, crossing his arm’s across his broad chest. Is that an 8 pack? Quickly, I snap out of my daze, and make eye contact.

“Well, you could be one of 2 things.” I say. showing him a count of 2 fingers, and putting one down with each of my answers. “Vampire, or werewolf.” I say, and the look on his face say’s everything. I got it right.

“Which one do you think I am?” He asks, clearing his throat deeply.

“Hmmm. Vampire.” I nod. It just comes out, like breathing, and as I say it, I know I’m right, He smiles sadly.

“Correct.” He breathes.


Lucas is harder. He’s trickier to talk to ever since I guessed that he wasn’t human.

“Lucas, I know what you are.” I confront him, after school in the hallway.

“Have at it.” He says, smirking. He thought I had it wrong. Ha! I’d show him.

“Your a werewolf, aren’t you?” I smile, the answer presenting itself to me automatically. That’s why Jaxon and Lucas don’t like each other! Because, as Lucy’d been telling me since Middle School, vampires and werwolves no matter pretty much what, could never get along. His smile dissapear's, and he look’s like he just ate too many sour patch kid’s all at once.

“I know I’m right. No need to say anything.” I smile again, and then I head towards my car. Silently vowing, never to drive myself to school again.

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