The Billionaire's Song

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Amaya Walsh had it all. She was a self-made billionaire and one of the most powerful women. She could get any man that she wanted but she was single but not searching and it was a well known fact that she didn't do relationships..until that all changed when she met the most unlikely person in the most unlikely place..only problem was he only did relationships. **I do not own the rights to the cover photo* Copyright © caramel -cherries. All Rights Reserved

Romance / Drama
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“Welcome back to The Hot Seat! I am your host Martin Hugo. We would like to thank our previous guest, Amaya Walsh for coming through and giving everyone in the studio audience gift bags, exclusively from House of Maya-to the value of a thousand dollars each- to take home with you tonight. Isn’t she something? Please give it up for her one more time.”

Applause and cheering ensued and I found myself clapping too. Amaya Walsh was a phenomenal woman that everyone admired, myself included. The stage was surrounded by multi-tiered retractable seats with stairs going up to different entry points of the studio. The host was sitting on the edge of a single-seater leather sofa and a red double-seater couch was waiting for me. I was going to get put on the spot tonight!

“Tonight we have another special guest. That you all know and love. I’ve been well informed he has the worst crush on Amaya Walsh. He is all the way from LA, California. Multi-talented mega-star. With an endless list of accolades: outstanding actor, director, musician, and producer-multi-platinum artist-he is music’s golden child, voted the sexiest man alive for three consecutive years in a row- please help me welcome the man of the moment: Kyle Kinley!!!”

The crowd went wild as I strode out from the wings. The ladies screamed hysterically, you would have thought there was a riot that just broke out. The walls vibrated from the hoots and shouts coming from the guys in the crowd. It took a couple of minutes for them to finally quiet down. No matter how many times I experienced this overwhelming affection from my fans, I could never get used to it.

“Thank you all so much. I can feel the love. I love you all,” I smiled and waved at the audience.

“Take your shirt off!” A female voice shouted from the audience and more women seemed to echo her bold demand.

“Take the shirt off, Kyle,” Martin crinkled his green eyes that were probably the main reason watched his show. “You should know the drill by now.”

“Your wish is my command,” I gave a throaty chuckle, shrugged, and pulled my white t-shirt over my head, throwing it into the crowd.

The audience went into a frenzy once again. I heard wolf-whistles and screams as Martin Hugo ushered me to the imposing couch that was placed in the middle of the stage. When everyone had quieted down Martin Hugo welcomed me to the show yet again.

“Kyle, welcome. With your hectic schedule, we’re so grateful that you could make it.”

“It’s a pleasure to be here.”

“We all know that this has been your year. Year after year, you have excelled in everything you did. Your album went double-platinum, your movie broke box office records, and you’ve won almost every significant music award. So let’s dive straight to the burning question everyone is dying to know: Are you still Hollywood’s most coveted bachelor? Do all the burning hearts of both young and old, single and married women alike-dare they hope that you’re still single and ready to mingle??” Martin leaned forward in eager anticipation, his face tense.

“Yes,” I nodded, my voice laced with laughter. “I am.”

All the burning hearts screamed with excitement. Seems like there was a lot of potential out there.
“So there’s no special lady out there. Waiting in the wings? Somewhere?”

“No-not yet anyway,” I answered with laughter that floated up to my throat.

“Tell us about your woman crush?” The host’s forest-green eyes twinkled. “Word of the street is you have a crush on Kerry Washington?”

“No doubt I’m not the only one.”

“We also heard you have been crushing on Amaya Walsh ever since you ran into her at a fashion benefit in Paris.”

“Yes!” I didn’t bother to deny it. Not caring if she was watching or would somehow get wind of it. “I have the hugest crush on Amaya! Gosh! It’s bad!” I lowered my gaze and fought back a blush. “But who can blame me? She’s hotter than a summer day in California!”

Loud shrill whistles pierced the air as the guys agreed with me.

“Is that the only reason you’re attracted to her?”

“No,” I replied with a smile. “Not only is she smoking hot but she’s intelligent, really down to earth and...did I mention what a stunner she is? We’d make some really cute babies, don’t you think?”

“Oh, I don’t doubt that for a moment!” His laughter was deep and boisterous. “Have you made your intentions known?”

“No..I tried to... but she doesn’t even notice me.”

“Well, you might be in luck tonight. We’re going to try and bring her out again- Backstage please check if she is still around?”

“Are you trying to play match-maker, Hugo?” I looked around anxiously, my heart pounding. I wasn’t ready to shoot my shot just yet.

“Noo-I’m just helping out a friend. Are you nervous?” Martin raised an eyebrow.

“Kind of..” I gave a nervous laugh to affirm.

“Well, I have it on good authority that she kind of has a crush on you too. Well it was a tie between you and Theo James or Henry Cavill.”

“Well, then may the best man win,” I said.

“Well, unfortunately... Amaya Walsh has left the building.”

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