Vampires And Vampires Hunters

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Meet Katerina, the perfect vampire Hunter little daughter. She will do anything to keep her parents happy. But she has a little secret, a part of herself she choses to keep hidden from them.. Now meet Haydon, devilishly handsome, ruthless and cruel. He is the son of the most wealthy and infamous vampire mafia godfather. He is an absolute monster, with only destruction on his mind. So what happens when Mr Bad Boy Vampire and Miss Stickler for the rules Hunter meet? Will there worlds be kept separate, or will they collide and cause chaos and chaotic destruction... especially with the strange feelings they feel when close to each other.

Romance / Drama
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The Hunters

Vampires and Vampire Hunters

By TJCharms

The Hunters

The forest floor that was just a few miles from the city was covered in sweet scented flowers which burst with their sweet aroma each time a stepped on them. The night air was warm and the moon shone brightly as it peaked through the branches of the sweet smelling blossom trees. Spring was here.

I heard the rustle of leaves. My ears honed in on the seemingly innocent sound... and then I smelt the scent of it. The vampire who had been stalking me the entire walk home, completely unaware that I was aware of it.

I had been at my friend’s house when I first saw him. He looked at me from afar. Stalking me. Mentally marking me as his prey. To him, I was possibly a challenge, a sport. The unsuspecting teenage hunter roaming around unprotected. But I wasn’t. I reached behind me and pulled an axe from a secret pocket hidden in my clothes. It was light. Light and comfortable. I loved my signature weapon which had a thick, sharp blade made of pure diamonds. The handle was made of pure silver and had a skull carved into it. It shone brilliantly in the moonlight that shone from between the leaves of the trees. “Pretty little thing aren’t you dear?” He slurred. His voice would be pleasing if I weren’t immune to it. He stumbled out of the darkness, into the pale moonlight. He was, from what I could see, beautiful. He had thick, dark black hair which hung messily in his face and eyes the colour of gold which peered through his silky strands of hair. His sharp white fangs shone brilliantly in the light. He looked about eighteen. He could have been one hundred. Vampires aged up to a certain point. Maximum was about late twenties and the minimum was seventeen. They never aged after that...ever.

There was, however, something familiar about this vampire. I knew I’d seen him before. I just... Could not quite place him. The dim forest wasn’t helping much.

“Do I know you?” I asked.

" ...I don’t k-know...” he slurred and then stumble forward again.

I was nervous. I had never taken down an intoxicated vampire in unfamiliar surroundings before. I knew how normal vampires acted and reacted... But drunk was foreign to me.

I lunged for him, catching him off guard, but he was extremely fast and I tripped and fell. He jumped on top of me, inspecting my face. Shoot... Speed was always my strength... But I guess drunk vampires were too unpredictable for me to rely on such strengths.

“What’s your name lovie...?” He asked as if I was a child. I could still smell the thick, lingering scent of alcohol on his breath. But I refused to look up at him. My heart was raging and I could hear it thumping loudly in my eardrums... Hell, I could feel the blood pumping through my every vein. It was not like me to be so nervous. To be so... Scared when battling a vampire. But there was something about those red eyes which glowed and pulsed dangerously that had my skin crawling.

" Katerina, Katerina Drackon.” I said without a second thought. I was too scared to keep my mouth shut with him so close to me. I had trained myself to death for combat... But he had the upper hand. In situations like these, I knew I had to be careful, calculated.

He looked at me as if I was his little toy. Then he moved his lips, revealing his long fangs. And that is when I ticked... Immediately the hunter in me woke up and I was tearing him to shreds. I don’t recall what happened, all I remember was how red the blood that was leaking from his wounds was, how every inch of me wanted to destroy, tear apart, rip... Until nothing was left. It was only when he groaned and cried in agony... Crying out a mumbled name with such torment that I had to stop. I couldn’t be a monster like him. I was better than that.

I slung the bloody creature effortlessly over my shoulder. He was heavy, but we were used to the heaviness. Hunters were definitely not human...we were more supernatural than anything and with the extra practice I got from... Never mind, it’s not important... I felt as though I was carrying a bag of flour.

I walked down the dirty and almost deserted streets to my house- scratch that, I was trying to be modest, my house was practically a mansion. There was an enormous gate protecting our property. The garden was amazing. Greenery pouring through every inch. The hedges were moulded into vampires and hunters. I loved the pure artistic feel it gave our garden. The huge house was painted a pale blue. There was a pool behind the house. An enormous pool. I walked into the living room, practically tiptoeing and praying that my mother was not up!

“Young lady what is that over your shoulder?” I froze hearing my mother’s chilling voice. Damn it!

I dropped the body quickly as my mother turned to face me. She looked at me, then at the body and immediately her eyes grew wide.

“You just ‘kidnapped’ Jeremy Giovanni! Our neighbour!” She yelled making her face a red colour.


I looked down and finally put the name to the face. Gosh, I was in trouble.

" Well I wouldn’t call it kidnapping...“I said shyly. Her face became even more red and I could swear there was steam pouring from her ears.

This ladies and gentlemen, is how you get yourself into trouble.

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