Mind of Freeman.

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"What's the kid talking about?" Wayne's greeting made Allie see his entitlement. She'd always known he was kind of a spoiled kid, but never imagined he'd be a pebble in her shoe. "First of all, what are you doing here?" Allie lifted her palm at him. The other guarded the envelope pressed against her chest.
"I came to fix us." He took a step closer to her, then put his head down. "And to beg for your forgiveness."
Kathy stood beside Allie and jerked her head side to side. Her face was twisted with a wrinkled nose.
"Is everything okay?" CJ walked behind Wayne.
The accountant was just an inch taller than the janitor. Wayne turned 90 degrees and lowered his eyebrows.
"You seriously invited him to your family dinner? Really? This guy?" He pointed at CJ with an upside down thumb.
"Wayne," Allie said in a firm voice.
"I've never been invited to any of your family dinners. Then this guy shows up —the janitor— and out of nowhere, he's your plus one." Wayne turned back to CJ. "How are you planning on sucking her money, huh?"
"I don't know Wayne. Seems to me like the leech here is you. Last time I saw you I had to beat you off of her."
"What does that mean?" No one had noticed both kids were behind the kitchen island.
Kathy hurried behind them and herded them out of the kitchen.
"They're talking about a mahjong match they played the other night."
The men waited until the children's footsteps faded upstairs. CJ's instinct wanted to kick Wayne out of the house, but he couldn't do it. He hadn't asked Allie to be his girlfriend and he didn't know how solid her feelings were.
"Were you cheating on me with him? Is that why you left me?" Wayne addressed Allie.
"I was not." The girl raised her voice although what Wayne said made her feel ashamed about that first kiss with CJ, and all the other times she lusted over him while having a boyfriend. "And I should remind you that I broke up with you because you're a dickhead, which is the nicest word I could find."
Wayne stepped near her and reached for her arm with puppy eyes.
"Please, leave." Allie turned her torso.
"Baby." Wayne attempted to cup her cheek.
"Hey, she asked you to leave." CJ slapped his hand back down.
The ex-boyfriend stared down his hand as if the janitor had turned it impure. His brow ridge met with the tip of his nose. His neck and arm muscles flexed and he buried his fist on CJ's left cheek bone.
CJ propelled back onto the breakfast table and tipped over a bread basket. He soon bounced back up and shoved Wayne against the kitchen island.
"Stop it," Allie hauled his torso away from Wayne.
"He's crazy," Wayne composed his pure white shirt, which might have been the only color of shirt he owned. He looked like he was about to cry after finding a loose button. His first thought was making CJ pay for it but he knew it would make him sound ridiculous.
"Why are you holding me back?" CJ addressed Allie. "He's the one who started it."
"You slapped his hand?" Said Allie.
"He tried to touch you. Are you on his side now?" He pointed at Wayne while he pressed under his eye with the other hand.
"Stop." Allie ignored CJ and turned to her ex-boyfriend. "You and me, outside."

Wayne followed Allie into the backyard after giving CJ a small smirk. CJ shut his fists, making his own blood boil.
The wind was starting to pick up, but outside seemed better than inside. At least, out in the cold, Allie wasn't worried that somebody was going to die. She was glad snow wasn't a big fan of Texas. She glanced at the envelope, still in her hand. That made her want to speed up the conversation.
"Baby, please, forgive me." Wayne gave her a tight hug over her arms.
"Wayne," Allie sighed, letting the embrace happen.
"I shouldn't have been upset. It was too soon to ask you to marry me. I'm so so so so sorry. Please, forgive me."
He begged so many times she rolled her eyes.
"Okay, okay," she escaped from suffocation. "I forgive you, but that doesn't mean—"
Before she could finish the sentence, Wayne planted a long wet kiss on her mouth.
"Wwyn—," between the air blowing her hair into her nose and his smooching, she was suffocating. Then she held his jaw, pushed it back, and freed her lips. Before she organized her thoughts, she noticed CJ stomping toward the backyard gate.
"CJ," she scurried after him.
"You forgave him. I get it. I'll save you the words," he lifted the fence latch and exited into the street.
His jealousy was apparent to Wayne, who was convinced Allie was cheating on him.
"So it's true. You got into bed with him." Wayne's eyes became smaller as a trench formed in his forehead.
Allie didn't care for what he thought of her anymore. Dean was more important. She hugged the envelope to her chest and finished ripping its side with shaking fingers. Her thumb and index felt the smooth black print that was inside when Wayne yanked it out of her hands.
"Look at me when I'm talking to you!" He screamed and threw the DNA results into the air.
"No." The girl's arms scuffled with the wind to no avail. The envelope flew out of their view.
"How long did you think you could hide this from me?" Wayne beat his own chest.
Allie's facial muscles contracted in a way she'd never thought was possible. The soles of her shoes merged with the grass beneath them while every cell in her body turned black with hate.
"Shut up!" She held him by the shoulder and kneed him on the testicles. As he bent over in pain, she punched him on the nose, and kicked his jaw onto the ground.
She wanted to do more, but her love for Dean was greater than her hate for Wayne. So she turned to the large backyard and started scavenging around the bushes.
Two soft hands touched her back. Allie was about to elbow the person, thinking it was the annoying troll, when she saw Kathy.
"Go! Go after him. I'll find the results."
Allie nodded and ran through the back gate.
"Agh, I need to throw up." Wayne held on to his groin.
Kathy turned, kicked him on the leg, then dived into the bushes.

She lied, just like Erin. All those gifts she showered me with were part of the plan to turn me into her puppet. Clyde Jacobson is the biggest idiot that's ever existed. Women like to complain that men are assholes, but maybe that's because the girls that came before them paved their way into hell by turning us into devils.
CJ sauntered down the street with a clouded vision. His brain wanted his body to thunder out of the Earth, but he didn't want to fight. Allie had betrayed him just as he should have predicted. He wished he kept some of the things she had bought him, like the fur blanket, so that he could sleep better if he found a place to sleep on the street. It was better this way, however. He was glad she hadn't paid for his medical bills yet. He didn't owe her, except for the clothes he was wearing.
As his thoughts scrambled, the wind blew an envelope against his leg. Annoyed, he tried to shake it off and became disappointing that he would have to use his hand. He grunted, pulled off the paper, and aimed his arm up to the side. Before letting it fly, he read the name Katherine Freeman.
He did like Kathy. She'd only been nice to him and she wasn't at fault for Allie's manipulation. The mail seemed half opened, as if she had tried to read the letter, but got distracted. Perhaps, he could return it back to her another day. He folded the envelope in half and put it in his pants' pocket.
"Wait!" Allie panted behind him. There was sweat on her forehead despite the cold air.
"Go live your life, Ms. March," he kept walking.
"No, you can't leave me again," she held his arm. "My heart won't be able to take it."
"Do you hear what comes out of your mouth?" He couldn't believe the lies she would say just to trick him into staying. "It's so clear that you just wanna use me. I wouldn't doubt if you were using Wayne, too."
There was sharp pain in Allie's chest.
"No, I said I forgave him just to get rid of him but I don't wanna get back with him. He kissed me."
"Please, just a few days ago you were crying about your dead boyfriend. If you were ever capable of loving any man, that died with him."
Allie didn't sob although teardrops left her jaw faster. She straightened her back and saw her reflection in his eyes.
"You are wrong about my intentions, but you are right about one thing: I will never be able to love another man the way I love Dean. That's why I can't stop fighting for you."
CJ's eyes were wide opened. He wondered why she had chosen someone like him to manipulate since he didn't have anything to offer. But it was all clear to him.
"You chose me because I look like him. You were going to turn me into him. You're not just a manipulator, you're insane."
"Yes, but I don't need to manipulate you into being him because you are him. Your name is not Clyde Jacobson, it's Dean Freeman, and you are the love of my life."
"Get away from me." CJ flapped Allie's hands off his body. "I might not have money or power but I have rights and if I call the police—"
"Please, Dean, don't push me away. I know you're confused."
"Don't call me that!" He yelled while walking away from her.
"The DNA test will prove it." She walked behind him.
"I'm not getting my blood drawn to feed your dementia."
"No. It's already done. Kathy took some of your hair to a lab."
That made him stop in his tracks again.
"We got the results today," she continued.
"Where are they?"
"I, I, I, don't have them. I was gonna open them in the kitchen but Wayne got hold of the envelope and threw it away before I could see them."
"Then how the hell do you know if I am who you think I am?"
"Because I just know. Because I can feel it. Because I don't want to lose you again. I just need to find that envelope."
CJ frowned and reached into his pocket. He read the name on the envelope again and pulled out the letter inside it.
Allie gasped, recognizing the piece of paper.
He stood there in silence for a while. The wind made the fabric of his shirt undulate but he never moved a muscle. His eyes reached the bottom of the page.
The girl's heart beat faster than the speed of light. Her chest was going to explode. She hadn't read the result and he was the only one who knew the truth.
"Allie?" Kathy called from the distance.
CJ turned the paper into a ball and held it tightly inside his fist. He looked at Allie then at Kathy and ran down the street.

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