Leave Out All The Rest

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The first book to the Land of Immortals Series! With the recent awakening of Lilth, life has changed for the citizens of Toronto, unbeknownst to those who are mortal. Beings of Myth & Legends are awakening, some good and some that are evil. These beings tend to act indifferent, but you never know if one is around for personal gain, some are for fun but all are here for pleasure. There is always a group who are out for Lilth and her kind as a new world awakens with each setting of the sun. A new adventure awaits and nothing will ever be the same again.

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I wish to thank my family for encouraging me in this new adventure and for being the source of strength through some trying times.

I would especially like to thank Tina Cline, without her help, Land of Immortals would have never started or become the world I wanted to write about.

I also like to thank my Game of Sultans Union, Valkyries (NA Server 56) for the laughs, the escape, and the push to write this instead of playing every waking minute.

To My Cheerleaders Mark, Lori, Theresa & Lily, You guys are what makes this possible for me!!

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