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Sofia and Sam Two best friends... . Love...sex...wild days.. There the lesbian couples everyone wants to be. My first ever story!! It's very cringy and cheesy but lots of dirtyness tho!!! (lesbian book so plz don't read if you don't like these.)

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

"Okay this one?" Sofia says lifting up a black crop tank that looked like a tube top.

"No to short." I shoo my hand signaling her to get a different shirt. Is it just me or every year the shirts and shorts get shorter. I watch Grey's on her tv in her room, if I wasn't gay I would probably marry Mc dreamy like come on the hair.

"Okay fine how about this one." Sofia rasies a red top that was long sleeve but had a deep V neck. Nope.

"Nice try next."

"Sam! Come on it's not that bad I ask you to help me not treat me like a child." Sofia huffed making me laugh.


I continue to laugh till my eyes were red and teary Sofia always had a temper and I being her best friend like to get on her nerves alot.

"Fine go I don't need you to help I'll wear anything I want. And you can't tell me not too."

I stop laughing an looked at her, she has a smirk on her face of pure evil.



"No, the clothes you have aren't even clothes there pieces of cloth, it what a stripper wears." I say getting up from the floor. Somehow I fell because of laughing so hard.

"So you think I dress like a slut." She said her hands on her hips, she was staring right at me.

"What no.. Sofia you aren't a slut or dress like one but come on babygirl your clothes are becoming what a stripper wardrobe looks like."

"Okay I get it." She says

"You do?" I ask .

I don't like we're this is going.

"Yeah but you know what." Sofia walks towards me making me step back a little.

My heart beat racing my cheeks turing red. God she was so close to me, all I wasn't to do is grab her and ki...

"Sam?" I open my eyes, sofia is smiling and trying to keep in a laugh, my cheeks turn red from blushing so hard, finally Sofia breaks and laughs makings look down at me feet. God damn it sam get it together.

"I'll wait outside just get dressed fast." I say walking out the door to her room, the air in the overly large room was like a hot summer day, my cheeks red has a beat. Once I walk to my car thats parked in her drive way I immediately turn in the AC. Ohh thats nice yes cold air.. nice cold air... Ye Sam you like cold air... Sam is okay..

If your wondering, Sam why are you talking to yourself in 3rd person well I seen it on Rett and link on YouTube and it helps you clam down, and I decided that why not give it a shot and it works.

Shortly after Sofia come out ready and dressed, a red crop tank top that end ls just above her belly button, with a pair of tight black skinny jeans and paired it with wedges. Her makeup in point but not to much just a perfect amount,The blonde curls falling down her shoulders and back.

Man what would it fell like to fist tha..


Opening the car Sofia got in just has I turned on my 1980 dodge truck, it a oldly but works like a beauty.

"Okay so we going to the bar first then Chris party. " Sofia tell me, this weekend was suppose to be movie night for us but apparently Sofias friends from school decided to be assholes and ask her to go to the bar with them , Sofia being the girl she is said yes and ran up the stairs, I didn't even get a chance to tell her no but she told the girls I would also come.

So here me are driving to the bar first, I hate drinking and never do but my bestfriend can't hold down a shot of vodka before she starts dancing on the bar tables so I being the bestfriend joins and helps bring home the drunken.


"Ohhh and when we go to Chris place I'll be staying."

The truck stop to a halt making both of us get pushed forwards.

"Like hell you are."I say looking at her.

"Oh Sam I'm not a kid anymore I'm 18 I can do whatever I want and I'm staying. The girls and I will be in the guest room it not big deal." She says like it not a big deal but ohh it is.

"I don't care if you 18 Sofia your not staying I told your dad I'll bring you back in one piece and home safely."

"Oh screw that you can't keep making decisions for me Sam I'm a adult now and I can do whatever I want." She said crossing her arms.

I stare at her my brain overthink of all the possible bad scenarios.

"If you staying the i am too." I said smirking. Two can play Sofie-girl.

Sofia didn't say anything after that so I start up the truck agian and drive towards the bar.

Never I thought this night turn into something more then a dream, but more like a fantasy This night changed everything.

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