Alpha Kane

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What if you lived in a world overrun by werewolf's, and every year all the female humans over the age of 20 were forced to go on a bus and be shown to all the un-mated males of each pack? That was Bella's fate, and she happens to be picked by the ruthless Alpha Kane who was ten years older than her. Read to find out what happens once Bella and Kane meet. Will they learn to love each other? Or will Bella be trapped in an unloving relationship forever?

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Chapter 1: The Picking

I woke up to the sounds of trucks. It was the sound that most dreaded each year. I looked at my phone and could not believe I have forgotten that today was picking day.

Years ago the world had been taken over by werewolves. There were no longer cities, but different packs ruled by Alphas. There were strict laws in place, and the only religion we could practice is the Moon Goddess.

There had been countless battles, and finally, all the humans in a pack were segregated to a small part of town. Soon enough we found out that the only reason that humans were still part of the pack because the women could potentially be a werewolf’s mate. In werewolf culture, mates were what werewolf’s considered soul mates, their other half.

At the age of 20, a werewolf would be able to pick up the scent of his mate. Once a year each pack sends all women 20 and up who have not found their mate to different packs, with the hopes that they would come across their mate.

There were six packs, and each was known for having a certain attribute. I was part of the Golden Moon pack, which was known for having bright green eyes and golden hair we were known for having all the artist and designers.

Next to my pack, there was the Red Rock pack, which was known for being really smart and having the best trackers.

Next to the Red Rock pack was the Blue Moon pack which was known for having fun attitudes, and throwing the best parties.

Next was the Green Mountain, which had fertile lands and they grew most of the food we ate.

Next was the Black sun which was known for being religious and praying to the moon goddess, they were also very serious.

Finally, the Midnight Rouge pack which was known for having the best vicious fighter, and for being the place where all rouges came together.

Each pack had an alliance with another Gold Moon with Red Rock, Blue Moon with Green Mountain, and finally Black Sun with Midnight Rouge.

The sounds of the trucks coming closer brought me out of my daze. I had just turned 20 a month ago, and it was my turn to go this year. I lived with just my Dad who was human, a year after I was born my mother turned 20 and was forced to go on the “mate tour”. Her true mate had found her and she left with him, leaving my Dad to take care of me which lead to him resenting me. We barely talked and I took care of myself.

I quickly threw some clothing and toiletries with me leaving everything not essential behind. If we were claimed by someone we would move in with them immediately. I quickly threw on a pair of leggings, a sweatshirt, and some sneakers. I went downstairs and saw my father in the kitchen, drinking coffee.

“I am leaving,” I said to him, hoping for some words of encouragement or even a hug goodbye.

“Make sure to grab all of your stuff I don’t ever want to see your face again,” he said and I felt like I had been slapped. I held back tears and I grabbed my stuff and walked outside. I walked next door where my best friend Lucy lived.

“Bella!” She screamed to me giving me a hug the look of fear in her eyes mimicking mine.

“Lucy!” I said quietly making sure to keep hold of my duffel bag while hugging her.

We have been friends since we were young, she was the more outspoken one out of the two of us, but I didn’t mind I let her do all of the talking.

We were about to keep talking when we heard the truck pull into our lot. We live in the middle of the forest and our houses were pretty hidden. I finally saw the truck and it was a huge silver truck that looked like the trucks used in the army.

The man driving it hopped out and he was clearly a werewolf by the fact that he towered over my 5′9 figure by at least afoot. I have seen him around before, and believe he was a protector from my pack. He opened up the back of the truck and inside sat eight rows of two seats, all but two were filled by girls from my pack.

We silently filed in, and we knew it would be a thirty-minute ride until our first stop at Red Rock. How this worked was each pack would bring the trucks around to every single pack and once they parked they would open up the doors, and every un-mated male in ranking order would come to the truck and try to sniff and see if they smelled their mate. If they found them they would take them back to their home.

Once we reached the first stop, we were first greeted by the Alpha Jason, and his mate Luna Lilly they gave us small smiles and stepped aside. Next came all of the un-mated wolves. Out of the 16 of us, six had been claimed by males, which was what most girls hoped for because out packs were allies and right next door,

The next stop was an hour away and was the Blue Moon pack. The girls were restless because apparently this packs Alpha was un-mated and extremely attractive.

“Bella, could you imagine being an Alpha’s mate?” Lucy asked nervously.

I thought about it for a few moments, then shook my head no. I couldn’t imagine it. Alphas were naturally possessive and protective mates. They couldn’t help it because they needed to be in control. Actually most male mates were controlling, but Alpha’s senses were heightened so it was worse for them.

As the doors opened, we were greeted by Alpha Kyle, he gave us all a grin which made his blue eyes twinkle and his light brown hair seem brighter. He sniffed the air and he became serious.

“Mate!” He said and his blue eyes turned black which meant his wolf was in control. He looked in Lucy and I’s direction and scooped up Lucy and walked away. She started blushing and waved a silent goodbye to me.

I instantly felt lonely without her by my side. After this stop, there were eight of us left. We all gave silent sighs in relief. Even though it was seen as a blessing to get a mate, it was also a curse because then you would be stuck to someone for life.

The next stop at Green Mountain was quick with only one girl claimed leaving seven of us left. The next stop had us all waiting in fear and anticipation. The Black Sun was religious, and they were notorious for having very conservative rules. They also were known to have pig-headed males.

When we stopped at the Black Sun there were only ten un-mated male werewolves and they claimed four out of the seven left of us.

The three of us sighed in relief because the next stop was Midnight Rouge and we knew that only two girls in the past five years. Unmated males weren’t required to try and find their mates it was only if they wanted to. The Midnight Rouge pack was known to be fierce warriors who took their jobs too seriously to spend time having a mate.

I was in the back so I moved to sit next to a girl I had classes with in school. Her name was Lilac Brown and she was extremely shy. She had blonde hair and b She had just turned 20 yesterday and just barely missed the cutoffs. She was about 5′2 and looked like a child still. I also looked over and saw June who was 23 years old and has been through this process three times. She looked extremely relieved that she made it another year without being picked.

As the trucks stopped I somehow felt an anxious feeling in my stomach. I saw that Lilac was trembling and I grabbed her hand and she gave me a small smile. The doors open and in walked Alpha Kane

He was the oldest Alpha to not find a mate, being 30 years old which was almost unheard of. He was about seven feet tall, and he had silver eyes and dark brown almost black hair. He was tan and completely ripped. He smelled the air and stopped in his tracks.

He turned his head and looked at me, involuntarily his eyes turned a dark shade of black. He growled and then said one word I was dreading “Mate”. He then swore and turned around ordering someone to bring me to his room and leave me there.

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