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Wolf in Human Clothing

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Vivian thought she had the perfect boyfriend in the world. They've known each other since they were children, but when they reached high school they felled in love with each other and everything seem perfect until she found out he was a werewolf! She fled town telling no one where she went. Not even her parents. She went to any bar and drowned herself in alcohol a woman asked her if she was fine, but she spilled her guts telling the woman about her so called perfect boyfriend. She went to stand but felled and hit her head. When she came to she found that the woman was a man in drag. They became friends and she started her dream in making costumes for the local Queens. It's a story of love, drag queens, and werewolves.

Romance / Thriller
Holly V.
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One: Still heart broken

She was alone in the woods running on the pine needle-covered pathway, her muscles were screaming for her to stop and rest. It only made her want to push on more as she ignores theirs pleads. She had to keep on going as her mind was still racing from the fact, she just saw her boyfriend turn into a giant wolf. She was always the one to say that there are forces greater than man. Allen would always agree with her when she says it if something lucky would happen, though she always thought it was a boyfriend thing. To agree with their girlfriends so they wouldn’t start a fight with him.

It was a good thing she was wearing her pink high-tops today; she was going to ask Allen if he wanted to go on a walk with her through the park they had met during the summer when they were ten. She had driven to his cabin, but like the idiot that she is, she left it and ran when she saw him padding up in his wolf form. Besides meeting at the park, they knew each other when her family moved from Canada to the US because of her father’s job as a thermal technician. They became friends through her reading tarot card readings she would do during lunch. From that moment on, they’ve been close to each other.

Everything went to hell when she saw him shift his back was to her when it all happened, if she didn’t scream, he wouldn’t be chasing her now. If this was a movie, she would have run into his arms wearing a pretty dress. No, this was reality instead she was wearing baggy ripped jeans, a Queen tee shirt with a striped long-sleeved shirt under it, and her boyfriend was a fucking werewolf. And here she thought they exist in only fiction or horror stories, stupid cheesy romance books, and movies. Sweat started to stream into her eyes, burning them causing her to go blind and trip over a falling tree that was near a cliff falling over it.

She let out a blood-curdling scream as she felled over the cliff’s edge, down below was a lake, by it was a rather large wolf with pure white fur drinking from the waters below. It was only just a few seconds before she hit the water, all the air escaped from her lungs on the impact. She swam to the surface where the light from the sun was soon fading. Breaking the surface, she gasped for air, it made her thankful to be alive. Panting she heard splashing, it couldn’t be from her she was still. Soon turning her head Allen was in the water rushing to her with a worried look on his face. Water dripped from her hair and face fear started to bubble back into her gut.

She screamed for the third time today she was never so scared of anything her favorite thing to do was watch horror movies and write how she felt about them on her tumbler. Though then it used to not have any guidelines where people would post their “art" on it otherwise known as homemade porn.

"Stay away from me!" she shouted at him rushing towards the shore trying to get away from him. Her clothes were weighted down from the water as she ran splashing water all around her.

"Vivi please let me explain!" Allen begged as he chased after her ignoring what she had said about staying away from her.

It didn't take as many steps for him to reach out and grab her wrist, "please Vivi," he begged her looking at her with those soft puppy dog brown eyes.

Those eyes always made her forgive right away, but tonight it made her furious that he would use such a cheap tactic. She stopped as her foot was in the sand that went in her shoes, she did want to know why he would want to keep something like this from her. Even if it was wrong of him.

"Five minutes that's all I'm giving you, no more no less. If I hear something I don't like to stay away from me," she told him sternly as if she was scolding a puppy for peeing on her favorite high tops. He knew if he fucks up, the love of his life would no longer be around and he would lose his mate.

"Of course, that's more than enough to give you the reason I didn't want to tell you in the first place. The reason why is because I was scared to lose you. I still am actually..." he looked down at his hands in the water. "Please Vivi doesn't leave me," he begged like a dog taking a step towards her.

She looked away from him her face was redder than a tomato for some reason until she looked back at him and finally realized something. He was naked, following her lead he looked down blushing and sank into the water to his neck."

"If this is going to end up like one of those God awful Twilight saga movies, I will kick your wolfie ass to the dog house." His eyes lit up like a little kid on Christmas day morning, he had a goofy smile on his face. Oh no.

"Thank you Vivi!" he yelled jumping out of the water to her as he laughed.

Water splashed as he rushed to her rushed naked, she screamed nearly having a heart attack as she covered her eyes. He doesn't care that he's naked because the next moment he was holding her in his arms.

"Alan you crazed pupper you're still naked!" she shrieked being red as a beet now. He didn't let her go not after almost losing her, when they first met they became friends fast. In high school she dated an asshole that smelled like trash, he nearly killed the guy after he walked in on her as she was changing to find the fresh bruises. Alan was so furious at first that his wolf cried out and that's when he found his mate, it whined seeing her in pain.

Vivian was his everything when he asked her out, though she was human she was all he wanted in a mate. A best friend and her witty remarks.

"I'm not letting you go, I love you so much, Vivi."

"That's great I love you too, but you're naked!" she shrieked laughing her face burning. It made him laugh twirling her around like they were both in a movie. And that's when the dream finally and sadly came to an end as the sound of her alarm clock replaced his laughter.

She was looking up at the white textured ceiling of her bedroom of the apartment she shared with her roommate, that works in human resources. But at night they're an amazing drag queen lip-syncing to strong women songs. It's been nearly two years since she left her hometown, family, friends, and Alan. Even thinking his name made her heart pinged in pain. Sighing heavily as she sat up and swaying her legs over the edge of the bed.

"Vivi gets that booty up out of bed, it's chocolate pancake day!" Tracy her amazing, silly, and sassy friend yelled as they banged pots and pans together up and down the hallway.

How these two haven't gotten evicted yet, she'll never know. She snorted with a smile on her face as she hopped out of bed making her way to the kitchen. Finding Tracy making the batter made her feel happy and so much at home. The dream was more vivid than it was the night before. After seeing Alan shift she had just gotten to her car and went home to pack.

Tracy turned around with their show-stopping smile even though it was only seven in the morning.

"Morning sunflower, how'd you sleep?" They asked pouring the batter in a heated pan.

"Morning Tracy, I'm still having the same dream, I still can't get him out of my mind still after all this time." Tracy knew all about her ex and that he's a werewolf. At first, they were surprised, but they understood.

How they met was at a bar, it was the first bar she stopped at once she was in the city, she honestly didn't care what bar it was at all. She just needed a drink. On her seventh drink, a woman with a bright pink dress appeared almost out of nowhere asking her what was on her mind. With how many drinks she had and how drunk she was Vivian burst into tears telling the mysterious woman everything. When she stood to leave for the restroom she tripped on her own feet and hit her head on the bar. But when she woke up and had sobered up the woman was a man in drag.

The two became close friends, and roommates a year later she became the queen's repair costume hero. She worked at the bar taking orders, and fixing hundreds of costumes. It wasn't quite glamorous, but she loves it, and it would only put her one step closer to opening her boutique. Fashion was always her calling she even made her prom dress. From that moment on they were best of friends when Vivian started her new life in the city. Not even her parents knew where she was but they have her email address.

She was staring into space when Tracy slapped her cheek with a warm chocolate pancake.

"Vivi are you thinking about him again?" they asked knowing damn well she was. Feeling defeating she nodded like a little kid as Tracy set a cup of fresh coffee in front of her.

"I'm sorry I just can't help but feel bad for leaving everything behind," Vivian told them as she took a sip from the cute black cat mug in her hands. She tasted the Bailey's in it, they knew she could use some liquid courage or something to help her mind buzzing.

"Sunflower honey, it's okay. Wanna know why?" Sunflower was their nickname for her because of her yellow eyes, she never knew how she got them but her parents told her that they turned yellow when she was seven months old.

"Why?" she asked holding the mug close to her lips nursing it.

"You got me bitch! And we're going shopping!" They yelled jumping on the kitchen table knocking the last of milk on the table and floor.

Oh boy, they mush have gotten paid from their sugar bear today and she knew they were gonna go to the mall to find her a slutty outfit to go clubbing later tonight. Well at least it's their day off, but before they could do anything fun, they had to go to the supermarket for more groceries.

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