Wolf in Human Clothing

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Two: The Run In

Vivi was pushing the cart while Tracey read the list over to her as they wondered the candy aisle to get what their sweet tooth craves.

"Did we already get potatoes?" Tracy asked as they looked in the cart, they haven't even got to the produce section yet. Instead, they have gotten the cereal, snack foods, and wine, with as many bottles they go through the month or well the week they made glasses out of them, some of them they decorated and sold on Etsy.

"No, I'll head on over go to the meat section and get some," she told them and they smirk using their dirty mind.

"Well aren't you a naughty girl," they covered their mouth giggling before going to the meat section of the store.

"I...you know what I mean!" she yelled after them before she started walking to produce a section of the store.

"Love ya!"

She sighed rolling her eyes as she walked not paying much of any attention she bumped into something. Snapping back from the dream world and into reality, she hit someone with her cart.

"Oh geez, I'm so sorry I wasn't paying attention..." She started to apologize for hitting the guy she wasn't entirely paying attention to. As she was trying to give the guy she hit with her buggy a reason she wasn't playing most of her attention, though she couldn't come up with a reason.

"Oh no it's alright, you didn't hurt me. Wait Vivi?" the guy started to say as he looked at her and saw it was her.

Snapping out of her brain's la land her eyes went to the guys' face when she had recognized that familiar husky voice with a touch of southern twanged and saw that it was her ex, Allen. Her Allen that guy she thought she would be spending all her life with, only to see him standing there as a stranger, wearing dark blue jeans, a plain black shirt that had a stain on it, probably from him eating. All of the colors drained from her once rosy cheeks as she looked into those caramel eyes of his the same eyes she would stare into and get lost in as they would during the night before they would fall asleep.

"Vivi..." he spoke her name after what felt like a lifetime as he had dropped the basket that had all the stuff he was buying in, though some of the contents spill out onto the tile floor. He was so happy to see her again, she dyed the tips of her hair pink it was always her favorite color. And her eyes were still the same beautiful golden sunflower color, he knew that it wasn't contacting but a mutation in her genes that caused it.

He had always loved her eyes they made him feel warm as he gazed into them, even now as it felt he had just finally stepped into spring from a long and freezing lonely winter. He felt like he was going cry, he wanted to pull her into his harm and hold her tightly. But he had to keep those feelings at bay because he knew she was still scared of him, and he knew that he didn't want to step over that line and make her uncomfortable. He's been looking everywhere for her and there was a chance that if he found her, she would go on the move again. He opened his mouth to speak but no words decided come out, he's been looking for a year and he would have thought he would know what to say to her, but no luck.

He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly not knowing what to even say to her, as he looked over her she had lost some weight, she was wearing tight skinny jeans and a long sleeve shirt that was tight around her chest that caused him to stare for too long.

"Allen what are you doing here, I thought I told you to stay away from me," Vivian spoke and those words shattered his heart all over again. The warm spring he thought he stepped back into went away and went right back into the brutally harsh winter all over again. He thought in his fantasy that she would be happy to see him and jump into his arms, just like how she used to when she came back from vacation in Florida.

"Vivi, please give me another chance I love you so much," he whined like a hurt puppy. She heard the puppy sound and looked at him a little more nervously than she did before.

She took a step away from him causing him to take one forward closer to her. He had to touch her, he had to know if she still felt sparks like they used too before the whole her seeing him as a giant wolf. But he was going to tell her after he proposed to her on their date later that day.

"Alan I don't know how you found me, but I can't be with you." His hand was on his chest gripping his shirt, it felt as though his heart was just being ripped out of his chest.

"Vivi can we get coffee and talk please I'll explain everything to you if you want."

He pleases to her wanting another chance, if he doesn't take her home and have her become his Luna, he'll have to wed that bitch Monica and he doesn't want a thing to do with her. His heart still and only belongs to the woman that is standing in front of him right now. But knowing the bitch Monica she had probably followed him from the packhouse, as he looked over Vivian's should he saw someone running full speed towards them. Vivian looked over at her shoulder and smiled happily to see the person. The guy rammed Allen away from her and cradle her face in his hands looking into her eyes sweetly.

"Sunflower are you okay sweetie?" Tracey asked her before hugging her burying her face in his chest, "what are you doing my child?"

Allen looked so confused and tried to speak but he was stuttering, it was cute to see him this way. Vivian blushed and covered her face before he could see, but it was too late he saw and his face turned red.

"Uhh-hi I'm Alan," he held his hand out awkwardly to Tracey whose jaw dropped to the floor looking Allen up and down.

"Bitch this is the guy that's a dog?" Tracy shrieked at Vivian, causing Allen to jump at Tracey's shrill voice.

"Yes..." Vivian cringed blushing tugging on her sleeves, it was a nervous habit she does but she was never able to master to control or stop it.

"Oh mah Gawd girl are you sure you ain't a lesbian?" Tracey asked shocked beyond belief that she had broken up with a hottie like him. Vivian covered her face and yelled before running out the supermarket to the car.

"Ah wait! Vivian!" Alan reached for her but Tracey stopped him.

"Hold up lover pup let her go, I have to check out."

Tracey pushed the cart and checked out leaving Allen there alone with his basket on the floor full of a six-pack of beer and chips. He was planning to get some apples but after seeing Vivian he just had to work out a way to talk to her again.

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