Wolf in Human Clothing

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Three: Shots, Shots, Shots

Vivi downed three shots at the bar feeling like her life was out of control all over again after she had seen Allen again, but talking to him again is what made her such a wreck now. Never would she had thought she would see him again after she has gotten out of town, leaving everything behind even her job as a waitress. Sure it was kind of a crappy job but she loved it and missed everyone that came to the old ma and pops shop. Though from what Tracey said after a week living together, never say never. And from the looks of it, Tracey was with their sugar daddy Vers laughing hanging off his arm smiling. Tracey wasn't drinking yet and it was their night to go on stage, they probably won't drink until before, during, or after going on stage. It wouldn't surprise her if they did. Vivi was leaning against the bar with a small tipsy feeling glad that she was still able to see straight.

Tracey looked great in their outfit and she couldn't wait until the end of her act to show off her handy work. Vivian had changed her perfume after they have gotten home from the supermarket. She took an hour shower and threw her old bottle of perfume away and broke out the new one she had just bought from bath and body works. The coupons came in handy that they get in the mail constantly. And not to mention the dramatic hairstyle she done herself that shocked even Tracey themself. Vivian once had hair that was down to her waist, she ended up giving herself a half shave and dyed the ends purple. It works pretty well for her hair is black, it was a honey color but once Vivian moved to the city she just dyed it.

To hopefully hide better in the vast sea of people so she could blend in better. As she sat the bar it made her think for a bit she was twenty-three and it had been a year since she had run away from her problems only for them to appear again at the organics section. What was her life coming to other than that it was just crazy, but a bit craziness couldn't hurt could it? Tracey kissed Vers and ran off to the backstage so they could do their warm-ups. And maybe have a drink. Vers walked over and sat next to Vivian ordering a dry martini.

Candy lips were known famous for their martinis and drag shows, it was just a little hole in the wall building that was nice. The build used to be an old textiles place being in the twenties before it went out of business in the sixties where it just laid empty until the owners bought it just several months ago. Vivian sighed and leaned on the counter of the bar reading some of the blurry labels on the liquor. She just had three shots and is already having double vision and felt like she was gonna pass out at the bar. Knowing her limit she pushed back the next shot and took a deep breath Vivi felt weird and it wasn't the good buzzing she felt when she's drunk.

This was a whole another level of weird, stepping off the bar Vivi made her way to Tracey's dressing room. As she rattled her knuckles on the hallowed door Tracey opened the door to find Vivi shaking with sweat dripping from her brow. Something was up tequila didn't make Vivi feel like her body was two hundred degrees Fahrenheit.

"Oh, my God Vivi honey what's wrong?" Tracey asked as they pulled her into the small dressing room carefully.

"I don't know I had three shots and I started feeling this way, what's wrong with me?" Vivian asked as Tracey helped her onto the old itchy wool couch. They laid a cotton blanket on it before Vivian could even touch the itchy material. Something in the fibers made her break out in hives if she touches it, along with some metals. Which is half the reason she doesn't wear earrings? Sure they're pierced along with her nose and eyebrow but she just doesn't wear them in her ears most of the time.

When she pulls her hair back to put it in a ponytail, the piercing's will get caught in her hair. Tracey sighed knowing they were going to mess up her make up they got a cold wet cloth an itty bitty t-shirt and dunked in some cold water before laying it on Vivian's sweating forehead. But the sweat on her face was already taking care of the makeup anyway for them.

"I have to go on in a few jars of honey I'll see if I can go on at a later time," Tracey told Vivi as they moved a strand of hair that gotten on Vivi's forehead.

"But you're going up soon, you need to go on at your time," Vivian started to argue as she sat up but Tracey started pushing her back down.

"No bitch you're the important one right now, and who cares there are hundreds of drag clubs in the city I know who would want to hire me."

Vivi felt her eyes well up in tears as she looked at Tracey and started to cry.

"Bitch what are you crying for?"

"You're an awesome friend Tracey, I love you," Vivi hugs Tracey crying.

Tracey just smiled and laid down with Vivian letting her get all her crying out until she passed out asleep. Getting up they laid a soft grey fur coat on Vivi and stepped out sighing softly. That girl has a lot going on in her brain and hopefully, she could find some inner peace. And maybe get laid after all since she has gotten to the city she hasn't been with anyone.

Tracey just stood there in the doorways of their dressing room watching Vivian like a mother would before leaving.

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