Wolf in Human Clothing

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Four: Fever

Sweat was dripping off Vivi's brow as she laid on the couch panting, Tracey had Vers stay with her in case something happens. She felt like she was in an oven and was being baked alive like she was some sort of pie.

"It's going to be okay Vivi," Vers reassured her as he changed the wet cloth on her forehead. As she laid on the itchy couch covered with a sheet she had tears falling from her eyes as she tried to calm her breathing down. Nothing she could think of didn't work, she felt like she was on fire and she felt that at any moment she was going to burst into flames.

Her mind was a never-ending roller coaster as she wondered what could have caused her body to act this way. She was fine until she saw Alan at the grocery store. Then it went off like a light bulb as she sat up and screamed holding her head as she fell off the couch and her bones started to break and reform into new shapes. A soft growl escaped Vivi's lips from her muzzle. She panics and ran to the vanity knocking almost everything down as she looked into the mirror.

Looking about at her was a black wolf with golden eyes looking right back at her with shock and terror on its face. Howling in fear Vivi felled backward-looking up at Vers just as shock as she was. Vivi had just turned into a wolf but she was pretty small to be one. Whinning Vivi covered her face with her paws and rolled over on her belly low crawling under the table. If her day hasn't gotten any worse her night just turned into an everlasting nightmare for her.

"Uh, Vi?" Vers asked as he slowly walked over the table Vivi was hiding under and leaned down to where he could look at her face. "If it makes you feel any better you're pretty cute as a little doggy."

Vivi looked back at Vers with a kind of sarcastic look on her face as she looked back at him and made some type of sound as she was trying to form some kind of words. Instead, she sounded like a dog being sassy and dramatic. Like one of those huskies on the internet. Whinning Vivi just covered her face with her paws and Tracey came back without their top and chest covered in glitter of all kinds, chunky, fine, ultra-fine, and in different shapes and various of colors.

"Okay, I ended it early! Where's my Vivi girl?" Tracey asked seeing that she wasn't on the couch anymore.

"Uh, babe she's a..." Vers started and started rubbing the back of his neck trying to rack his brain for the right words.

But he couldn't really think of any to tell his sugar baby that their best friend had turned into an overgrown puppy having a tantrum under the make up table.

"There's a tail under the table darling. Or is that one of my buttplugs with the tails attached to it?" Tracey asked as the walked to the table and grabbed the tail. Vivi yelped and jumped up hitting the table and knocking it over along with all the makeup on it as well. Tracey saw Vivi as a wolf and screamed falling on their ass seeing her.

Vivi whined covering her face with her paws and low crawled looking up at Tracey.

"V-Vivi?" Tracey asked softly as their eyes as wide as they were they couldn't believe what they were seeing right in front of them.

"Yes darling that cute puppy is Vivi," Vers told them as he helped them up from off the floor.

"So my baby girl turned into a werewolf while I was performing and didn't think to wait until I was done?!" Tracey asked sounding like they missed something. Vivi looked at her best friended dumbfounded and slowly blinked at them as she was wondering if she heard it right.

Vivi arwoooed at Tracey making them squeal and hug her burying their face in her chest fur.

"OMG soooo soft!!!" they squeal as they cuddled wolf, Vivi. Okay, guess they wouldn't be as freaked out as she would have thought they would be. Vivi huffed and growled softly enjoying being petted like a puppy. She huffed shaking her head and lifting her paw up moving Tracey's hand off of her head.

Vivi sat up and soon her body turned back to human, but she was naked. Vers whistled seeing the naked body of Vivi and Tracey covered his eyes so he wouldn't see anymore.

"A little late for that Madam Rogue, " Vers chuckled as he turned his back.

"Hush you be good or no paddle Chang would get it. Come on baby girl I think I have something for you to wear."

Vivi felt like she was going to melt and into a puddle of embarrassment. She wants this night to end already and hope that the entire day was just a dream so she can build her career. But the way things are going now no idea. Tracey is gotten Vivi dressed in some spare clothes, just a pair of Pink sweat pants and a hoodie with Trixie Mattel's face on it. Whining Vivi pulled the hoodie over the head and it covered half her face.

It made Tracey giggle a little but they cleared their throat as they walked out. They hailed a taxi that Tracey got to come after they lifted their dress showing leg.

"Where to doll face?" The greasy cab driver said as Vivi and Tracey got in.

"453 West mellow Brooks Drive, " Tracey told them as they held Vivi who was still tired but was fighting her sleep. "Just sleep, baby girl I got you." She whined before her eyelids were too heavy. The cab ride was an hour long and Tracey carried a sleeping Vivi to their apartment where she started to cry in sleep missing Allen

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