Wolf in Human Clothing

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Five: Homesick

Vivi was pretty much like a puppy all night and Tracey enjoyed every minute of it even something fluffy to hold on to while they slept. Looking like a king Charles cocker spaniel with golden fur with the ends of her ears were pink where her hair was dyed pink, she was pretty adorable and Tracey started to call her Sunny because of how happy and playful she was. It wasn't until six in the morning that Vivi woke up naked laying on the soft plush shag rug in the living room with Tracey asleep and drooling on the couch. She slowly stood up tired as hobbled to the bathroom where she plugged the tub and turned on the warm water and poured in a rose and honey bubble bath that usually helped calmed down her nerves. With the night she had and with barely remembering it she just knew it in her gut she needed a good soak. And maybe a glass of wine, shaking her head she just thought of canceling that glass of wine.

But she knew she had to lay off the alcohol and stop using it as a crutch to lean on just because something dramatic happened. Like seeing her ex in the supermarket and passing out backstage, it seemed that alcohol was just a poison that was ruining her life at every chance she would drink it. She sank lower into the tub up to where her nose was hovering over the water so she could breathe, as she thought about what her father would say about her drinking. He was a drill Sargent in the marines. She remembered that when she was little he would bring her with him and his platoon of privates would enjoy having her around. One time when they heard when she was being bullied all of the men and women came to her school to talk to the bully themselves.

Vivi chuckled softly to herself as she leaned back in the tub looking up at the ceiling that was painted with flowers. She wondered how her dad was doing and if he had any luck with dating. She never knew her mother, but her dad talked about her like she was still alive and she wondered why he couldn't try again. He was a sweet and caring man who was great at cooking. Sighing she rolled over on her side and leaned on the edge of the tub.

After just being a year in New York she missed home, her dad, his oreo rice he would make sometimes. But being in the big city had its perks and she was starting pretty great as a fashion designer. Even though she mostly made drag costumes for the drag queens and kings, they were great people and she always had a blast with them as they were designing and drawing up their costume for them. Tracey helped her out a lot for that and they always had her back, but in a way, Vivi felt that she was a bother to them. Last time she asked them if she was bothering them or just a weight that they were carrying because Vivi is so shy and easily frightened.

And they showed that she wasn't and they were her friend and the closest thing to an actual family with the meals they shared and the movies or shows they watched together at night. It made Vivi feel happy that she had a great person that she could call her best friend. Vivi giggles smiling she unstopped the tub and watched as the water drained out as she stepped out the tub. Taking a deep breath she felt a little better wrapping a blue soft fluffy towel around her body. Looking down at the ground she saw it her worst enemy and pretty much anyone's, the bathroom scale.

Cringing Vivi stepped on and watched as the digital numbers came up with her weight. She's been dieting for a few months now and saw that she lost seven pounds. Squealing she started to do a little dance-happy for losing some of the weight. She's always been a little chubby and always had some issue with her weight but she started eating better doing dance exercises with Tracey except for the death drops and the splits. Just thinking about those made her hurt.

Vivi opened the door and still saw that Tracey was still asleep, it must have been a rough night for them to sleep this long. Looking at the clock it was ten in the morning, shrugging Vivi walked to her room with the towel around her body. Digging through her closet Vivi saw that it was getting chillier so she grabbed a soft pink sweater and a dress that went to her knees, along with black leggings and boots. After she got dressed she walked to the kitchen to make something to eat for her and Tracey. Looking through the pantry and cabinets Vivi thought about what all had happened in the year she first came here.

Along with the first guy she slept with since coming, well they didn't have sex but they share the bed. Looking at the fridge she wondered how he was doing and if he found the girl he saved from a fire a while ago. She smiled as she pulled out bacon and eggs as her stomach growled. Surprisingly she didn't have a hangover but she did have a small headache that isn't bothering her all that much. She took carefully took out a frying pan from under the cabinet so she doesn't wake Tracey up.

Turning on the stove she set the pan on the flame and waited a few minutes letting the frying pan heat up before placing the bacon strips onto the hot pan. The bacon started to sizzle as she grabbed a plate from the top cabinet and laid paper towels down on it so when she takes the bacon out of the pan she can bet the greasy absorb into the paper towel. Tracey yawns sitting up from the couch and walked to the kitchen.


"Hey, how do you feel?"

"Pretty great and I might have a date with a prince."

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