Wolf in Human Clothing

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Six: The Prince

"You're kidding right?" Vivi asked Tracey as she got the T-Rex kettle out, she found it online and thought it would look cute with the random mess they would call a kitchen. The apartment overall was nice but they aren't allowed to paint the walls so they had to remain the boring white with colorful posters, paintings, hanging plants, and that old splatter stain from a flying spaghetti O's bowl. That happened when Vivi tripped over Tracey's seven-inch tall black thigh high tall boots. And the bowl of spaghetti O's flew and hit the wall also surprisingly the bowl didn't shatter.
"Nope, he's really cute and so shy, almost innocent. Like you," Tracey grinned at the last part clearly poking fun at Vivi.
"Oh God, instead god save the queen it's God save the prince," Vivi rolled her eyes as she turned on the tap. Tracey giggles as they got the tea bag jar out of the cabinet by the coffee maker. Vivi never used it once she moved in with Tracey that was well over a year ago. She was always a tea type of girl, whether it ranged from green to ginger root tea Vivi would always favor it.
Vivi thought she had gotten that from her father who looked like he was in his mid to late twenties when he's in his forties.
"So are you gonna talk to him?" Tracey asked as Vivi was filling the kettle.
"Who?" Vivi acted clueless already knowing who they were talking about but just decided to play dumb instead,
"Oh my God Vivi!" Tracey looked at Vivi like a parent who was scorning their child for something they've done wrong.
Vivi looked down and knew who they were talking about. Alan. She didn't want to talk about him or to him for that matter. She didn't want to discuss that matter with Tracey, she was already building up her career as a costume designer for the queens at Candy Lips.
Not to mention she's in New York city a city she never thought she could be in but here she is standing in a small apartment with her best friend that acted like a parent. Taking a deep breath and letting it out Vivi turned on the stovetop with the dinosaur kettle on it to get the water to boil for their tea.
"I'm not ready to talk to him," she told them as she leaned against the counter putting on a brave smile.
"You sure sweetie that's a good idea?" They asked as they were worried about her and it showed as stepped over to her and laid their hands on her shoulders and rubbed her upper arms.
"Anymore? I'm not sure of anything, after seeing him I thought he would forget about me, you know?"
"Oh, baby, you're unforgettable and beautiful. Not to mention those beautiful golden hazel eyes of yours, I'm jealous."
Vivi smiled as she wrapped her arms around Tracey hugging them, they were the best, and like always they know that.
"Thanks that means a lot coming from you Queen."
"You know you can't hide forever sugs you'll have to talk to him eventually," Tracey said as they ran their fingers through Vivi's hair.
"I know, I'm just not ready yet." Vivi closed her eyes as she heard them sigh before the kettle started to whistle. With a soft smile, Tracey turned the stovetop off and took the kettle off, and pouring the water into two mugs. One of the mugs was a fox and the other was a black cat, they found the mugs at a thrift store, yes even though they live in New York they like the second-hand stuff they find.
Not only is it better than going to the store to buy overpriced china sets Vivi can buy fabric and old clothing, that she can repurchase that she can use for outfits and costumes for Tracey and the other drag queens she has as clients. Smiling Vivi was glad that she finished the Peacock dress for next week's show. That dress took three months to finish for Candy Lips Gone Wild themed party that raises money for wildlife preservation. Vivi was happy that she walked into that bar and met Tracey not to mention all the other amazing people that she met from there as well. They pretty much became her second family as she helped the performers with their costumes and repairs that needed to be done when they would rip when they would do their death drops.
Giggling Vivi got the cookie tin of butter cookies with a picture of a snowy cabin, they went great with coffee of any kind, hot cocoa, and tea.
"Okay since we are having tea and everything I guess I should spill the tea more about how I met prince charming," Tracey said as they got the honey out.
"You guess?" Vivi raised an eyebrow at them as she walked to the living room holding the tin.
"I know!" Tracey laughed as they walked in with the two mugs.
After three cups of tea and most of the cookies gone Tracey spilled the tea about their prince, they were gushing about. They had a date lined up for the weekend and Vivi was happy for them but at the same time, she felt sad. Even since she left Alan she missed him but she knew that she couldn't be with him. He needs someone stronger than her, and hopefully, he does.

Alan was at a bar downing drinks left and right as he sat at his MC's bar as he clenched a picture of him and Vivi in his hand.
"I'm sorry Vivi," he whimpered as he crushed the glass tumbler in his hand. He groaned slamming his head on the bartop feeling like shit, he should just stay away from her. But he needs her in his life, she's his luna and his heart.
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