Wolf in Human Clothing

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Seven: Phone Call

Vivi stared at her phone as it was late at night while Tracey went on their date with their prince, she was just sitting on the kitchen floor. She felt like she was a failure at almost anything, even her love life was complete trash. She covered her ears and kneeled down breathing heavily before she broke. Tears kept falling from her eyes as she wished she didn't fuck things up with Alan. If she hadn't gone to that cabin she would still be at home. It wasn't three minutes until she was just full-blown crying. She didn't wanna say it but she missed him, she missed her dad she missed her little hometown even that crappy fast food restaurant on the corner of High and Logan.
She thought about her dad and more tears came knowing she hurt him when she left without a word. Since moving to New York she hardly or didn't speak to him at all. She must be the world's worst daughter ever. Sniffling she got up and wiped her eyes walking to her room she pretty much left the apartment dark except for the light over the stove. That light was always left on at night.
Vivi sighed as she just flopped on her bed and buried her face in the fuzzy pillow and screamed into it. She has gotten that pillow just to scream out her frustrations and she knew that she had to do something other than cry and scream in a pillow. That's when she felt a little braver and called her father. Her throat went dry as she listened as the phone ringed. Maybe he won't answer maybe he was busy with something or someone. That last part she thought of sounded weird her father probably wouldn't date another person since her mom died. But it could happen.
Just as she was about to give up all hope she was gonna hang up and forget it.
"Hello?" Was the sound of her father's husky deep voice that made her feel at home every time she heard it and made her feel warm again. And this time it made her feel like she was at home and knew at this time he was getting ready for bed or was having a hard time going to sleep.
"Hi daddy," was all that Vivi could muster up as she knew it sounded lame, but it didn't to her father. It was something he missed while she was gone.
"Princess it's good to hear from you finally," Vivi could hear the smile in her father's voice.
"I know...I'm sorry I haven't talked to you sooner or why I left in the first place. I..."
"Princess I'm just happy to hear from you again. I missed my little girl and what are you up to? It's nearly midnight."
"I...I couldn't sleep and I needed someone to talk to. My roommate went out on their date, so I'm guessing it's going pretty well then."
"Are you upset about Alan?" her father asked as if he knew.
Vivi bit her lip as she hugged the fuzzy pillow to near death as she took a deep breath and then letting it out like how Tracey had taught her when she would get overwhelmed.
"Yeah..." she answered him in a small voice sounding almost like a little girl.
"Did he hurt you?" He asked as he was sounding like a protective father. She would think that he would go to his gun safe and get her shotgun to shoot Alan in the ass. Though he could use a new as much of an asshole he was at times.
"N-no daddy he didn't hurt me. He just...he just kept a secret from me and it scared me," Vivi finally told her father as she was finally has broken down the details to him about why she left.
"So he's a werewolf?" H asked she heard a creak, he's probably in his chair.
"Yeah...and so am I. I found out the other night, I got drunk and then sick before I turned into one." Vivi winced as she was ready to hear her father freak out about her turning into a werewolf.
Her father was silent for a few moments and it made her nervous and he heard his jaw click just like it does when he gets annoyed.
"Drunk?! You were drunk?" Her father yelled as she blinked confused that he was getting upset that she had gotten drunk.
"Daddy I'm like twenty-two," Vivi squeaked out blushing as her father was ranting and raving as she heard the apartment's door open. "Okay daddy I gotta go, I'll call you soon bye."
"Young lady just wait," was all that her father had gotten out before Vivi hanged up and sighed turning her phone on mute and walking out of her room to see Tracey wiping her eyes.
Vivi frozen was right there in that spot before she turned on the bright ring light to see that Tracey had some bruising to their face as well as a busted lip.
"Oh my God, what happened?" Vivi asked as she ran to Tracey and reached up cupping their face in her hands.
"It's nothing a little shot of vodka won't fix sweetie," Tracey put on a brave face as they rested their forehead against hers. Vivi let out a soft whine as she knew her friend was always the one to be harassed when they would go out.
"Fuckers?" Vivi asked looking up at Tracey.
"Yeah fuckers," Tracey smiled as they kissed Vivi's forehead smiling.
"How bad did you kick their asses?" Vivi asked as she got cake flavored vodka out of the sweets liquor cabinet.
"One got his teeth punched out and flew off the piers," Tracey smiled as they got the silicone glasses.
"Holy shit, why didn't your prince's bodyguards take care of them?" Vivi asked as they sat on the sectional couch.
"They don't know that he's seeing me. He's supposed to be marrying a girl that her father sold her off to," Tracey told her as Vivi poured the sweet-smelling vodka in the cups.
"What the fuck?"
"I know it's really fucked up and the way he talked about his mother. She sounds like her cooter is nothing but dust as much of a stern sheltering bitch she is." Vivi laughed almost spilling their drinks.
"Wow," was all she had to say.
"I know, everyone is thinking of ending that shame of Hindu wedding."
Vivi looks down at the cups in their hands before taking it and downs both cups of vodka.
"Vivi baby girl one of those were mine."
"Sorry I thought I would drink for the girl he's being forced to marry."
"You're a sweetheart." Tracey hugs Vivi making her smile and feel safe and warm in her home. Their home because not only are they friends they're also family in a fun weird way.
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