Wolf in Human Clothing

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Eight: Surprise Lunch

Vivi was looking through her designs on the couch as Tracey was out having lunch with their friends. She was invited but choose to stay to where she could work on her other designs and ideas. She had finished Tracey's three new dresses and costumes for them and thought she would take up the opportunity to work on something for herself. With a smile, she sketched out the design of a dress with pockets. If you can sew then you make your clothing and make them better than what you would find at the store or mall.
Vivi pinned fabric together before she would sew it together for the dress. It would remind her of something she saw from an anime. She happily hummed out the song as she brought the pinned fabric to her sewing machine.
"Kiss kiss fall in love," she sang the opening song of Ouran High School Host Club. And that is what the dress was going to be, it would be the pink dress Haru wore when Tamiki found out her fear of thunder and lighting.
The dress was pretty to her and she always wanted one like it, and when she was trying to find one like it, it was cheap and poorly made. It made her mad that it was so crappy. So she simply just pretty much had returned it and gotten a refund although with giving the seller a negative review as the tag on the dress said made in china while in the seller's site said handmade. Though she was able to get a general idea of how it's supposed to look once it was done the correct way and done. As she hummed smiling she was finally finished as she held up the dress from the sewing machine she cut the thread and got up from her chair with the dress in her arms walking to the ribbons.
Smiling to herself she pulled out a satin pink ribbon that suited the dress correctly and it made her happy. Sewing was and is always going to be a way for her to destress and relax. As it was always had been since the day her father gifted her that little sewing machine after she had been getting better with hand sewing. It was a great craft and she made pretty good money by doing so while she still dreamt of becoming a designer. Where her designs and creations would be worn on the catwalk and celebrities wear them to red carpet events and galas.
But still, she can only dream as she knew that even living in New York her chances of being noticed would a hundred to one. As she was still daydreaming someone knocked on the door. Just as she was about to cut the ribbon to the desired size she was about to have a close call where she would have cut part of her finger with her scissors. She stopped and set the scissors down before she could cause any injuries to herself. Vivi didn't want to get blood anywhere so it was better that she put the cover back on the stainless steel blades. As she stood up from the work table she made her way over to the door and opened it to find her father standing there with a boxed lunch.
"Daddy!" Vivi squealed as she jumped in her father's arms hugging him tightly as she started to cry. Liam her father smiled as he wrapped an arm around his daughter embracing her in a one-armed hug as the other held the lunch he made.
"Hello sweetheart," He smiled as she pulled away wiping her eyes. She was glad that she wears waterproof makeup today and glad that Tracey had talked her into going shopping for makeup with them not too long ago.
"What are you doing here papa, and how did you find me?" Vivi asked looking up at her father who hasn't aged a year, but she noticed some worry lines on his skin.
"Well that's classified, but I did stop at your apartment and met your lovely roommate. I thanked them for taking care of you."
"Oh geez," Vivi blushed embarrassed that Trace tried hitting on her father, if they were his type they would be her what. Step moody?
Vivi stared off into space thinking and was confused as she thinks that Trace wasn't his type since they were interested in a guy. Which was pretty odd since they would have lovers on top of lovers and would never truly be interested in just one guy. But with this prince guy, it seems that they are happy with him. Which is surprising.
"Vivi sweetie come back down to Earth okay?" Her father said as he snapped his fingers in her face making her blink.
"Huh? Oh sorry daddy," Vivi smiled as she rubbed her head.
Her father simply smiled seeing that his little girl isn't so little anymore as he set down the bento box. He saw all the amazing dresses and outfits that she had came up with as she took out water from the fridge.
"You've done amazing," he told her as he took the handkerchief off the new year's double-stacked bento box.
"Really, even after all this time that I made you worry?" She asked looking up at him almost with puppy eyes. Which made him smile remembering all those times she did to try and get out of trouble. And a couple of those times worked out great for her, other times not so much.
"Sweetie I'm a father, especially your father so of course im gonna worry about you," he said laying a hand on her shoulder smiling warmly.
Vivi smiled and hugged her father closing her eyes and she smelt the familiar scent of Cologne he would always wear. Her father whispered under his breath sighing as he pulled away.
"Let's eat before it gets cold or well colder since it's sushi."
"My favorite," she smiled as they started to eat.
Every once in a while he would make traditional Japanese meals which were strange since he wants Japanese but he did stay there and that's how also met her mother who was an English teacher at a high school.
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