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Alexander Neumann is the CEO of one of biggest multinational company UMICO. He is a 30 year old guy with dark hair, green eyes and tall well built body. His strikingly handsome looks, luxurious high class life with an absolutely gorgeous fiancé is what any man dream for. But Alexander has a dark past which he fears to let anyone know and vow to bury it in the deepest pit of his heart so no one can ever find it. Ryou Herrmann is 25 years guy with a mysterious aura around him. He has black hair, gray eyes, hot athletic body with a beautiful angelic face. And most importantly, he is the youngest master Dominant of prestigious BDSM playing club DARK. Nobody can escape his charms, no matter who they are, even if the person is supposedly straight billionaire Alexander Neumann. ----------------- This story is maybe little different from other BDSM stories you have read before but if you like dark twisted mysteries, sweet romance with a touch of safe BDSM lifestyle, you might enjoy reading it. ----------- Copyright ©2017 Kozakura122

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1: Alexander Neumann

Alexander’s POV
“Sir, Mr. Jackson is here to meet you," my secretary Lyla informs me.

“Please send him in," I tell her while looking at the files of our new project in Moscow. But then I notice she is sill in my room so I look at her expectantly.

“Is there any thing more?” I ask her knowing there must be something she is hesitating to tell me.

“Ms. Robinson called you when you were attending the meeting 15 minutes ago and told me that she would be here within 2 hours,” she informs me timidly.

I feel a tick in my jaw. I love my fiancée alright but she could be an annoying person sometimes. I really don’t like to mixed my personal life with work and she knows this but still she has to come to office almost everyday. And most of all it’s not that she comes here to do or say anything important, it’s just her way to say hello while wasting some of my precious time.

Like we haven’t live inside some house or not getting married in three weeks.

Jeez, is this really a good decision to marry her this soon?

The answer is no.

But I have to. Olivia is the only daughter of the Marcus Robinson , the owner of the Robinson corporation. Our marriage is going to merge our both companies, so our family arranged our marriage five years ago and fortunately we came to love each other in this period.

“So, are you going to be there or not?” a very familiar voice asks me and I look up to see Andrew entering my room.

Andrew Jackson is my best friend and also the person whom I trust more than anyone in my life. We first met 12 years ago in our freshman year in college and were roommates at that time. After seeing how much we had in common, we became good friends soon and as the the years passes our friendship became even stronger.

“I don’t think if I should," I answer him while looking at his eyes to show him no matter how much he tries, I am not going change my decision. But since nobody can be more stubborn than my best friend, so of course I don’t expect him to give up.

“Why?" he asks me childishly, like I haven’t answered that for at least twenty times in three days.

“Well, you know why, Andrew. I am getting married in 20 days. So how could you ever expect me to go there and cheat on my fiancée,“ I tell him with a hint of anger in my voice. We already have same discussion for many times already and now I am really tired of this.

“It will not be a cheating if you don’t do anything there," he replies smoothly.

“And what the fuck I am going to do there, if it isn’t any fucking?“ I ask him blatantly.

Andrew looks offended by my accusation, like I said something to offend him personally.

“Look man, I don’t know what you think happens there but not everyone participate in sexual things. Many sophisticated, high society members only go there just to see the public performance held in that club. You really don’t have to do anything, you can only watch if you want to. Also I think you deserved to have some good experience in your life before destroying everything by marrying some clingy overbearing bitchy woman," my best friend tells me with an obvious dislike for my fiancée.

“Hey! She is not that bad and I love her,” just like always I defend my girlfriend.

“Sure, whatever you say.”

I really dislike the disbelieving tone in his voice. But before I can say anything more, there is a knock on my door.

“Come in," I tell whoever waiting outside my door.

Lyla pokes her head inside before entering my room fully.

“Mr. Nagasaki and all the members of SKI are already here, sir. Your meeting with them will start after 2 minutes from now,” she finally manages to speak up after clearing her throat four times.

“Okay. Take them to the conference hall and I will be there in one minute," saying that I clearly dismissed her and she quickly run away from my room.

“So what’s your last answer? I really have to go there today. And I also heard to night there will be some special events. We are just going to watch but only if you like it and will leave immediately if you even feel a slightest bit uncomfortable. But please, I am begging you. Please go there with me. I really don’t want to go alone," Andrew asks me desperately and I look away from him.

‘You don’t have any idea why I don’t want to go there!’ I want to shout this. But I can’t since there is a part of my life I don’t even want my best friend to know.

I hate seeing the sad face of my best friend...... and I only have 30 seconds left before my next meeting.

“Okay. I will go with you but since I have a very busy schedule today so I will only stay for 50 minutes, so hopefully you can complete your business by then or I will leave without you,” saying that I stomp out from my room to the meeting room while knowing very well that my going to this BDSM club DARK will be the one of most dangerous mistakes I can ever make in my life.

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