Secrects & Desires (ManXMan)

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Chapter 3: Beautiful Grey eyes

Alexander’s P.O.V.
The two grads at the entrance let us pass immediately at our sight, ignoring the huge line of people waiting patiently to get inside. Well, only time like this makes me appreciate the fact that I am born in money.

We pass the double door and greets by a sight which I never expected seeing in here.

There is loud music of some popular band is going on and large amounts of people are dancing in its beats. And the remaining people are either enjoying the drinks and cocktails provided by the huge bar or having conversation with other people without caring the loud ear piercing music.

This looks exactly like one of those night clubs in Friday night, not some kinky fetish club I thought I am going to see. This is like any other popular night club with standard dress code.

“So, what do think?” Andrew’s shout close to my left ear.

“Well, I think you are an idiot lawyer who is fool enough to not know what kind of club he is going to be legal adviser of,” I tell him joking with a good laugh.

God, it feels like suddenly a huge pressure has been removed from my chest and for the first time in three hours I am able to breathe without feeling like something suffocating me.

“What the hell you mean I don’t know about what kind of club this is?” he shouts at me indignantly.

“Well, this doesn’t look like some famous hardcore fetish club to me,” I tell him seriously, indicating our surroundings.

“Well, it is one though,” he returns.

“Doesn’t look like one to me,” I restore.

“What the hell you know about fetish club anyway?” just like always Andrew refuses to admit defeat in any case like a true lawyer which he actually is.

“You will be amazed to know....” I stop myself before saying something which would cause me trouble explaining later.

“Mr. Jackson?”

Andrew was about to ask me something but someone calls him from behind. That voice is very deep and surprisingly we heard it clearly even though there is loud music playing in the background, like something in his voice called attention.

I turn towards the voice and see a black haired man in his mid fifties.

“Yes, that’s me,” Andrew answers him in his professional voice. Andrew’s transformation from a goofy friend to a serious lawyer around his clients never ceases to amaze me. Well, Andrew Jackson is the owner of one of the biggest law farm in this state so of course I should never expect anything less from him.

“Please follow me,” that man orders us in a curt voice and turns on his heel without waiting for our response.


Does this man think he can order anyone? But since this place seems too crowded and loud to have a proper conversation so of course I am not going complain.

After passing though two double doors, he open a private elevator using his key card.

After getting inside, I was amused to see the indications on the keys for levels, those are in the form D, G, P3, P4, P5 and T. Who knows what the hell they meant.

He press T for the top level and we travel there in science.

The elevator door open and revel luxurious looking corridor. Again that man starts walking without waiting for us and stand outside a dark mahogany door. He produced a card from his pocket and let us inside a luxurious office.

“I would like to apologize for not introducing myself earlier,” the man start talking for the first time.

“Allow me to introduce myself properly, I am Raphael Herrnann, the owner of this club.“.

“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you Mr. Herrnann, I am Andrew Jackson, the owner of Jackson law firm and this is my friend Alexander Neumann,” Andrew introduces us to him and in return he shakes our hands.

“Alexander Neumann from UMICO?” he asks me.

“Yes,” I replied politely.

“Well, it’s quite surprising to see you here in my club,” he says while looking towards me.

“Actually I force him to come here with me since I heard so much about your club and thought since you told me come here today so why not use the opportunity to see this club. But my friend here is quite disappoint to see your club,” Andrew tells him before I could utter a single word.

Time like this, makes me want to hit him so bad that that it physically hurts.

“Why? What caused the disappointment Mr. Neumann?” he asks me but again Andrew doesn’t give me any chance to answer.

“Well, though I originally came here to collect our contact papers but I thought it would also be a good opportunity to have a glimpse of the most prestigious S&M club, I heard so much about but unfortunately Dark seems like any other popular night club to us,” Andrew informs him.

Mr. Herrnann seems amused by Andrew’s reason and for the first time he let a smile slips through his cold hard never smiling face.

“Well, Mr. Jackson, you are absolutely right. The place you saw is indeed a night club. The 1st and 2nd level of this club is indeed a night club which is accessible for everyone who comes here. But there are other five levels in this club which are only accessible by the members holding our red cards. Those are the places where our plays takes place and our playrooms are located.”

“Plays?” Andrew asks him.

Oh God! I am so not likings which way this conversation is heading.

“That is what we called the events take place in our private sector,” Mr. Herrnann tells him, fortunately without much explanation.

“So, there is a also fetish club here but no one other than members can go,” Andrew confirms with a slight disappointed tone and Mr. Herrnann only nodded his agreement.

“You see, Mr. Jackson, my father made this club 60 years ago and at that time bondage fetish was not something most people knows about. That time it was a secretive place where some people able to fulfilled their darkest, deepest desires without being judged by the society. They trust our club to keep their desires secret without being known by outsiders who might harm their reputation. This is how it was and even today I still follow the traditional rules. Our BDSM club was like a secretive society and we still refuses to change its way,” Mr. Herrnann explains in details.

The suffocating feeling which has left me half hour ago comes back with full force.

I need to get out of this place.

“This seems pretty interesting. Wonder if we can ever get a tour of those secretive levels,” Andrew jokes lightly while giving his most charming smile.

“Well...” Mr. Herrnann was about to say something but I cut him.

“Excuse me, Mr. Herrnann, are those papers Andrew need for his work ready or will it take time. You see I have an appointment after 20 minutes, so I need to get going,” I tell him while getting up from the chair I was sitting for last 15 minutes.

Mr. Herrnann and Andrew both seemed surprised by my sudden change but I didn’t give a fuck about what the hell they think.

I just need to get out of this fucking place.

“Yes, I have those papers with me,” saying this he gets up from chair and gets few black leather file from the nearby table.

After giving Andrew those files, he sake our hands again after exchanging few words.

I can’t wait to get out of this god damn place but that stupid elevator doesn’t work without those stupid cards, so Mr. Herrnann comes with us to one of those double doors.

Andrew again started conversing with Mr. Herrnann and this time I totally ignore them and start walking in the direction which leads to the parking lot. I know how I am behaving is extremely impolite but I don’t give a fuck.

Thank goodness that I don’t have to go through that noisy place to reach my car. I don’t know if Andrew is behind me or not, I am sure he has enough money with him to get a cab. It would be the last time I ever gone anywhere because of his request.

In my haste to reach the parking lot, I almost started running at some point, so this is exactly why the next thing happens.

I collide with someone with enough force to drive both of us in the hard concrete ground, with me on top of him. And it will not be surprising if one or two bones of my unfortunate victim broke because of this.

“I’m so sorry! Are you hur.....” I was about to ask him if he is okay but suddenly everything freeze and I find myself being captivated by beautiful grey eyes.

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