Secrects & Desires (ManXMan)

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Chapter 4: Dangerously Beautiful

Alexander’s POV:
I continue to stare at the hypnotizing gray eyes which seems too beautiful to belong to a human. Also the face on which they are placed, couldn’t possibly be belong to a human either.... those long eyelashes seem too thick, those perfect pink lips seem too decilate, those inky black hairs seem too soft...

Suddenly a car horn blows from nearby street and it brought me back to the reality. I gasp when I found myself practically squeezing the smaller body to death by my 6"3 pure muscles one.

I quickly remove myself from him and stand up. I offer him my right hand but he totally ignore it and stand up himself with a mesmerising grace.

“Are you alright?” I ask him when I finally manage to utter few words without getting distracted his presence. He is just too.... beautiful. A word usually reserved for women but it is what he is... absolutely beautiful ...

But in a very masculine way.

The beautiful person before me oozes masculinity. No body can mistake this. Though he is slightly shorter than me and obviously not as muscular but the way he stands, he way he stares at you.... makes him so much... intimidating...powerful.

“I am,” he answers me with a surprisingly deep voice, which I never thought could belong to a twenty something boy with an extremely beautiful face.

“But are you?” he asks me with same voice with unreadable expression. It is impossible to guess what is going inside that beautiful head. Also he seems too calm like he has all the time in the world and isn’t talking to someone who practically assaulted him few seconds ago.

“Well, of course. I am not the person who got hit and squeeze by a truck of a man,” I tell him, in my attempt to being a little smile on that frozen never-smiling beautiful face. Don’t know why I am having a intense urge to make him smile..... like I can do anything to see a single smile on that face...

“What from you were running?” he asks me while looking straight into my eyes. For some unknown reason, it is really hard to hold his gaze.

“I was not running from anything. I was in hurry so accidentally run into you,” I inform him while looking at a tree behind him.

“You are lying,” he accuses me with a surprise finality.

I stare at him with a dumbfounded look. What the hell this boy saying? Does he think he can say anything to me?

“Well, I don’t care about what you think. I was not running from anything. As you can see I am in hurry and if you’re not hurt, then I should be get going,” I tells while looking at his eyes with a hint of anger in my voice and breathing heavily.

Beautiful gray eyes stare back. Those grey eyes are just unnerving. Like they are trying to read my mind.... trying to see what lies inside the deepest part of my soul.

I can’t hold that gaze longer, so uncharacteristically I look at the ground close to his feet.

Since he didn’t respond for a long time so I turn around and start to walk away without giving that beautiful face one last glance.

“You’re a sub,” suddenly a soft voice speaks up from behind and I freeze in my place.

Don’t know how long I stay rooted in my place, but I don’t dare to look at him but I can practically feel his gaze on me.

“Al!” suddenly a familiar voice calls me and breaks the tense silence.

“Andrew,” I softly reply him.

“Are you alright? What happened? Why you run away like that? And what the heck you are doing here? Parking is that way,” he bombards me with questions.

“I’m taking some fresh air. It was suffocating in that club,” I tell him which is not a total lie.

“So are you alright now? I can drive if you’re not feeling well,” he asks, clearly concern.

“I’m fine. Lets get out of this place,” I tell him with a little smile.

“Okay. Let’s go then,” saying this Andrew start walking with me on his heels.

But after taking two steps, I have to do the biggest mistake of my life. The urge to look behind me is so overwhelming and I have to give in.

I look behind and as expected he is still standing there.

Then I did the second big mistake by looking at those grey eyes and see something for which I was totally unprepared for. His eyes are glowing with a emotion what I can only assume....sadness.

He looks sad but why? Did I have done something? Suddenly I got a intense urge to apologise to him for whatever wrong I did, but I resist.

I look away from that piercing gaze and start walking with full speed.

“Hey! Slow down Al!” Andrew calls from behind but I ignore him.


After retrieving my car, I run it in highest speed possible, almost causing Andrew a minor heart attack. After dropping him in front of his apartment building, I reached my house in one hour.

Thank goodness Olivia has gone to some her parties. I am just too tired to face her now. I drop my tired body on my king size bad without bothering to change my clothes.

Suddenly I remember about those appointments I cancelled today. I haven’t taken a look at my new schedule to see if I have something in early morning.

I groan and roll over to lie on my stomach and search my jeans pockets for a while.

But it’s not in my back pocket.

I sit up straight and then search again.

It’s not there!

Crap! Where the hell I put my mobile?

I start searching every possible places I could put it, from my car to key place. But I still can’t find it anywhere.

Suddenly I remember how I met him today.

Shit! It was in my back pocket so it would not be surprising if it fall on the ground when I run into him.

But there is no way I am going to that place to search for it. I will just buy a new one tomorrow. Well, there was some really important stuffs in my mobile but it has high security and I easily could lock it and thoroughly erase all its date so no one can retrieve anything from it.

Most importantly, there is no way I am going anywhere near that damn club and take the risk of being caught by those dangerous gray eyes again.

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