Secrects & Desires (ManXMan)

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Chapter 5: Restraint

Alexander’s POV
Both of my hands are tightly bound above my head. My legs are bound in a way which making me unable to close them, leaving my naked body vulnerable and completely exposed. Something is tightly covering my eyes leaving me in utter darkness.

Familiar terror rapidly consumes my senses.


Please no..

Not again..

Someone please wake me from this nightmare..

Don’t make me go though this again...

Suddenly I feel another presence in the room and my fear turn tenfold. I desperately trash around the thick ropes binding me but couldn’t loosen them.

Then I heard footsteps getting closer to me.


I want to shout this but no sound comes out.

Pure terror grip my mind, making my heart beat impossibly fast, making me unable to breathe. I tried to hold back my tears but couldn’t, knowing very well what is about to happen.

“Ssshh... don’t cry. I am here.” Suddenly a sensual male voice assures me and gentle fingers touch my face.

The voice immediately pulls me out from the fear ridden state I was in and I found myself leaning into his touch. For some reason I trust this voice immensely.

Those slender fingers gently wipe my tears and a thumb softly traces my lips. I almost tempted to bite that thumb but I didn’t dare.

The thumb left my lips and gently caress my jawline and then my neck and then continue going downward.

Those fingers thoroughly caress everything on their path, giving special attention to those two sensitive bundle of nerves on my chest until they swell and stand in attention, then resume their downward journey. They teasingly touch my firm abdominal muscles, causing them to contract, past my navel..

Just when I thought they would finally reach the place which desperately in need of their attention, they completely ignored it, and continue their downward journey by stroking my sides, then hipbones, then my thighs, my calves...

I started panting heavily but could only silently endure as those fingers continue their exploration of my body only ignoring my painfully hard member which even started to weep precum. I try to move my hip toward him as a desperate attempt for him to notice my arousal but the bindings wouldn’t let me. I couldn’t call out to get his attention since I am unable to make any sounds.

The overwhelming feeling of having no control over my own body, makes me feel so helpless that I suddenly start sobbing pathetically.

Hands caressing my body stop and I feel those fingers on my face again.

“Sshh calm down,” the same sensual voice whisper close to my ear, making the throbbing pain in my groin worse.

“You want me to touch this?” he asks and curious fingers suddenly closed over my over heated member, sending a jolt of pleasure throughout my body and causing it to leak even more.

I would have been morning if I could make any sound but since I can’t, I just surrender myself to the feeling of pure bliss as the hand stroke my hard member and other one fondle my balls.

I feel myself slowly getting closer and closer to achieving the highest pleasure and my body prepares itself for the long awaited release.

But just when I am about to cross limit, the fingers that was stroking me suddenly stops and tighten around the base of my cock to halt my release.

“Not yet,” the voice coldly order me. I try to trash around my bindings to show my utter dissatisfaction but in response his grip on my cock only tightened until I give up.

The hand around me reassume its rhythmic stoking and I pant heavily as I desperately try to hold my orgasam. For some reason I really don’t want to disappoint him by cumming without his permission.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore, the hand leave my cook. The complete darkness that was covering my eyes all this time disappeared, making me able to see the owner of that voice.

I barely managed to hold back my orgasum when my eyes falls on his impossibly beautiful face. Stunning grey eyes lock with mine making me forget to breathe.

“Now,” he orders, his perfect face expressionless.

Hearing the clear order, my body jolt forward and without any warning I feel the strongest orgasm of my life rip out from me.

My eyes snap open and I find myself faces down on my bed. I turn over and try to catch my breath, still recovering from that orgasum. I check my pants and sure enough they are wet and sticky thanks to the huge load I just released.

Holy fucking shit!

What the fucking hell was that!

My whole body is still shaking so I continue to lie down on my bad. I think of my dream again and almost immediately my already spent member twitch and start rising again.

Fucking hell! I am not some hormonal teen! I am fucking thirty, for god’s sake!

I know I couldn’t go back to sleep and in desperate need of cold shower, so I get up.

I quickly shed my soiled clothes which are the same clothes I wore for going to that damn club but was too tired to change out of them before sleeping. I was too mentally exhausted because of those panic attacks I had before and after doing to that club. Having nightmares after those are normal for me but the kind of dream I had instead is certainly something I never had before.

For a few seconds my mind wonders back to the dream again, making me recall his sensual voice… teasing touches… unbelievably beautiful face… stunning grey eyes…

I try to gulp down the sudden dryness of my throat and feel myself getting painfully hard again. The urge to touch myself and indulge myself with thoughts of him is overwhelming. I almost give in to it… but then my eyes fall on the huge wooden clock in my room.

Damn it!

I run inside the bathroom and quickly turn on the shower.

Ice cold water hit my overheated body, causing a jolt of shock all over. Slowly my arousal subdues enough to make me able to think about things other than my cock. Like how I am actually three hours late for today’s first meeting which might cause me to lose a deal I already spent millions on and how my people probably unable to contact me since I don’t have my mobile with me.

What a great fucking way to start a wonderful day, right?

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