Secrects & Desires (ManXMan)

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Chapter 6: Obsession

Alexander’s POV:

“I convinced Okazaki group and others to not make the any decision today and hold another meeting three days later,” Evan Sullivan, head of UMICO’s electronic sector informs me immediately after entering.

“Good. Thank you and I am truly sorry for the inconvenience my absence caused,” I apologize to him. This project is really important for us and we just can’t effort to lose it.

Evan clear his throat and letting me know he is still in my room and the matter isn’t over yet. So I forced myself to look up from my laptop screen and give him my solo attention while hoping he doesn’t have anything worrisome to say.

“Missing an important meeting is quite unusual for you. If you mind me asking, is everything alright with you recently? Is your health alright?” he asks, still giving off his signature cold all-business-no-nonsense vibe. And this leaves me completely flabbergasted.

As much as I remember, Evan Sullivan never asked about my well-being before. He isn’t a rude person, he just doesn’t like talking with his coworkers if it isn’t something completely work related.

“I am fine. Thank you,” I reply somewhat awkwardly. Fuck! I seriously can’t handle small talks.

“Ten minutes eighteen seconds to go!”

Lyla storm into my room to inform the exact time left before my meeting with Bichsel Enterprise, making Evan to excuse himself, savings me from further awkwardness.

I give her a curt nod. She is still on thin ice with me since she could’ve tried calling my landline or my housekeeper’s mobile when I was missing such an important meeting, but she never thought of these options.

“Sir, Mr. Jackson is outside. Would I send him in?” She asks somewhat nervously and I give her another curt nod.


Someone drop a white box on my table noisily.

I am forced to look up from my laptop again and this time to give Andrew an annoyed glare.

“Why are you bothering me every day? Don’t you have your own law firm to run?” I ask sincerely. I really need to know how he managed to get so much time to harass me daily.

He huffs, clearly offended.

“Look,” he points at the white box and I open it, already guessing what’s inside. “Mr. Herrnann sent it to me this morning.”

“Thanks,” I thank him for returning my lost mobile, while fully knowing I can’t use it anymore. Because of my line of business, I got too many powerful rivals who could hire people to trails my every movement to find out my weaknesses. So using a smart device which I suddenly lost and then miraculously found is too risky for me. I already eased everything I had in it last night, immediately after I realised I lost it.

“No need to thank me. You should thank the staff who saw you dropping the phone when practically run out from the club. By the way, what the fuck was wrong with you last night. Were you trying to commit a fucking double suicide with me with that reckless driving of yours......”

Andrew continue his lecture but I completely black him out after I heard their staff saw me dropping my mobile. As much as I remember there wasn’t anyone present at place who could have saw me dropping it except him.

Could it be possible that he works there? But some reason it’s still hard for me to picture a person with that kind of face working in a night club. If by any chance he is a staff there I bet most people in this city would have gone there just to catch a glimpse of the person who looks hundred times more beautiful than any models or celebrities they ever saw. Damn! That kind of face shouldn’t be possessed by a human since he could take away everything from a man, everything he treasures, even his life but the man would probably let himself be killed by him willingly, just get the chance to continue looking at that beauty till his last breath....

I remember the last thing he said before I left and it reminds me that club is not just a simple night club, though it’s somewhat secretive and most people isn’t aware of it or couldn’t enter but that doesn’t mean no body can.

What if he actually works there. What if he actually works as a submissive there.

For some reason I just couldn’t imagine him submitting to anyone. He emits a cold aura which screams he would never bend to anyone’s will no matter who they are.

But what if he works there for easy money. Unfortunate young people sometimes forced to choose prostitution when they desperately needed money to live. It’s not unusual at all and that kind of club would certainly provide quite a good amount. Also he must be quite popular among those dominant. He is so young and impossibly beautiful who wouldn’t want to get their hands on him if offered. Perhaps they satisfy their unnatural sadistic desires by mutilating his beautiful body, by breaking his prideful mind.

All these possibilities are making my blood boil. Just the thought of him being violated by unknown hands sends sparks of anger though me. I feel myself shaking with uncontrollable rage.

“Al! Al! Are you alright?” Andrew’s sudden shout brought me back to reality.

I have to take a deep breath to keep my emotions under control before I look at him, only to find him looking at me so much concern I never saw on his face before.

“Would you please tell me what the fuck is wrong with you? I knew something was wrong yesterday and now you suddenly black out on me and had a weird fucking pained look on your face!” he continue to shout, still got that worried expression on his face.

“And don’t you dare to say you’re fine! I will fucking kill you!” he warns me exactly when I was about say it.

I sigh and knowing I couldn’t possibly tell him that I was suddenly feeling possessive over a beauty whom I just saw only once and for ten minutes max, about whom I had a strange wet dream this morning and I am also fantasizing about him every time my mind wonders.

Well, I can’t possibly say any of these when I am about to get married within nineteen days! But even the thought of marriage isn’t enough to make my suddenly infatuation go away.

“Could you please tell me anything?” this time he says this very calmly and I know he is one step away from blowing up and I can’t keep being silent if I want to live another day.

“I just met someone yesterday. That person are very beautiful... impossibly so. I might have a little bit crush on that person. But you know how I am about to get married soon so it’s nothing to be worried about,” I tell some half truth to get him off my back. But from Andrew’s face I can say, he didn’t believe anything I said and look even more angry.

“If you don’t want to tell me, it’s fine, no need to make up a story. Well I have to meet Mr. Herrnann soon so I should be going,” saying this he is about to storm out of my room but I manage to catch him by the door before he could leave.

“Wait!” I shout to stop him and fortunately he did stop and look at me expectantly.

“You’re going to meet Herrnann?” I ask him again to confirm it.

“Yes? You’re point...?” he asks me rudely, still mad at me.

I know I shouldn’t indulge myself anymore. I know it’s best to forget about him. I know I shouldn’t let my obsession grow. But before I could stop myself I heard myself saying,

“I am coming with you. I need to ask him something.”

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