Secrects & Desires (ManXMan)

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Chapter 7: Master Ryou

Ryou’s POV:

Most people who visit our nightclub isn’t aware of DARK having a fetish club in it and we want to keep it this way. This is the reason why we never put advertisements for it anywhere, not even on our own nightclub.

All these secrecy is not because we’re doing something illegal here, our fetish club is fully legal and perhaps follow law more than others. We just don’t want to publicize it since this is how we’re operating this club for last sixty years.

Sixty years ago, people have many misconceptions about bondage and other fetish and think of them as unnatural practice so secrecy was necessary for us to keep our patron feel more secure about coming here without fearing the judging red eyes of our society. We are following the same moral even now and this is why our most red card holding patrons are important distinguished figures who avoid going to other popular fetish clubs in fear of getting involved in some kind of scandals. They feel safe coming to DARK which not only promises to keep their deepest darkest needs secret but also one of the oldest and most prestigious among fetish clubs.

Our night club which we opened eight years ago, occupied a only small section of this huge five story building, all the other places except our top floor are part of our fetish section.

There are total twenty playrooms in DARK. Ten of those on level 3 and other ten are on level 4. Level 3 are for those people who hires our trained submissives to exercise their control within a certain limit and level 4 are for those who likes to explore their inner desires with the help of our expert dominants.

Just like everything else here only members holding our red card can rent these rooms.

For the safety purpose, each of these rooms have multiple cameras and everyone have to give their consent to be under surveillance on the written papers with some other important conditions for renting these rooms without any exception. Of course we thoroughly delete the camera footage immediately after they vacant the room. Having the visual of someone’s most private moment and things they don’t want other people to know is very dangerous, both for them and us.

We are very serious about privacy of our members. This is why we always signed contracts with each and every one of our stuffs with various conditions. If anyone of them dares to violate our patron’s privacy we could take legal action against them and make them rot in jail for all their life.

Though having cameras in the rooms are risky but it’s an important safety measure and what showing on the screen in front of me is the proof of it.

At this moment I am inside the rectangular central room of level 3. This room is directly connected to each play room and have a full functional medical unit in it. There are ten monitoring screen here to watch surveillance footage of ten different play rooms, within which only three are occupied right now. Whenever a new member, specifically dominant, rent a playroom for the first time, we are always more caution about them. Though it’s possible they are actually experienced dominant but there are cases where they are not. For example look at the security footage of room P34.

There are two person visible on the screen which is showing visuals of that room from six different camera angles. One person is completely nude and other person is completely clothed. The clothed person, obviously the dominant is tying various knots on the naked submissive’s body with the high quality ropes which are made by us in a very special way.

I narrow my eyes as I see the dom making another mistake while tying the sub’s arm behind his back. He tied few knots too tight and in wrong angle, cutting off the blood circulation there. Then he started binding his thighs to his chest with the rope in a way causing it to tighten even more awkwardly and making the sub flinch in sudden pain and making me frown at the screen.

The sub in that room has very high pain tolerance, so if he flinched that means he is really in great pain but since he doesn’t use safe word so perhaps it isn’t too unbearable for him.

This continues for another 40 minuets until the dom finally finish his handiwork. By now the sub is sweating profusely. His eyes are tightly closed, teeth clenched in an attempt to reduce the pain most probably caused by accidental pressing of nerves on various parts of his body and since the sub is bent over uncomfortably he also having difficulty to breath.

I frown lightly and mentally note that this sub needs more training about using his safe word before I will ever permit him to take any client in future and I have to stop their session within twenty minutes even if he won’t use safe word.

But when I observe the dom is actually preparing the equipments available in the room for suspension, I know I have to intervene right now without any delay since the way the sub is bounded now is absolutely unsuitable for suspension and not only can cause permanent major injuries but even death.

I quickly press the red button on the door connecting the central room to P34. It cause an alarm to go off and making this emergency door and the door in the hallway to open, signalling the guard standing outside the soundproof room to come inside and stop the scene.

I ignore all the commotions and make my way to the sub while taking out the small folding knife from my pocket which I always keep specially for this kind of occasion. I swiftly cut his binding and expectedly he cried out in pain for the sudden release of muscle but also starts to gasp for air as finally being able to breath. I quickly massaged some of his muscle points to reduce the pain and for making the blood circulation normal.

Without wasting anymore time, I drape a white sheet on him and effortlessly carry his small body to the waiting medical unit inside the central room and left him in their expert care.

The little sub squirms under my gaze while others keep fussing at him. Finally he couldn’t take it any longer and open his mouth to say, “I am sorry Master Ryou!”

I don’t give him any reaction and patiently wait for him to say more but unexpectedly he burst out crying.

I have no choice but to soften my stance since I hate seeing subs cry if isn’t expressing ecstasy of fulfilling their needs.

“It’s okay, Gav,” I console him by softly patting his head until he stops crying.

“But you have go through three months training before you can take any clients,” I softly inform him and he obediently nod knowing how serious we are about using safe word.

"What kind of club it is? Do you people always treat your customers this way?”

“We are really sorry sir. Our master must had a good reason for ordering us to stop your scene.”

“What reason? Take me to him! I want to speak with him right now!”

“Sir! Please wait!”

Sound of a heated argument comes from just outside, reminding me that my work here is still not done.

“I wasted fucking fifty thousand just to get your damn red card! Then another two thousand just for renting this stupid room! I want them back right fucking now! Where is your bastard master?”

“That would be me,” I calmly reply, making him to snap towards me.

“You! Give me a good fucking reason why I—-” his eyes finally fall on my face and the forty something old dominant stop talking, looking at me with a familiar awestruck look.

“I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience you have to face today, Mr. Robinson. But I afraid if I haven’t stopped you in time, Gavin would have sustained life threatening injuries. We would be happy to return your fifty two thousand if you don’t wish to keep the red card anymore,” I calmly inform him while ignoring his stare.

“Please take Mr. Robinson to our reception,” I tell the guard in order to make him leave quickly and start going towards the central room to check on Gavin’s condition.

“Wait!” His sudden shout make me look at him questioningly.

“Ahem, after what the master said I decided to keep my membership here,” he informs me while giving a huge smile which I would have found charming if I didn’t know he is married with an adult daughter.

I give him a short nod and resume going towards the medical unit, all the while feeling an unpleasant gaze on my back.


I get out from the central room after the dominant who is on third level’s surveillance duty resume his work after his eight hours break.

Finally free of my duty I let my mind wonder back to a certain someone who crash into me last night. His scared green eyes still hunt me and make me wonder what from he was running...

“Young Master Ryō!” a familiar voice calls me and I turn around to look at him.

“Old Master told you to come to his office immediately if you’re free,” he hurriedly informs me.

“Alright. Did he tell you why?” I ask in case he knows.

“Someone important is waiting there to meet you.”

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