Secrects & Desires (ManXMan)

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Chapter 8: Second Encounter

Alexander’s POV

Fuck! I knew I shouldn’t have come back to this club. I clasp my hands in order to make them stop shaking. No, I have to be strong... for him. I took a deep breath and think of that exquisite face with stunning grey eyes and surprisingly it calms down my rising panic.

“Mr. Jackson was saying you want to ask me something,” a deep voice draws me back to the present.

“Yes, I just wanted to ask if you would allow me to personally thank the staff who returned my cell phone. I am really grateful to him,” I smoothly lie.

“I didn’t ask exactly which one of our staff saw you dropping your mobile but I afraid the staff isn’t working here today if they were last night. This is how we scheduled everyone’s working hours here,” Raphael Herrmann, the owner of DARK explains, making my heart sinks a little but I didn’t come here to leave without any information.

“Do you have any twenty something years old male staff with black hair and grey eyes,” I ask him hopefully but he returns a blank look, making me think he needs more information to recognize him.

“He is really good looking... strikingly so... perhaps even more than possible... with very beau-, ahem, rare grey eyes.... you would surely notice him if you ever saw him once,” I rumble on to make him understand.

A low cackle make me look at him, only to find his hard face showing a small smile for the first time.

“Maybe the person you’re searching is after all here today,” Raphael informs me, making me both overjoyed and little sad. Sad because a small part of me was hoping he doesn’t work in this kind of place.

“Tell him to come here immediately if he’s free,” he orders the man who was silently standing behind him the whole time. The man nods and hurriedly walks out from the room.

I notice he hasn’t said any names, meaning they must be quite familiar to him. Also the way he said ‘if he is free’ makes it clear that whatever he does here makes him quite busy, busy enough for him to overtime.

I patiently wait for him while torturing myself by thinking all the things he might be doing here until I feel myself annoyed enough to punch anyone if they dare to talk to me now.

“We meet again,” says the sensual voice which hunts me everywhere ever since I first heard it.

My head snap up to check if it’s really him, not a figment of my own imagination, and is greeted by his exquisitely beautiful face.

The room which seems quite dull few minutes ago seems to brighten just by his mare presence.

“This is my son Ryou Herrmann. Is he the person you’re looking for?” Raphael Herrmann asks me indifferently, making me think he already know the answer himself.

I nod and cough few times to hide my sudden embarrassment. For all the things I never consider him being the club owner’s son.

“You were looking for me?” his calm voice make me look at him, only to find myself being captivated by his grey eyes again. But just like the first time, I find them too intense to stare at so I quickly lowered mine.

“Why don’t you take Mr. Neumann to your room as Mr. Jackson and I need to discuss few private matters,” Raphael suddenly says, making me want to punch him.

What the hell this old bastard is saying? He were just fine with me hearing their discussion few minutes ago, even the things I don’t want to hear. And now he wants me to be alone with his son whom I found utterly irresistible.

“Yeah Al, please leave us for few minutes,” my best friend cruelly dismissed me and even dare to throw a inconspicuous smile my way, making me wonder if he suddenly started believing the story I told him before coming here. Though I never dated a guy before but me being bisexual isn’t a news to him.

I couldn’t help but secretly peek at the beautiful person who is still silent, to guess what he is thinking, only to be greeted by his usual expressionless face.

He caught my gaze and gives me a short nod.

“Come,” he orders and silently walks out the room without saying anything to his father or Andrew, not even bothering to check if I am following. His behaviour oddly familiar to the club owner when I first met him. Obviously they are father and son, both are equally bossy and thinks they can order around anyone they just met.

But I didn’t complain and just follow his shapely denim-clad behind while enjoying the perfect view. That’s why I almost collide with him for the second time when he suddenly stop to open a door.

I follow him in and found myself standing inside the living room of a well organised luxurious suite.

“Please sit,” he says while pointing at the sofa at middle of the room and I compile. He sits on a sofa chair close to me and then turn to face me. It makes me aware that I have yet to say anything to him and just watching him creepily.

“Were you hurt last night?” I blunt out the first thing that comes to me.

“No,” he reply with an amused voice. It makes me look at his face again and I am presently surprised to find a small smile now gracing his face.

The shock of seeing his exquisite smile for the first time was enough to make me faint but I resist in order to continue watching it.

Suddenly an annoying noise break the beautiful moment and I noticed it is actually my new cell phone.

I quickly take it out to silence the noise, only to see Lyla’s name on the screen, making me remember how I missed an important meeting this morning and now about to miss an important appointment if I don’t reach the office within two hour.

Like a splash of cold water, this brings me back to the reality.

What the hell I am doing here? Didn’t I come here to check if the beautiful person in front of me is forced to do something he doesn’t want. Then why I am still here after finding it isn’t the case? Why I am so obsessed with him knowing very well I am about to get married within two weeks. I already have a fiancé and my this kind of behaviour isn’t fair to her. My infatuation needs to end right here.

I forced myself to get up and meet his unnerving gaze.

“I have attend a meeting soon. So I need to get going,” I inform him, causing a flicker of disappointment on his otherwise emotionless face but it’s gone before I can be sure of it. He remains silent as expected.

“Take care,” I tell him with a forced smile and quickly turn around to leave the room, not wanting to be in his captivating presence anymore, in case I lose the little conscious I still possess.

“Stop,” my body halt all its movements at his sudden command but I don’t turn around to look at him.

“Let me accompany you to your car,” his calm voice soothes my nerves, making me want to hear more of it.

I nod and resume my journey to the car, this time with a very beautiful person accompanying me.

“By the way, thanks for returning my lost mobile,” I try to start a conversation with him, hating the awkward science between us.

“What?” he look at me questioningly, even his expressionless face showing clear puzzlement.

“It was you who saw me drop my mobile ... when I crashed into you, right?” I ask, suddenly feeling little embarrassed about how we met.

“No,” he reply, looking even more puzzled. Somehow seeing him making any expressions other than having his poker face, is always heart warming for me.

“Well perhaps it was someone else who saw me dropping it,” I assure him, clearly not worried about it. Perhaps I just missed seeing the other person since I was too absorbed in his presence last night. Like right now I haven’t noticed I actually reached my car.

“I should be get going then,” I halfheartedly tell him, clearly don’t want to leave him yet.

Noticing he isn’t saying anything, I look at him, only to find him standing few feet behind me and frowning at the dark empty street beside us, like trying to see something.

Since this club is situated at a remote area far away from the city so it’s normal for it surroundings to be this empty after evening. And most people who come here for night club doesn’t seem to use this parking place.

I wait for him to look at me but he is still frowning at the darkness.

“Ryou,” I taste his name, finding it somehow sweet.

This seems to snap him out it and look at me questioningly.

“I will be going now,” I bid another halfhearted farewell and hurriedly proceed to get inside the car without looking back at him in fear of getting distracted again.

“Wait,” his voice makes me look at him when I was fastening the seat belt.

I watch as he slightly leans in through the open car window, filing my car with his unique intoxicating scent.

“I think someone is following you and they might have bad intentions,” he informs me while looking straight into my eyes. Having his face this close is making me a little dizzy.

“Must be another of those crazy paparazzi,” I try to assure him while hoping he couldn’t hear my wild heart beats. Being followed isn’t new thing for me so I am not worried about it but being close to him is.

“Can you promise me something?” he asks while fixing me a cold look.

“Do not go anywhere alone. Take your bodyguards with you or at least a driver. Most importantly stay aware of your surroundings,” he orders and his unnerving gaze makes me nod obediently. But knowing he is actually worrying about me, fills me with sudden happiness.

“Good. Now drive safely,” saying this he takes a step back from the car, making me immediately miss presence.

I nod again, suddenly finding myself unable to speak or even look towards him as I close the car window and slowly start the car.

I look at rear view mirror and see him still standing at the same spot. I continue to watch him until I can’t anymore. A deep sense of sadness slowly fills me thinking it was probably my last time seeing him.

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