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Normani Brooks is a young teenage college girl who is all about her education and being a scholar student. Her interaction with one boy and one party changes everything for her. She has life changing decisions to make that her further away from the studious girl she use to be. Alongside her friends and and family there is enough drama in her life to write a book. ;)

Romance / Drama
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Dear Diary...

I have no time for parties, boys, or anything that would distract me from my school work. I’m your typical beauty and brains kinda girl, with big plans for my future and no one was going to get in my way. Until one of the popular boys walks into my life and opens up my world to new experiences...

Imagine being a young girl with your whole life already planned out. I have always known what it was I wanted to do with my life career-wise. I based my entire high school life on being top of my class. I am a very hard working and studious young lady, and nothing is more important to me than succeeding academically. I mean it was important to me until it wasn’t...

I can’t believe my present-day self has come so from the girl I just described, but it happened. It happened in the most cliche way ever, a boy. I let a little nappy head boy walk into my life and throw me off my game. I know I’m young and teenage boys are apart of a teenage girl’s youth, but to the old me, they were always considered a distraction.

This diary entry is about how my entire world changed, and I can’t quite figure out where to start, but I guess I should start with the “END OF SUMMER BASH” party that would change everything for me.

July of 2018, summer break was coming to an end, and my best friend Shayla was hyped to hit up George Bradley’s “End of Summer” party he threw at the end of....well, every summer.

George Bradley was known throughout the school and neighborhood for his wild parties, not to mention he was captain of the football team. He was one of the most attractive boys to attend our school, Liberty High. Tall, Caramel toned skin, with locks that he kept up well. They were always done neatly and cleanly. He had broad shoulders and a sculptured body. I’m sure he managed to keep in good shape with all the sports he played. George had a perfect smile that would melt any young girl’s heart. Personality-wise, he was aggressive, funny, player, cocky, and hard working.

Everyone from our neighborhood and school to surrounding neighborhoods and schools knew about the party. Personally, partying wasn’t my thing, so I could care less about George Bradley or this party. In fact, I had spent my entire summer taking advanced placement classes that were sure to put me ahead in the upcoming school year.

My best friend Shayla had been begging me to attend several parties with her throughout the summer break. I had been so busy we hardly ever saw each other. This last big party that had the streets buzzing, I knew she would want me to attend with her. I had just finished up all my classes for the summer. Finally, I had some free time on my hands. I headed out to catch up with Shayla and our other friends down at the park by the gazebo, where people from our neighborhood usually hung out. I was excited to surprise her.

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